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June 26, 2007

Out for the evening

Just leaving for the cocktail reception at the Standard. I found out it's the pre-award cocktail party for an award thingy tomorrow and Tina Brown is being honored. TINA FLIPPIN' BROWN? Can we say The New Yorker anyone? AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just took a quick bath, clawed my favorite sexy black silky and barely there cocktail dress out of the closet (which happens to be utterly tasteful and very old Hollywood), have thrown on my highest and sexiest high heels, have slathered myself in oil to shine and I'm good to go. If I'm going to slip downtown for a little meet and greet, I'm doing it in STYLE.

I'm going solo. I never go to these things solo. I'm teachickin' it in LA. It's all good.

More to come...

June 27, 2007

Rooftops and cocktails

The cocktail party/meet and greet at the Standard hotel was fun last night. I’d never been to the rooftop bar and let me just say…FABULOUS! Being there made me long for loft living as I have always fantasized about packing it all up and moving into a loft space in the grunge of downtown. I happen to love urban living. I’m one of those people who can pretty much set up shop and make a home anywhere.

The views of downtown LA at night are incredible. There’s a real energy, a pulsation even, that is taking place down there now. More and more people are moving downtown and I’m excited to see the urban renewal taking place. It's got more of a New York vibe to it now which really turns me on. It's very cool.

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July 14, 2007

All work, no play...

Makes Kathy a cranky little tutu.

It's morning, I'm drinking my first piping hot cup of tea, and my body hurts in places I didn't even know existed. I'm beat out from a long day yesterday of catering. I am fairly well cooked. Today is my day off so I'm getting things done and it looks like I'm meeting up with Diva from Slow Travel who's in LA right now. That'll be cool. I could use some good chick chat.

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July 18, 2007

Now I breathe...

I'm done with four straight days of photo shoots (at the kitchen by 6.15 am for breakfast prep), site inspections, and cocktail receptions for film screenings. I have loaded and unloaded vans, driven said vans (totally fun!), worn khakis and white tees only to turn around and throw on something utterly fabulous and elegant to then throw on jeans to do a walk thru on the beach for an upcoming party I'm overseeing. I have new muscles that I catch myself admiring in the mirror every now and then when I walk past one. I am turning into a buff little girl.

Now, until Saturday when I have a little soirée in house for a private client, I am DONE. I have two days to rest, get a mani/pedi, a massage, and take a day to lose myself in Little Tokyo where I will pretend I'm in Japan and eat nothing but Japanese food and buy little tidbits for my place like ceramic cat food dishes that are so divine and sweet and only something like $1.50 each.

Happy me!

Next week it all begins again. I have three straight days of on set catering for a photo shoot and it’s a group I really like. I actually look forward to it all beginning again. You see I have a plan to leave LA some day soon and move on to the next stage of living life fully so I am committed to working my tail off to make that happen. I have a dream...

I have to admit that I am enjoying this hard work. I am trying something new and working a different part of my brain. I am just completely digging this balance of elegant boss woman and onset catering girl wearing the apron and setting up buffets and making smoothies.

I can do anything now.

July 20, 2007

My escape to Little Tokyo

So, I did exactly what I said I was going to do yesterday and took a half day down in Little Tokyo and pretended I was in Japan and out on the town treating myself. I simply love my escape days!

I drove into downtown LA and found my way to Little Tokyo. I decided to skip the metered parking as I planned on taking my time there so I opted to pay the $4 and parked in the big lot. I had my market bag with me, the one that's made of string and rolls up into a ball as I had some shopping to do.

I had an appetite and a craving for Ramen, the sun was shining, the day was mine and I felt that sense of joy I always feel when I pull into Little Tokyo.

And so I begin…


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August 14, 2007


Long couple of days running a very cool event. I got to play at Chanel this week and I have to say I kind of dig those cats. I was given a very nice quilted black eye mask for sleeping that has those fabulous little C's on it. I'll be the super stylish chick in coach flying the overnight flights from here on out. This little baby is sweet!

I spent the last two days in Coco Chanel and I think I'd like to treat myself to some eventually (the parfum not the cheap eau de toilette). I don't generally like perfume but this was really nice on me.

My dad actually got Coco Chanel for me as a gift when I was younger. I've been missing him a lot lately. I think wearing it these last two days made me feel sort of nostalgic and tender and comforted. It really is funny how a scent can affect you, you know?

Now that I'm done with events for the week I'm going away tomorrow to meet a friend down in La Jolla. I've never been so it will be a nice treat. I need a couple of days of relaxation and some quality down time with a friend I haven't seen in two years now. She's in from Chicago and we plan on drinking wine, catching up and just doing some good old fashioned connecting.

