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July 7, 2007

I'm a poet and I know it

I'm tired this morning. After a lovely night at fellow Slow Traveler Marcia’s house where we ate, drank and made some merry, I came home and chatted with a friend overseas until the wee hours. Now I'm up getting caffeinated as I have yet another gig I have to run in a few hours. Another gig outside in the heat, that is. I'm getting tired of these!

I'm one of those people that can come home terribly late and stay up reading poetry in bed. After my hot bath last night I curled into bed to read some of my favorites. I have stacks of books in my bedroom (yes, I actually read books) and love to return to the people I've grown so fond of again and again before my day ends and I'm on to a new one.
I become more me this way...


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July 9, 2007

A little music goes a long way

I'm on a my favorite things kick so I thought I'd follow up with one of my favorite songs by Zero 7, Somersault. I listen to this CD (When it Falls) in my car all the time and this song, well this song makes me woozy. I swear I go into an altered state when I hear Sia's voice. That woman just hits it right.

Here's a video of their only Televised performance in the US. They played on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I especially love the mocking dance they do. Fabulous...

Just goes to show you don't need to shake your booty on stage half naked to give a rockin' performance.

You would somersault in sand with me

If you buy the CD, try and get it at a store like Amoeba as we need to support our local independent music stores! If you do get it you'll hear the end of the song that was cut out of this performance. It's that last couple of minutes of somersault, the instrumental part, that makes me come undone...

And whatever you do, buy their album "Simple things." It is their best one, hands down. You won't regret it.

I have a few of their songs downloaded on my iPod. It's great chill out on the plane music.

Click on the name Zero 7 in red above to hear more or their music.

July 20, 2007

My escape to Little Tokyo

So, I did exactly what I said I was going to do yesterday and took a half day down in Little Tokyo and pretended I was in Japan and out on the town treating myself. I simply love my escape days!

I drove into downtown LA and found my way to Little Tokyo. I decided to skip the metered parking as I planned on taking my time there so I opted to pay the $4 and parked in the big lot. I had my market bag with me, the one that's made of string and rolls up into a ball as I had some shopping to do.

I had an appetite and a craving for Ramen, the sun was shining, the day was mine and I felt that sense of joy I always feel when I pull into Little Tokyo.

And so I begin…


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July 22, 2007

Here's a shout out to Pratibha Patil

Because she is the first female president that India has ever seen.

Because at 72 she is a wonderful example to women everywhere that intelligence and hard work can make any dream possible.

Because she represents the future power of all women in this world.

Because maybe, just maybe, my own country can learn something from her and realize that a woman's place is not always beside a man but sometimes out in front leading many of them.

Because I have been planning to visit India to further my yoga studies and now with her at the helm I am more determined than ever to do so.

Because I am proud to be a woman today. I am proud to my bones.

Be peace, my sister. Be peace!


August 14, 2007


Long couple of days running a very cool event. I got to play at Chanel this week and I have to say I kind of dig those cats. I was given a very nice quilted black eye mask for sleeping that has those fabulous little C's on it. I'll be the super stylish chick in coach flying the overnight flights from here on out. This little baby is sweet!

I spent the last two days in Coco Chanel and I think I'd like to treat myself to some eventually (the parfum not the cheap eau de toilette). I don't generally like perfume but this was really nice on me.

My dad actually got Coco Chanel for me as a gift when I was younger. I've been missing him a lot lately. I think wearing it these last two days made me feel sort of nostalgic and tender and comforted. It really is funny how a scent can affect you, you know?

Now that I'm done with events for the week I'm going away tomorrow to meet a friend down in La Jolla. I've never been so it will be a nice treat. I need a couple of days of relaxation and some quality down time with a friend I haven't seen in two years now. She's in from Chicago and we plan on drinking wine, catching up and just doing some good old fashioned connecting.

I am so ready for my trip to Guatemala at the end of the month. I crave it like chocolate.

Actually, make that chocolate and Coco Chanel...4b_1_b.JPG

August 17, 2007

The joy of Wildlife

I am a woman who finds great joy in observing wildlife in its natural habitat. When I was down in La Jolla yesterday I walked down to
Casa beach where the seals hang out and I loved that there were signs everywhere telling the public to stay away from the seals and respect their space! The entire beach was cordoned off so that the seals could play and sleep in peace. As it should be.

Have you seen seals in person? I had not had the privilege of getting this close before and it was a truly magical experience. Although I found the actual town of La Jolla rather uninteresting, watching the seals was the highlight of my trip. It's worth a stop just to see these magnificent creatures!


The seals have this terribly sweet way of bobbing their noses up in the air and floating there like that. It's one of those things that makes you appreciate the simple joys in life. Kathy%20and%20Nancy%20La%20Jolla%20005-1.jpg

August 21, 2007

Some favorite things I'm taking to Guatemala

I am leaving in less than a week for Guatemala so I thought I'd share a few favorite things I'm bringing with me. I am a woman who is both stylish and practical. I happen to love my special treat things as well. They make the trip a little sweeter.

