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Going to Australia!

My husband Simon and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. We began this journey as two independent spirits and while we still savor our independence and distinct individuality we are happy to have found in each other a wonderful partner in crime. In one year we've been to San Francisco twice, Guatemala and have enjoyed time in the desert many times. We are great travel companions...

Very soon we will be off to Australia for two weeks! We will stay with his family in Adelaide and spend time with my cousins in Melbourne. I have never been to Australia and have yet to meet my in-laws so this will be a great adventure for both of us. There is a good chance that we will be moving there eventually so I need to have my own experience of the place and people to decide if we are a good fit. Simon loves his homeland and misses it like mad. He's incredibly excited to show me around and share me with his people. And I am beyond the moon that I finally get to see my kangaroos and koala bears. Happy me!

Now if only I was as excited about that damn 15 1/2 hour flight...


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Have a great trip :)


Congrats on your anniversary.

Hope you have a great trip to Australia. Will you be blogging?

I was just looking around slowtravel and came across your blog. I have been living in Adelaide for just over a year and love it. I am sure that you are going to have a wonderful trip to Australia.

Kathy :

Maya, thank you for letting me know you love Adelaide! My husband is excited to share it with me and we are already looking forward to swimming, wine and good food there.

Nancy, I haven't decided if I'm brining my laptop yet. I might blog as Simon will surely have his. Check to see. So nice to hear from you!

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