Hi Yoga Kid's Yoga Teacher Training and then some

A quick catch up here...

I have been knee deep in another yoga training, this time Hi Yoga Kid's Yoga Teacher Training with Kelly Wood, who I just adore, and have just finally started my six week long Advanced Restorative Yoga project for my certification. Life has been keeping me very busy it seems!

~I am now a certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher as well as a certified Restorative Yoga teacher. I have also trained in the Anusara style of yoga and Yoga Therapy. I do not believe in studying only one school of yoga or following one person alone. I'm far too independent for that. I want to pool from many rivers and swim with many fish.~

My husband and I had a wonderful trip to Australia and I will be writing about it very soon. We loved Melbourne and the time we spent with all of my cousins and our time in Adelaide with his family and friends was joyful as well. I just love Australia and there is talk of moving there at some point. Time will tell...

I had a quick trip back east to my hometown of Providence in January for business and got to see old friends who made me feel so welcome. There is nothing like the friends we know from our childhood that remind us of who we are. We all need more of that. It's the people who can see and love our cores that we need to hold dear and cherish. They are gifts.

The Kid's Yoga Training was grand and I am now assisting and observing to go deeper into things. Bringing yoga to children is so needed at a time when parents are burned out by all of the multi-tasking that they are doing and the kids are overly stimulated by all that is out there now. Things seem so much harder than when I was a kid. Yoga helps kids become more focused, centered and calm. Having participated in a Kid's Yoga class now I can tell you that what my teacher Kelly Wood has created with Hi Yoga is truly magical. It combines yoga with dance, art, music and meditation. I want to teach this to adults! Taking the class was one of the most freeing and joyful experiences I've had in a long time. We all need more time for play and self expression. Oh yes...

More to come soon.

Do something yummy for yourself everyday. You deserve it.



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Charity B:

It's good to see you here, again, Kathy! I've missed you over the past year. I'm glad you and Simon had a good trip to Australia. Wish you were going to the San Diego GTG.


Hi Charity! I'm sorry I missed you at the San Diego event but look forward to seeing you again one day soon. I'm remiss in not writing about Australia and will do very soon. We're off to Guatemala next month and I'm counting the days!

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