1. Lesportsac Big Weekender Bag - I got it on sale for a song! It is made of the most divinely lightweight material, is incredibly durable and long lasting (I've owned these suckers for years) and can roll up in a ball to come with me in my suitcase so I can load it up with travel purchases like textiles from Guatemala. It is also the only bag I need for a weekend trip.

2. Be Present Agility Pants -
I just finally broke down and bought a pair of these at my yoga studio. They are made of a wonderful lightweight breathable material, are incredibly long lasting, and are utterly fabulous for doing yoga. They are hip looking enough to wear around on a casual day and are incredibly flattering on. They have these great slits up the back leg to just below the knee. I like bringing something I can wear for yoga but that I can hang out in as well. Every serious yogi chick I know owns them.

3.Birkenstock Kairo Sandals -
I swore I'd never wear Birkenstocks but these babies are foreplay for the feet! The makeup and wardrobe women on the last photo shoot I did wore these every day. Smart chicks know fashionable can mean comfortable too.

4. Seven For All Mankind Jeans - Because they truly are the only jeans I wear. I like my jeans classic like my men.

5.Seda France travel candles- I take candles with me wherever I go as they soothe and relax me. I'm a fan of these in gardenia.
6. Kiehl's Musk Oil - I like a scent on occasion and I refuse to haul around a bottle of perfume. I love my oils and I love this one in particular as it is so sexy and earthy. It also travels well.

September 22, 2007

Fall is upon us

I tend to get very soulful and quiet when Fall sets in and the air changes, the nights grow cooler and the smell of burning wood from neighbor's fireplaces wafts out of chimneys and permeates my street.

Fall is my season. It is the one I was born into and the one that both soothes and heals me. With this in mind I have just come from buying music that best represents this change that occurs within me, this mood that sets in and consumes me at this time of year. I will turn 42 this coming Monday so this is my weekend to re-fuel and prepare for my season and this new year of lightness, discovery and adventure that I hope to have ahead of me.

I live by music. I have stacks and stacks of CD's that represent the many pieces of me, my insides, the corners and sharp edges that make me - me.

I am living Portuguese Fado music at present and am listening to Mariza in particular. Everything about it entices me and makes me feel alive, sensual and hungry. I hope some of you find this new music you're not familiar with and desire to have it in your collection, as I have.

I give you Mariza preforming my favorite - O Gente Da Minha Terra...

September 27, 2007

The Monks of Burma

"May we be free of torture, may there be peace in hearts and minds as our kindness spreads around the world. - The chant of Buddhist monks in protest in Myanmar

The power of the people is no small thing. My heart is heavy knowing what these brave and remarkable people are enduring right now. I stand united with them in spirit. Their voices are my voice. Their pleas are my own.

May peace and humanity prevail


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October 1, 2007

I'm teaching a restorative yoga class!

I have been so busy with events I have had no time for my yoga. This is hard for me as it is a delicious part of my life and the part I need to grow.

OK, so I've committed to one class a week at Hollywood Gym here in Los Angeles. It's a real gym that specializes in boxing, but they have some good classes there (I'm going to be working out there myself). My dear friend Holly asked me to take over her class and was, well, fairly relentless about it. I so adore her for that. She is teaching yoga and Pilates full time and still has several classes at Hollywood gym herself. I highly recommend this lovely former ballerina friend of mine. She is damn good and knows her stuff.

As I always need the balance in my life of teaching and still doing events, writing, etc., one class a week is perfect for me right now. I'll eventually rent a small space and teach more of my own private classes, but this is a good fit for me at present. I'll still keep subbing classes for friends as well. They have been very kind to me and have given me total freedom to teach whatever I want and I am choosing to teach a restorative yoga class as I believe Sunday is the day of rest. We all need a day to go within, find some peace, relax and renew.

The first time I took a restorative yoga class I was so blissed out afterward I couldn't stop talking about how amazing I felt. So, I call it BLISS YOGA. It's all about opening the heart, relaxing and re-centering. I also give yummy adjustments that help you stretch and expand. It will be playful as well. Life is far sweeter when plenty of silliness is involved.

So, I'll be at Hollywood Gym on Sunday nights at 5.00 pm from here on out. It's an hour class and if you say you know me, Kathy, you get in for $10 (it's usually $15). I think I'm worth it...


October 5, 2007

An afternoon at Farmers Market LA

When I get to funking and feel out of sorts, I try to find an escape from my daily routine. Today I headed over to the Farmers Market here in LA and ordered up my favorite Gyro sandwich from Moishe's. They're not exactly friendly there (think big scary women with attitude), but they serve up some mighty fine chow. A Gyro and a fresh squeezed lemonade from Coffee Corner and I'm golden.


While I was sitting there eating my fabulous and fairly massive Gyro, some pigeons came over to hang out with me. Feeding pigeons is also a nice defunking remedy. I happen to love pigeons. I get all giddy and girl like when I feed them. I also happen to come from a serious bird feeding family. It's in my blood.

I love the Farmers Market because I feel like a tourist in another country. All walks of life come out to lounge and play and there really is something for everyone. I love my public solitude so I enjoy eating out solo and people watching. This a great place to do just that. Hit it late afternoon or early evening and it really is pretty perfect.

