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Giving Thanks


I am grateful for so much this year...

I am grateful for my husband Simon who continues to be my very best partner in crime and who thinks I don't see all the little things he does to love and support me (I do)

I am grateful for my time in the desert that has helped ground me and remind me that nature is everything

I am grateful for friends who though for the most part are far away, never let me forget that they are there

I am grateful for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and the new career path that it is so carefully creating for me

I am grateful for my teacher, Judith Lasater, and the honor of assisting her this year and her ability to make what I love even more lovely somehow

I am grateful for my students and clients who show so much bravery and light and so beautifully remind me just how perfectly imperfect we all are

I am grateful for all of those who I have loved and lost and all the lessons that they have taught me

I am grateful for the wisdom of my heart

I am grateful for hot baths, naps with cats, hot tea, Irish whiskey and seriously dark chocolate

I am grateful to be alive....



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