I am so ready for my trip to Guatemala at the end of the month. I crave it like chocolate.

Actually, make that chocolate and Coco Chanel...4b_1_b.JPG

August 16, 2007

Girls' night out in La Jolla

What a perfect evening I had last night. I had dinner with my friend Nancy, who was in from Chicago, down in La Jolla at Sante Ristorante and we spent the night eating great Italian food, telling tales and drinking a sweet little Chianti. I had Spaghetti Carbonara, which has been my fave since I was a small girl, and let me say it was done just right. It wasn't creamy, had the most divine pancetta in it, and I had my little cheese man who cometh grate me up loads of delicious parmesan cheese to top it off. I left nothing on my plate. Fabulous...

I actually met Nancy in Paris three years ago and we've been dear friends ever since!

Good friends, good food and good wine. Ain't life grand?


September 17, 2007

Back to work

I am looking forward to sharing so much more about my trip to Guatemala, but am currently back in the midst of a very busy event week! I'm back at Chanel for a couple of days and I have photo shoots and a few evening events to get to as well. It's a week of long days and even longer nights. I come home spent to then dream of the cobblestone streets and sounds of Antigua. I cannot wait to return in January. I will work my backside off until then.

When I return home in the evening I often snuggle in on the couch and watch British mystery series on DVD. It takes so little to make me happy. Add a hot bath and a cup of tea or a nice glass of wine and I'm one happy little tutu. It also takes while to unwind from the craziness of the day.

I did an event this past weekend at a home by the sea that was so grand it really looked nothing like a home at all and more like an ornate Italian hotel. The garage held eight cars and the grounds went on forever as if there was no beginning and no end. A few of us ran to the end of the property (it was so long we were out of breath once we got there) just to take in the splendor of the house. In one word: Spectacular.

I do not envy the people I work for, but I am at times awestruck by the houses they live in.

Off to work then. I have to run a swank little gig tonight and must get ready to be fabulous and in top form!


October 1, 2007

I'm teaching a restorative yoga class!

I have been so busy with events I have had no time for my yoga. This is hard for me as it is a delicious part of my life and the part I need to grow.

OK, so I've committed to one class a week at Hollywood Gym here in Los Angeles. It's a real gym that specializes in boxing, but they have some good classes there (I'm going to be working out there myself). My dear friend Holly asked me to take over her class and was, well, fairly relentless about it. I so adore her for that. She is teaching yoga and Pilates full time and still has several classes at Hollywood gym herself. I highly recommend this lovely former ballerina friend of mine. She is damn good and knows her stuff.

As I always need the balance in my life of teaching and still doing events, writing, etc., one class a week is perfect for me right now. I'll eventually rent a small space and teach more of my own private classes, but this is a good fit for me at present. I'll still keep subbing classes for friends as well. They have been very kind to me and have given me total freedom to teach whatever I want and I am choosing to teach a restorative yoga class as I believe Sunday is the day of rest. We all need a day to go within, find some peace, relax and renew.

The first time I took a restorative yoga class I was so blissed out afterward I couldn't stop talking about how amazing I felt. So, I call it BLISS YOGA. It's all about opening the heart, relaxing and re-centering. I also give yummy adjustments that help you stretch and expand. It will be playful as well. Life is far sweeter when plenty of silliness is involved.

So, I'll be at Hollywood Gym on Sunday nights at 5.00 pm from here on out. It's an hour class and if you say you know me, Kathy, you get in for $10 (it's usually $15). I think I'm worth it...


October 5, 2007

An afternoon at Farmers Market LA

When I get to funking and feel out of sorts, I try to find an escape from my daily routine. Today I headed over to the Farmers Market here in LA and ordered up my favorite Gyro sandwich from Moishe's. They're not exactly friendly there (think big scary women with attitude), but they serve up some mighty fine chow. A Gyro and a fresh squeezed lemonade from Coffee Corner and I'm golden.


While I was sitting there eating my fabulous and fairly massive Gyro, some pigeons came over to hang out with me. Feeding pigeons is also a nice defunking remedy. I happen to love pigeons. I get all giddy and girl like when I feed them. I also happen to come from a serious bird feeding family. It's in my blood.

I love the Farmers Market because I feel like a tourist in another country. All walks of life come out to lounge and play and there really is something for everyone. I love my public solitude so I enjoy eating out solo and people watching. This a great place to do just that. Hit it late afternoon or early evening and it really is pretty perfect.