October 12, 2007

A shout out to my man Al Gore

Because sometimes fighting the good fight is worthy of great recognition.

Al-Gore-4.jpgNobel Peace Prize winner, environmentalist and man to be reckoned with.

Image by James Rexroad. Thanks James for creating such a brilliant photo!

October 15, 2007

In the seat of the teacher

So I taught my second restorative yoga class yesterday. I did a day long yoga therapeutics workshop at City Yoga on Saturday and then taught my class last night. I have to say it all just feels really yummy to me. While I sell my class as a bliss experience for my students, and they keep telling me it is (I thank them for that), I get as much out of it as they do. Sharing myself with my students is a joyful experience for me. I get to step out of my own sometimes crazy world and just be there for them. This is a good thing.

I had a student tell me after class last night that I massage the places on the body most people overlook. I had my students in a supported Savasana (bolster or stack of blankets supporting the back), the most restful pose, and I gave them all head, neck and ear massages. I know I love this myself so I am happy to do it for my students - truly. I even incorporate some acupressure into my adjustments as I know how amazing it feels. I can't even begin to tell you how rewarding it is to feel someone's energy settle and to feel them relax and let go. After all the training and investment in this part of my life I have to say I have not one regret. It is is all so wonderfully worth it.

Once upon a time this little tutu realized she wanted to be a teacher. She also knew she wanted to help heal people and provide them with a little comfort and care. It's amazing what we can achieve when we just dive in.

May we all allow a little more bliss into our lives. We deserve it!


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December 5, 2007

Girl's got game

So after teaching my yoga class on Sunday night I went out for dinner with my good friend Holly, a fellow yoga teacher and fellow hot woman. We went to our new favorite dining spot, Hugo's, near my house in West Hollywood. I had my usual glass of Temprinillo and we hunkered down to talk about the state of things, you know....
girl talk.

Our waiter was a particularly spicy little bite sized snack and he was oh so attentive. We ended up having a great conversation with him about dating and love. It turned out his great love was a yoga teacher as well. Hugo's clearly only hires hotties. It's the place to go when you want to feast on the visual delights that only the yummiest of men can offer.

So there I am, all relaxed and enjoying my quality girl time, and our host comes over to inform us that our waiter likes us one of us. I laugh out loud as said cutie model looking guy is all of 27 years old. I think for sure he must be talking about Holly as I am often oblivious to these things (my male friends tell me this all the time), so I ask him which one of us he likes exactly. YOU he tells me! To that I gave a resounding... NO WAY! I then let out one of those delicious laughs that only a woman with some life experience can let out. The laugh that tells the world you are so aware that you on your game and damn, isn't it fabulous?

Yes, you see there will always be yummy men along the way to tempt me. And I must confess I am so pleased that at this point in my life I find just as much pleasure in being alone with a dear girlfriend who I adore, drinking a fine glass of Temprinillo and laughing wildly like a high school girl.

Life really is fabulous.


December 25, 2007

Joyeux Noel

From my home to yours, I wish you only the most wondrous of things that Christmas can bring. For me it is having these two little beasties beside me. The simple things are often the most magnificent.

45px-Peace_dove.svg.pngBe Peace...



December 30, 2007

My present to ME

I've been home sick for the past week so I spent Christmas alone save for dinner out with my dear friend Jorge. Some people love you no matter how crappy you look or how much goo runs out of your head. Those are the ones you keep around. They're the ones you call when the world goes wonky and you're rattling a little too loud.

So today I hauled my butt out to the Apple store in the Grove and treated myself to a brand spankin' new MacBook. My Toshiba's burial is just around the corner and after almost six years with her, it's time. RIP...

I will be traveling a lot in the next year and doing a lot of writing. I have books in my head and it's high time they come out on the page. My goal is to write and teach yoga (well, and continue to be a fabulous lover, damn good person and great friend). Solo girl on the road livin' la dolce vita. Why the hell not?

And no matter what anyone says size most definitely matters.
And on occasion smaller is actually better. Just ask the chick on the road with her new wee white MacBook. She'll tell you...


January 2, 2008

The film I am utterly in love with


I saw Broken English on DVD a couple of months ago and I loved it so much I actually watched it twice. I cannot explain why this film moved me so much except to say that I could relate to Parker Posey's character on some deep primal level. Besides, I've always known I'd want her to play me in the film I've yet to write about my life, hands down.

I highly recommend checking it out. I know my female friends will love it or at least see a wee bit of themselves in her character. I love that the film is so gritty and raw and that it takes place in NYC and Paris.

And I wouldn't mind a handsome, passionate, intelligent and so wonderfully present French man to rock my world. Oh yes...

Broken English

January 5, 2008

A shout out to my girl Sharon!

Because we honor our teachers and not only is she the woman who inspired me to teach Restorative yoga, which I now do, she has also become a friend and confidant.

When we allow ourselves to let the light in the light can often bring us wonderful and inspiring people.

And if we're lucky they're wonderfully wicked and fun as well.

