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June 22, 2007

Queen P. is on the road yo!

A certain someone I know and adore is about to embark on a seven week trek around Europe with her man, Steve.

-These two cats put the slow in Slow Travel -

Pauline, I ain't mad at you girl! You two crazy kids have a fabulous time and make sure to keep blogging it out on
Views from the Slow Lane


July 1, 2007

Another cool chick blogging

My girl Federica has decided to start her very own blog! She’s still working on it but the very cool thing about it is that she’s writing it in both Italian AND English. I find that damn impressive. I like my women friends brilliant and beautiful and Ms. F is surely both.

Check out her blog Livin’ Barcelona. She and her man recently moved to Barcelona from Italy. I can't wait to visit!

And let me just say she found herself one delish fella.

September 26, 2007

Another friend on the road

I am utterly enjoying reading about my dear friend Leslie's trip to Italy and Dubai with her son, Alessandro. I used to travel with my father and he will always remain my favorite traveling companion. We had so many great years of meeting up in Europe to play together and I know I am so damn lucky to have shared that magical time with him. I am sure Leslie and Alessandro are having an amazing time as well. I think it's grand that they get to take over two weeks to go on this adventure!

Wait, you can read about this cool mama and her handsome teen son traveling together for yourself on her blog Kaleidoscope.

Do enjoy!