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June 19, 2007

My Oola

Who I miss more than I can say...

requiescat in pace


June 21, 2007

Introducing the two cats

Willow and Chutney - my divine felines


June 26, 2007

This one's for Leslie

Because cool chicks keep cats.

July 11, 2007

Because sometimes we suffer for love

Did I mention that I'm allergic to cats? Did I mention that I have two now, had three up until this past January (hurts even to type it) and that said cats sleep with me every single night? Did I mention I've had laser surgery on my sinuses to open things up, live on and off things like Flonase and have an intimate relationship with Sudafed?

Did I mention that I've been allergic to cats since I was, like, BORN?!

And then... and then... I come home to find this gorgeous creature curled up on my pillow (the one I sleep on) and I think to myself: Allergies? What allergies?

I would gladly sneeze and suffer for the rest of my life to have this kind of love beside me.


Real women keep cats

And real men get women who keep cats

December 25, 2007

Joyeux Noel

From my home to yours, I wish you only the most wondrous of things that Christmas can bring. For me it is having these two little beasties beside me. The simple things are often the most magnificent.

45px-Peace_dove.svg.pngBe Peace...



August 19, 2008

How did I end up with a cat in Guatemala?

So here's the story.

I'm out the other night with my friends Yael and Julia. We wanted to go out and spend their last night here in Antigua having some fun. We went to a movie, we had drinks, and we had dinner. Nice.

So then it happened. SHIT! We're coming home and we here a desperate cry from a cat coming from behind their studio. Julia says she's heard it since early that morning. It's late. It's cold. We stand there ooing at one another and then I say it: Okay, so we're doing this.

I say it in that way you say something when you know it could turn out poorly. You say it in that way that says you know you're opening a door you might not want to walk through. You have to understand I am a cat woman. I don't take these things lightly.

I go to fetch the flashlight out of my studio and when I come back Yael and Julia have found the cat, who it turns out is a kitten, trapped in a box that someone had clearly chucked there. Someone chucked a little cat in a box. If you only knew the wicked evil thoughts I'm having right now...

So there's this little bitty thing running around howling bloody murder late at night and we're trying to catch him. This is not a place where animals are often revered and kept safe. I am told this is not the first time someone has found a cat or dog who was chucked in a box. Wicked evil thoughts again here.

By now we've got the property night guard involved and he's trying to help. I finally sit in one place and quietly call to the kitten. He comes to me. He's freakin' adorable. Shit...

He's flirty, he's got personality, he's in great shape and he has more to say than anyone I know. I finally pick him up and take him into the girls studio. They agree to keep him or the night and are as attached to him as I am. Yael and I also agree that we will share the costs for shots as I will be the one who has to take care of him until we can find him a home.



He is about 10-12 weeks old and he's one of the finest cats I have ever met. I utterly adore him. He slept in bed with me last night, curled up against me. Didn't move. He adores me too. Oh, and he has an appointment for his shots in less than an hour. Yeah, I'm like that. Once I commit I see it through.

Olga, the woman who manages where I am staying, has a young woman who works for her. This woman has a small boy of six. She has said she will take the kitty. I know that, I do. but just the same, I'm checking into what it takes to get a cat to America from here. I am told it is expensive and difficult. And I have two cats! And I'm allergic!


Then I come back to find this little beast playing with the toy mouse I bought him. Yes, I bought him a mouse, and litter. I am trying to train him to use a litter box. Rather unheard of here as pretty much all cats are outdoor cats. There is only ONE brand of litter here, Tidy Cat, and it's ungodly expensive.



How did I end up with a cat in Guatemala? AM I CRAZY?

What to do...

August 20, 2008

Senor Gato

Just a quick update on the cat situation.

I took him for his shots yesterday and he is perfectly healthy. The vet told me it is not as hard as I thought to take him back with me if I choose to. It will cost about $140 for the certificate and that includes the vet having to go to the American Embassy in Guatemala City to get the papers stamped and get "permission." Then there is the $30 fee the Embassy charges. Then there is the cat carrier to buy, cat airline ticket to get, etc. The vet said it is all doable. Oy vey carumba...

The thing is he was never trained and pees on the bed. I am training him and he finally used his litter box this morning. I was the proud mama yelling to my friends to come and see. Totally insane, I know. You just have to understand that this little guy came to me and he hasn't left. I am considering taking him home and then maybe either keeping him or giving him to a friend. This way I would know he would get a good home and I would be able to see him. Here it is questionable, to say the least. The young woman who wanted to take him now says she's afraid he'll run away when she's at work. She is very poor and probably does not live in the best situation. So, one down.

Everyone is in love with Senor Gato. Olga, the manager of El Rosario, where I am staying, is cleaning the blanket he peed on and said it's no problem. The people who work on the grounds are coming to see him and offering me up the names of vets to help. Senor Gato is now famous. I am in possession of a famous cat.

Oh, and my Spanish lessons are going really well and I'm having a fabulous time. My days here are full and I am letting the good stuff find me.


September 8, 2008

Cat love

When I brought this little four month old man home from Guatemala I never realized how much he'd effect my life. My heart has grown about three sizes since he came to me. I have daily epiphanies about what I need to change in my life and what I've been missing. I feel nothing but pure unadulterated love 24-7 and he's reminded me how much I need play in my life.

I'm all about the play now.

I highly recommend taking a kitten or puppy in who needs a home. And yes, it IS possible to take a cat or dog home from other countries. More than anything else it takes commitment and perseverance, that and a supportive vet who will help you through it.

Yes, I got detained FIVE TIMES in Mexico City trying to bring him home and almost took down a bitchy Air Mexicana representative who tried to stop me from boarding the plane. Yes, I had to ask two pilots for permission to board their planes with a kitten in tow. It was not easy, I assure you. I was in tears by the time my second flight took off. Getting a kitten in the cabin of an Air Mexican plane is like asking to board with big ass scissors in hand. And I imagine it's easier to get heroin through Mexico City airport than a wee kitten in a wee carrier. Good grief. Not a fan of that airport. Nope.

Ah, but then I got home and this little man let me know just how happy he was to be here with me and, well, what trouble getting him here? Come again?

Woody's vet in Antigua was Cynthia Burski, D.V.M. She is an American living in Guatemala and she is compassionate, kind and just plain wonderful. She sent someone into Guatemala City to get all Woody's immigration papers and letters of permission for me. I could tell she wanted me to take him home with me. I would have been completely lost without her. We love you, Cynthia!