Catch Sharon's Restorative Yoga class at City Yoga in West Hollywood on Wednesday night at 7.30. You might just find me there on occasion hanging out to learn something new. Well, and to have some damn good fun too...


February 4, 2008

Slow Bowl 2008!

After just coming back from Guatemala on Tuesday I drove up to Paso Robles CA. for the second annual Slow Bowl wine tasting weekend with my Slow Travel peeps. I hauled booty up to Paso and at the 52 mile sign telling me my wine was near my car stopped accelerating - as I was passing a truck no with one coming at me in the other direction - and I had to nurse it the 52 miles over the hills (think incline city) into Paso at no more than 40 miles an hour most of the way. I was NOT a happy camper. I figured as long as it was still moving my car was going the distance. I had places to go and people to see!

I called my motel from the road, got the name of a mechanic, and when I arrived I got busy making calls and found a guy who said he'd take my car but couldn't check it until Monday. I got a tow, dropped the car off, and met two great guys who invited me for drinks the following night. One of the guys turned out to be the winemaker for one of the wineries we were scheduled to do a private tasting with the next day! Small flippin' world, you know?


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February 8, 2008

We've come a long way, baby

Regardless of who you might plan on voting for in the next Presidential election you must admit that the fact that one party has a black man and a woman as its potential leaders is, well, pretty damn amazing. I am reminded that anything is possible in this country of mine if we allow ourselves the opportunity to use our voices and our vote to make a change. Race and gender have nothing to do with intelligence, integrity and strength. This is what I was raised to believe and I feel blessed to have had a father who used his voice to fight for equal rights for all and became a trail blazer as a professor on the Brown University Campus.

I am my father's daughter.

My very first boyfriend from childhood sent me this video today. He knew I'd appreciate it. I do...

The message is universal and incredibly powerful.

Yes, We Can.

February 14, 2008

On Valentine's Day

And because I always see both the light and the dark in life, and life is about the balance of both - as is the the philosophy I believe in, I thought I'd post this for fun. And well, let's face it: love can be tricky at times.

This Amy Winehouse video is a personal favorite so I'll share it with all of you on this cards and flowers holiday.

I just couldn't resist....

February 18, 2008

Yesterday I flew!

I had one of those blissful Sundays yesterday that was filled with yoga and time with great people. Fabulous...

I was invited to participate in a two hour AcroYoga jam in a park under the glorious sun and with fellow teachers and yogis with crazy practices. I've never done AcroYoga before but a new friend Josh said I'd love it after we played together in another yoga jam at a shared friend's house last week. Last week was Sake and yoga (I've never laughed so hard doing yoga) and we all had such a grand time I think it will be a regular thing. Get a group of yogis together, give them some Sake and let them loose and amazing things happen. We all need to play more. Play is divine!

So there I was flying yesterday. Yes, FLYING. AcroYoga is a combination of yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics. I spent a lot of time being lifted up in the air and doing yoga poses with nothing more than a pair of feet keeping me up. I went for it and tried everything. I even tried basing (being the person on the ground lifting the flyer) and realized how strong my legs have become. Have I mentioned how much I love yoga? Yoga rocks, yo.

After two hours of play I headed home and taught my restorative yoga class. I had my students do some partner stretches I've learned over the past week and even showed them some of what I did whilst playing yesterday. I also gave them a lot of massage and I must confess, I get as much joy out of it as they do. Touch is so healing...

I love my students. They are just wonderful and delicious people. One of them, my girl Rashmi, brought a mask for us to use and we headed off to the sauna for some masking, girl talk and heat. What an utterly perfect day. Man, sometimes I just feel so damn blessed.

A friend took pictures of us all doing AcroYoga and he's e-mailing them to me. Pictures to come!

So, the lesson I have learned over this past week has been that in surrendering, in letting go and learning to trust not only myself but the person I am partnered with in yoga (and this can extend to a lover as well), I break through barriers and walls and become more fearless and therefore more ME. Surrender is a beautiful thing.


Photos below

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March 1, 2008

I support...

In keeping with another fellow blogger who has decided to promote his charity on his blog, I thought it important that I take this time to do the same as I have long supported several causes that mean a great deal to me and so I thought that I would share them with you.

Here's a little taste of who I am and what I believe in:


ASPCA - Because it is our responsibility to take care of the wee creatures who cannot fend for themselves. I put my money where my mouth is and donate to them every year.


Doctors Without Borders - Because these fine men and women fight the good fight all over the world and are often the first on scene to provide medical care for those in need and do an utterly brilliant job at that. I feel great pride in giving what I can to these fine and noble medical professionals. I'd love to volunteer to work with them if I could find a way to do so. Just brilliant.


American Red Cross - Because during every American disaster I can think of they have been there making the difference for many between life and death. Their help is utterly immeasurable.


U.S. Campaign for Burma - Because I support the monks and people of Burma and when the men in saffron risk their lives to defend democracy- I pay attention. They are new to me, and I have some reading to do, but so far I am impressed.

There a few others that I am planning on getting involved with and some involve the country of Guatemala, which has become a place that I hold close to my heart. Once I have committed myself, I will post about them as well.

