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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

I have decided to embark on another Yoga Therapy Training and the one I have found that seems to best suit me at present is the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training. I am looking to go deeper with students and clients and the thing that sold me the most about this training is that it goes beyond the physical and offers a real mind-body approach. This pleases me. Yes.

I needed to know if this was something that really worked so I had a session with a practitioner here in Los Angeles. I liked it. I felt good after the session. I liked having space held for me where I could just, well, be. Whatever I felt or whatever came up was acknowledged and I felt really supported. What I found the most astonishing was that after the session I started actively making changes and doing some of the things that I had said at the end of my session I had hoped to do. I put thought into action. Hmm... I am the biggest Doubting Thomas there is and this actually impressed me! It also told me that I wanted to know more, to dig deeper, so I am off to San Diego to begin my journey. If I decide to continue on I will eventually end up in Vermont where the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Center is to take the more involved parts of the training and go a bit native. I'm a New England girl, after all. Something about heading back there to further my studies feels right to me.

My bags are packed and I'm off in the morning. I've booked my hotel and got a great deal - of course. It's four minutes from the hotel where the training is being held and that "deal" for a room for trainees was $40 more a night then mine and I have a kitchen and free parking! My hotel is also owner operated. No big impersonal hotel for me, thank you. I am the research Queen. Why pay more when you don't have to?

I'll let you know what I think. Count on it.


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