December 5, 2007

Girl's got game

So after teaching my yoga class on Sunday night I went out for dinner with my good friend Holly, a fellow yoga teacher and fellow hot woman. We went to our new favorite dining spot, Hugo's, near my house in West Hollywood. I had my usual glass of Temprinillo and we hunkered down to talk about the state of things, you know....
girl talk.

Our waiter was a particularly spicy little bite sized snack and he was oh so attentive. We ended up having a great conversation with him about dating and love. It turned out his great love was a yoga teacher as well. Hugo's clearly only hires hotties. It's the place to go when you want to feast on the visual delights that only the yummiest of men can offer.

So there I am, all relaxed and enjoying my quality girl time, and our host comes over to inform us that our waiter likes us one of us. I laugh out loud as said cutie model looking guy is all of 27 years old. I think for sure he must be talking about Holly as I am often oblivious to these things (my male friends tell me this all the time), so I ask him which one of us he likes exactly. YOU he tells me! To that I gave a resounding... NO WAY! I then let out one of those delicious laughs that only a woman with some life experience can let out. The laugh that tells the world you are so aware that you on your game and damn, isn't it fabulous?

Yes, you see there will always be yummy men along the way to tempt me. And I must confess I am so pleased that at this point in my life I find just as much pleasure in being alone with a dear girlfriend who I adore, drinking a fine glass of Temprinillo and laughing wildly like a high school girl.

Life really is fabulous.


January 5, 2008

A shout out to my girl Sharon!

Because we honor our teachers and not only is she the woman who inspired me to teach Restorative yoga, which I now do, she has also become a friend and confidant.

When we allow ourselves to let the light in the light can often bring us wonderful and inspiring people.

And if we're lucky they're wonderfully wicked and fun as well.

Catch Sharon's Restorative Yoga class at City Yoga in West Hollywood on Wednesday night at 7.30. You might just find me there on occasion hanging out to learn something new. Well, and to have some damn good fun too...


January 9, 2008

Critic's Choice

I worked the Critic's Choice Awards on Monday and it was so very clear there is a strike going on. Very few name actors attended and I'd have to say most simply sent their reps. The president of Screen Actor's Guild ( and I'm a member) had asked SAG members not to attend the show in support of the Writer's even though Critic's Choice was not a picketed show. I believe his request was in large part honored. Sure I saw Angie and Brad who cruised in last minute and the same goes for George Clooney (presented an award to his comrade Don Cheadle) looking finer and leaner than I have ever seen him and God knows I've seen him plenty over the years of doing these events. Oh, and I had a few words with Javier Bardem *swoon* who was in desperate need of a loo. He is one fine specimen of man. Seriously.


I ran the cocktail reception for the caterer (and he always does an amazing job) as well as the post show after party. This was the first year we had an after party and it was a swank affair. It was tented, a study in white and there were fabulous Flamenco/Salsa dancers and hot little bite sized snack bartenders everywhere. I'm always happy when I see it all come together. I've got this award show thing down.

And I got a kick out of saying hi to my man Snoop Dogg who was a true gentleman and may I add was pimped out true Dogg style.
Fer Shizzle.

After a long day on my feet and screaming into a walkie talkie I needed some down time so I spent a good part of yesterday in bed. I've been sick for over two weeks now so I knew a time out was in order. I took advantage of the day off and dropped my car off to get some long overdue and much needed work done. Almost a grand later and my Volvo runs like a dream. It's all about multi-tasking, no?

Now to book my ticket out of the Country later this month.

I feel some traveling coming on...

May 19, 2008

A day at the beach

We've been having a heatwave here in L.A. so I headed down to Laguna beach a few days ago for some sun and fun with my dear friend Heather. I hauled my very white self down there and had my first bikini outing of the season. We ate, we drink (nothing finer than a tasty Pina Colada after a day at the beach!), we shopped and we played. It reminded me of Summers spent on Cape Cod. Happy times indeed.


We've decided we are due a proper girly play break so I'm trying to put something together for June. I'm thinking some down time in the desert is just the ticket. Two chicks on a road trip? Fabulous... And those Summer deals rock!

Summer's a comin', my people. Get ready to enjoy it!

I know I will.


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May 29, 2008

I'm teaching another yoga class!

I have been asked to teach another Restorative yoga class at this really lovely studio here in Los Angeles called Urth Yoga. It's in the Silverlake area and I felt at home the first night I taught there. It also happens to be an eco-conscious studio to boot and the space is simply fabulous. Now I just have to work on my bio for them. No easy task!