If you find that you support these noble causes as well please donate! And if you have others that are just as meaningful to you as mine are to me then donate to them instead. We can all make a difference...

Be peace,


March 13, 2008

I heart chefs

Just a short and sweet check in while I'm wrapping up my event out in the desert.

I have somehow become one of the guys on this gig and the chefs have become family. I've even been invited to cook with them in the kitchen on future events. Love them! We just have such an amazing time together and the laughs never end. I feel crazy blessed to have the perfect balance of hard work and wickedly good play time at the end of the day. Last night we hit the jacuzzi and pool and then had family meal in front of the hotel's big screen TV. Tonight it was happy hour with chicken wings and cocktails and now I'm about to head out for the jacuzzi and some pool time with my people. Life is good...

OK, so I forgot to take the staff aprons and ties off of the truck and bring them back to the hotel for dry cleaning and the kitchen forgot to grab the kitchen towels to wash tonight. WE'RE BEAT. We all piled into my car and drove up to the site, a long and seriously winding ride, to grab our stuff before heading out for our nightly adventures. The beauty of it is that we all come together and help each other out. I handle the front of the house and they handle the back of the house. Sweet...

My days start early and run late. I am now officially dorm mother assigning rooms, dealing with issues that come up and coming down on those that seem to forget this is a non-smoking hotel. No weed in the rooms people! It's a big freakin' desert out there. Be creative...

What happens in Hesperia stays in Hesperia.

Off to fax time sheets and inventories. And yes, I truly do love chefs. Some of the coolest people I know are chefs. Oh yes...


March 15, 2008

It's never easy to say goodbye...

I had to pack it up and leave my event in the desert today (and let me just say that I am TAN). I have business back east and couldn't stay the weekend. I set things up as best I could and made sure the young woman stepping in for me has an easy time of it. I worked my ass off to insure everyone was in line, on the ball and that the client was happy. Hell, I even got invited to the client's wrap party (Super nice Germans. Working with them was a pleasure!) and there is talk of work with them in the future. I'm damn good at what I do and PR is half of it. Good social skills are key, let me tell you.

I had breakfast with the kitchen staff this morning and there were lots of hugs and talk of plans to all get together when I return from the east coast. I even stayed an extra hour to finish up room assignments and wrap things up with hotel management. Even the hotel dude (my man Dion) said he was going to miss me! And let me say, if you are ever passing through Hesperia and need a place to stay on the way to Vegas or San Diego, you just have to stay at the Holiday Inn Express there. Those people seriously rock it out! And man, were they accommodating and good to us. Anything I wanted they were there to hook me up. And that jacuzzi and pool were divine at the end of a long day. AMEN.

I'm back home and have just enough time to unpack, clean, do laundry and re-pack for my crack of dawn flight on Monday. I also have to teach my class tomorrow night as I promised I would. When did I become so goddamned responsible? When did I become a.... GROWNUP? Crazy poop.

Must go love on my little feline beasties for a while. Thank god a new and delightful friend stepped up and volunteered to take care of them after another girlfriend flaked on me and put me in a really bad spot. It's always so bloody nice to know you have good people you can count on. The ones who flake on you? Well, as my dear and lovely friend Heather always says: Bless and release.

I have no room for unreliable people in my life. I have too many good people who would be there for me no matter what. Man, do I adore them. And I am solid to the bone. My word is everything to me and friendship sometimes means being there for someone even when it's not convenient. I think we all need to learn to be a wee bit more selfless. It's in the giving that our hearts bust wide open...

I'm sending love out to my friend Tracey for loving on my girls when I was gone and to Andy, Tarik, Jose, Lindsey, Jason and the one and only Gregg (my partner in crime and the boss on the other end) for making this event so incredible for me. Your girl has more big ideas to come!

I got nothin' but love for you people.


March 26, 2008

I'm digging on

As Spring is here and I'm feeling, well, Springy, I'm digging on a few new favorite things and I thought for poops and giggles I'd pass them along.

I'm in a sort of I-LOVE-ME mode. And really, why not? After the dark of Winter comes the lightness of Spring and isn't love the path to the sun? YES!!! *Decadent self-loving smiley face here*

I'm having a serious love affair with:

Joe's Jeans in Socialite - Mother never told me my bum could look like this and man, do these feel oh so delish on. These are woman loving jeans my divine little chicklets. And they're long! Love that! They're classic and sexy and ain't nothin' better in my book. And hey, I embrace my inner socialite. Oh yes...

once.jpgThe soundtrack to Once - This movie settled in and took hold of me in a very big way. The music lights me up from within and makes me all shiny and bright. The little film that could- did. It simply doesn't get better than this. Period.

More below

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March 28, 2008

Another bit o' music I'm digging on

I'm seriously digging on my new CD by Yael Naim. She's this wonderful French-Israeli singer/songwriter who sings in French, English and Hebrew on her new self-titled album. My favorite music gal over at Amoeba records recommended it to me a couple of days ago and I've been listening non-stop ever since. Get it!

Here's a seriously feel good and whimsical video of her song
New Soul. Couldn't we all use a little lightness of being right about now?

April 2, 2008


Sex and the City, that is - The movie!

You just don't understand how much I miss those four delicious girls and how life is so much sweeter with a little foray into Sex land.

*Heavy sigh*

May 30th, my people. It's a comin'! And damn, it looks like it's going be tasty at that...

Enjoy this sneak peak trailer. Consider it really good foreplay.

April 24, 2008

When a cold hits, you just go with it

Alas, just as I was about to hunker down and get into some nitty gritty about Guatemala, I awoke with, you guessed it, a bloody cold! Ah well, I know what to do when these things happen and I'm now old hat at cold comfort. Oh yes.

I just drove myself to the drug store, got two boxes of tissue with aloe lotion (a red nose just so doesn't suit me) and one MASSIVE BOTTLE of B&B Liqueur. What's B&B you ask? It's this little Tutu's friend, lover, bliss and medicine when she's under the weather.

And I don't care that I spent $32 to get it. I'm worth it!

Look, I don't fool around when it comes to my libations. And there simply must be perks in sickness.


Throw in hot baths and tea, some Emergen C, fabulous British telly series on DVD, trashy mindless magazines (OK, to be honest I'm reading the Economist, but who's checking), two cats and a new quilt from Guatemala (my last splurge) and I'm set. This too shall pass and I will make the most of it whilst it's here. I believe in savoring life, and damn it, the occasional sickness is part of it!

Stay tuned as there are more Guatemalan adventures yet to be told...

April 27, 2008

A special place in Santa Cruz la Laguna

I've been to Santa Cruz la Laguna on Lake Atitlan twice now during my travels to Guatemala and there really is something so sweet and quiet about the place. You can only reach it by boat and there are only a few small hotels there. I have friends there now so I believe I'll always have a place to stay. Sometimes the friends you meet along the way just stick with you, you know?

There's this special little place I've grown fond of called Hotel Isla Verde to the left of the docks about a quarter mile down the coast. You feel as if you're walking up into the heavens and with each plateau you find these delicious little nooks and spaces like hanging canoes to swing in and a wonderful open stage that is utterly perfect for an outdoor yoga class. Yes, this is a place I'd like to hold retreats! The eco-conscious and totally simple cabin style rooms sort of hang over the hillside and as they are fairly open spaces even the bathrooms open you to the great outdoors. It's enticing, really. The simplicity and beauty of it all is rather intoxicating.


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May 5, 2008

A little luxury, you say?

I know I write a lot about budget travel and how I am the Queen of the deal. ~Indeed I am.~

Well, I am also a lover of luxury and the occasional splurge and fully believe in living life with a sense of balance. I've been known to adore a swank hotel room and am happy to sink my happy little self into a deep delicious tub whilst sipping wine out of a crystal glass.

But of course.

So with that thought, I give you a few of my favorite splurge places in Antigua, Guatemala. I plan on staying in a couple of these oh so swank places myself and will happily let you know how those baths work out. Me, a tub and a sexy little bottle of red? Perfect...

Do I spend money on myself from time to time? Mai oui! Yes, I most certainly do! I don't believe in waiting around for anyone else to bring me the finer things or hand me a nice little dish of romance.

I romance myself whenever I can, thank you.

A smart man will know this and simply want to add to my joy (and how I do love a good man) and if he's really smart he'll surprise me with a little luxury from time to time. ~I do believe I'm worth it.~

And to all of my utterly Divine Goddess readers I say this:

My dear sweet and wonderfully spicy little chili peppers, you're worth it too!


I give you my luxury hotel choices for Antigua below

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June 3, 2008

The power of natural healing

The update on the whacked and wonky hand is that it looks like I have no fractures (thank you to Robert for sending me off for an X-ray!) and my friend Sharon has been healing my hand with acupuncture and herbs. The swelling is almost gone and I am slowly able to move my thumb.

My hand will live!

I'm still off yoga and I still have a lot of pain in my left hand, but it is manageable and I'm still able to teach and adjust students. The bugger is that once I took off the bandage people seemed to think grabbing my hand was in the cards. On several occasions I've let out a squeal so high that people have had to peel me off the ceiling.

Back away from the chick with the wonky hand, people. She bites!

If you haven't tried acupuncture I highly recommend it. I've had amazing results over the years from it and have decided to stay in treatment for other issues to get on top of things. And those needles just feel kind of yummy stuck in there moving all of that energy around. I aways leave feeling totally euphoric. Give it a go, I say. You must just like it. And the outcome can be awe inspiring. Truly.


June 27, 2008

Lara Logan rocks!

If you haven't heard, CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan, who has been covering the "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan, is all over the news for allegedly having liaisons with two men whilst on location. Now, I personally applaud her for taking to heart the old slogan: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR. I think it's bloody brilliant that she can not only be hot, funny and sharp as a tack, but that she can manage to get her groove on during the worst of circumstances. I happen to think this is a beautiful thing. And she is one hell of a straight shooter who swears like a truck driver.

My kind of woman.

I'm on team Lara. Damn straight I am.

This is so worth watching.