So, catch me Sunday nights@ 7.00 and get your bliss on at Urth Yoga.

I'm telling you, this good stuff just keeps finding me...


June 12, 2008

The 24 hour holiday: how to escape in your own city

Well, as the previous post indicates, I've been feeling a tad out of sorts lately. I usually travel during the Summer and thus far I'm fairly booked up until late July. Come August I'm on the road!

I had plans to meet a friend for dinner down in Santa Monica last night and it occurred to me that I wasn't really loving the idea of drinking wine and driving. So, I had a traveler's moment: why not book a room down there by the beach for the night and make a mini-break of it? With gas prices heading towards the moon and airline ticket prices soaring right up there with them, why not travel locally? Hot diggity damn, what a grand idea!

Now rooms down in Santa Monica are EXPENSIVE. I called around and the cheapest thing I could find was about $170 a night....crikey! So, I got my sweet little self on Better Bidding (what an invaluable site) to check out the hotels on the Priceline list in that area. I found three 3 star hotels that looked doable and knew when I bid I'd get one of them. I won a room on Priceline at The Holiday Inn at Santa Monica Pier for $110 plus tax. I called the hotel to find out the cheapest rate they had and it was $220 plus. I got my room for half price! Happy little me.


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July 29, 2008

Earthquakes? Not so fun...

Morning tea? check

Morning toast? check

Morning earthquake? CHECK!!!

Nothing like a 5.8 magnitude earthquake to rattle me to my core. Watching my building sway like a little tree in the breeze?



July 29, 2009

The Blue Plate Special: eating out on a budget


My new favorite trick for eating out affordably is to hit a diner's Blue Plate Special. Do you remember those from your childhood? I do! Growing up in New England I am no stranger to diner food. We had some choice ones back there and my mom and dad took me to them regularly. I remember The Beef and Bun on Thayer Street in Providence and that oh so delicious double whoopee cheeseburger platter I'd get when my dad took me out for lunch. That coupled with a coffee malted?


So, the man and I recently stumbled upon this sweet little special running at Dupar's Diner here in L.A. at the Farmer's Market, Third and Fairfax. It's called "Beat The Clock" and between the hours of 4.00-6.00 pm your price for a blue plate special (well, it's what I call it anyway) is the time you arrive. You show up at 4.00? You pay $4.00! I kid you not. I take my cheap eats very seriously.

I'm all about the deal.

With images of plates full of warm happy food in our heads, yesterday afternoon at 4.27 pm Simon and I, after forgetting to have lunch, arrived at Dupar's for our favorite Blue Plate Special going, the turkey plate. That's turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, the yummiest roasted veggies, cranberry sauce, warm fluffy rolls and, get this, a bowl of soup, for $4.27 each. We found our favorite spot and snuggled in for some good old fashioned comfort food. We even splurged and had two pots of tea! Ah, the sweet life...

For more information and history on the Blue Plate Special you can read about it at wikipedia. I highly recommend checking to see if they are being offered at local diners in your area. And splurge and get that fresh piece of pie afterwards. You're worth it!

I'll be writing more about cheap eats around Los Angeles on future blog posts. With the economy the way it is and people losing their jobs at record rate, I am happy to share my little cheap eats with all of you. Who knew saving could be so much fun?

July 31, 2009

THE SPRING: a great find to unwind

It's been a tough couple of weeks. Lots going on and equal amounts of stress to match it. I can feel it in my body.

Big time.

So, what's a girl to do when things get crazy and life is nipping at her toes? This one is grabbing the man and heading out to the desert for three blissful days of sun, soak and sauna at The Spring in Desert Hot Springs. I've been having sinus attacks, fatigue and seriously tweaky aches and pains. My body is telling me that I better detach for a while or I just might implode!

This girl loves a deal and THE SPRING is offering an oh-so-fabulous one during the Summer season. I am happy to report that we are getting our third night free and oh, what we get for our money! Mineral pools with some of the healthiest water in the world, mineral hot tub, sauna, desert heat and the feel of the glorious sun on our skin. Did I mention breakfast? Included! We're packing some basics to cook, a few bottles of something decadent and settling in to hibernate there. Laptops are coming as they offer free WiFi and we can watch movies on them. Books are coming as, well, there is nothing finer than reading a book on your private chaise lounge chair by the pool while drinking something utterly delicious and thirst quenching.


The Spring gets amazing reviews on Trip Advisor and it's just what we want: uncomplicated and low vibration. It's also an incredibly affordable way to get out of town and decompress. Two hours out of Los Angeles and we're in heaven.