July 11, 2008

Guatemala's calling!

I am heading back to Guatemala for 17 days next month. I've just booked my ticket, have asked my friend Deet to book me into a room where she lives in Antigua, and may very well have most of my meals included in my rate or be able to cook for myself. I'm going to live like a local this time around. Oh yes.

Now to start looking for a Spanish school/tutor so I can study Spanish on the weekdays and then head out to the lake on the weekends to see friends and play. Damn it feels good to have done this. I've been a bit wackadoo as of late due to the wanderlust not being sated and today I am breathing more freely. I know in one month I will be back in the place that lights me up from within and settles me down to my bones. Fabulous...

Airfares have gone crazy high and those non-stops flights I've always taken that were so cheap - this will be my fourth trip to Guatemala in one year - have now more than doubled to nothing less than $675 and ain't no way I'm blowing that kind of money when with some serious airfare tracking for weeks and a whole lot of patience I found myself a ticket for $319 roundtrip with a stop in Mexico City. Sweet!

In a little over a week I'm off to San Francisco for another yoga teacher training and some time with friends. I'll be blogging about it so more on that later.

I love my life...


July 23, 2008

Tea, yoga and the simple pleasures

I'm on day three of my yoga training with Judith Lasater. I am having an amazing time and I spend my days getting yogafied and my nights with friends eating, drinking and making merry.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Sharon and we had the most delightful meal at 2223 Market Street in the Castro. The Pinot Noir was exceptional and we lucked out as Tuesday nights have a special $12 menu! We finished things up with sorbet, tea and coffee and then I was home, meaning The Metro Hotel, to bed.

I just love the Metro. The guys there take such good care of me and every day they have a huge bowl of fresh nectarines out by the front desk. My room, 115, is fantastic, large and quiet. It feels like home and I look forward to returning to it at the end of the day. The Metro Kathmandu is right next door and I popped in the other night for a glass of Pinot Noir and a spinach salad and ended up eating dumplings and drinking wine with Roshan, the owner. We became fast friends and I'll be back tonight for more chat, company and good food. I could see living here. The people just fit and the energy of the city really suits me.

I'm sitting in the cafe next door to my hotel drinking my usual morning pot of tea and watching the locals come in to get their morning coffees. Life is happening all around me. I just love settling into a place...

July 26, 2008

I think I get the heart in San Francisco thing

Alas, I am leaving San Francisco today and heading back to La La Land. I am sad to leave as I have settled in here and have my rituals in place. I have my morning tea at On The Corner Cafe, my favorite little market where I pick up afternoon sandwiches or fresh juice, and the weather has taken a turn for the better and it is freakin' glorious out! I want to stay!

Ah well, off I go back to my cats and my things. I teach tomorrow night so my students are in for a treat as I've had a week of learning how to help people R-E-L-A-X. They'll be getting their chill on tomorrow night. Oh, do I have some new yummy things to show them. A big fat thank you to my teacher, Judith Lasater, for all that she gave me this week and for then telling me to take what I now know and give it away. You have my word, dear girl. I will show the world how to relax - one person at a time...

Last night was simply the perfect Summer in the City night. I met my good friend's Marcia and David for wine at The Wine Merchant in the Ferry Building and then we walked down to The Fog City Diner to meet Sharon, Eden and Tracey for dinner, wine and catch up. Then we all piled into Sharon's car and headed over the Ghirardelli's for sundaes. Yes, I had one massive sundae with dark chocolate hot fudge and it was bloody brilliant! Then I stopped by Marcia and David's hotel for some tea and chat and then cabbed it back to the Metro Hotel. What a fabulous way to spend my last night here. Just all around delish.

Me at The Wine Merchant loving life!

I was happy to catch the Frida Kahlo exhibit at MOMA the other night and I highly recommend going on a Thursday night when it's half price general admission (you pay and extra 5 bucks for the Frida exhibit) and they stay open until 8.45 p.m. Her work makes me appreciate life. GO.

Off to pack. Yep, leaving a bit o' my heart in San Francisco...


July 30, 2008


There is an amazing event taking place on September 5th and I wanted to share it with you.

ABC, CBS and NBC - all three major US networks, will be broadcasting STAND UP TO CANCER, a cancer awareness and fundraising event that will be aired at 8.00 p.m. on both coasts. It will be a historic collaboration and a means to unite the country in the fight against cancer.

Once you watch this incredibly well done PSA (Public Service Announcement) I know you will be just as moved and inspired as I was. I am always humbled by just how powerful we as people can be when we come together.

One out of every two men will get cancer in his lifetime. One out of every three women will as well. We have the power to stand up against these statistics. We have the power to pave the way for more research one dollar at a time...

I'm donating and I'll be watching, will you?

Let's stand up to cancer.

August 26, 2008

I said I was ready for a new man but....

I didn't plan on him being a cat!

Senor Woody is getting his passport and immigration papers today. The vet is sending a man into Guatemala City to do it all for me. That means a trip to the Department of Agriculture and another one to the American Embassy to ask permission for him to come with me! I am off to get his cat carrier and some sedative drops next. He's a talker, this little new man in my life, and ain't no way I'm putting him, myself and my fellow travelers through THAT kind of stress!

Come to Guatemala, drink Mojitos, flirt with handsome men, make fabulous new girlfriends, buy native crafts, eat great food, study some Spanish and... adopt a cat.

Yeah, it's like that...


September 8, 2008

Cat love

When I brought this little four month old man home from Guatemala I never realized how much he'd effect my life. My heart has grown about three sizes since he came to me. I have daily epiphanies about what I need to change in my life and what I've been missing. I feel nothing but pure unadulterated love 24-7 and he's reminded me how much I need play in my life.

I'm all about the play now.

I highly recommend taking a kitten or puppy in who needs a home. And yes, it IS possible to take a cat or dog home from other countries. More than anything else it takes commitment and perseverance, that and a supportive vet who will help you through it.

Yes, I got detained FIVE TIMES in Mexico City trying to bring him home and almost took down a bitchy Air Mexicana representative who tried to stop me from boarding the plane. Yes, I had to ask two pilots for permission to board their planes with a kitten in tow. It was not easy, I assure you. I was in tears by the time my second flight took off. Getting a kitten in the cabin of an Air Mexican plane is like asking to board with big ass scissors in hand. And I imagine it's easier to get heroin through Mexico City airport than a wee kitten in a wee carrier. Good grief. Not a fan of that airport. Nope.

Ah, but then I got home and this little man let me know just how happy he was to be here with me and, well, what trouble getting him here? Come again?

Woody's vet in Antigua was Cynthia Burski, D.V.M. She is an American living in Guatemala and she is compassionate, kind and just plain wonderful. She sent someone into Guatemala City to get all Woody's immigration papers and letters of permission for me. I could tell she wanted me to take him home with me. I would have been completely lost without her. We love you, Cynthia!

September 12, 2008

For your viewing pleasure

Let me see... Sarah Palin:

- Hunts and kills wild animals for sport

- Wants to take away my right as a woman to control my own body

- Would rather have teenagers birthing babies than practicing safe sex

- Has said she is open to an attack on Russia

- Doesn't believe in science (it's all God's will)

- Doesn't believe in the separation of church and state

- Doesn't support benefits for same sex couples

- And until very recently didn't even have a freaking passport?

Yeah, I'm with you Pam.

She sure can.

September 15, 2008

Yoga training, baby!

I spent this past weekend knee deep in Anusara yoga anatomy training with Martin Kirk. I'm one of those chicks who needs to understand things to the core and his training proved to be just what I was craving.

I realized last night as I was preparing to teach my Restorative Yoga class over at Urth Yoga that I have done three yoga trainings and two yoga and philosphy worshops since June. Seriously, that's a whole lot o' yoga my fine and lovely people! Good grief, since when did I become such a dedicated student?


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September 20, 2008

Just a friendly reminder

November 4, 2008



Photo by Simon Catford

Yes We Can

November 5, 2008



I am proud to be an American for the first time in a very long time today.

June 25, 2009

You gave me butterflies...

He was flawed. He seemed uncomfortable in his own skin. He was an enigma.

But then there was his music. He was, and always will be, our king of pop. He moved in ways that made men and women alike swoon. We all tried to imitate him. He was so talented that it was often hard to remember that really, in the end, he was just a man.

He was just a man. And he is gone.

Thank you for so many years of pleasure, Michael. Thank you for the hours upon hours of dancing and giving us, all of us, a common thing to share for years to come. Your music.

Thank you... thank you... thank you...

~Rest in peace~

July 29, 2009

The Blue Plate Special: eating out on a budget


My new favorite trick for eating out affordably is to hit a diner's Blue Plate Special. Do you remember those from your childhood? I do! Growing up in New England I am no stranger to diner food. We had some choice ones back there and my mom and dad took me to them regularly. I remember The Beef and Bun on Thayer Street in Providence and that oh so delicious double whoopee cheeseburger platter I'd get when my dad took me out for lunch. That coupled with a coffee malted?


So, the man and I recently stumbled upon this sweet little special running at Dupar's Diner here in L.A. at the Farmer's Market, Third and Fairfax. It's called "Beat The Clock" and between the hours of 4.00-6.00 pm your price for a blue plate special (well, it's what I call it anyway) is the time you arrive. You show up at 4.00? You pay $4.00! I kid you not. I take my cheap eats very seriously.

I'm all about the deal.

With images of plates full of warm happy food in our heads, yesterday afternoon at 4.27 pm Simon and I, after forgetting to have lunch, arrived at Dupar's for our favorite Blue Plate Special going, the turkey plate. That's turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, the yummiest roasted veggies, cranberry sauce, warm fluffy rolls and, get this, a bowl of soup, for $4.27 each. We found our favorite spot and snuggled in for some good old fashioned comfort food. We even splurged and had two pots of tea! Ah, the sweet life...

For more information and history on the Blue Plate Special you can read about it at wikipedia. I highly recommend checking to see if they are being offered at local diners in your area. And splurge and get that fresh piece of pie afterwards. You're worth it!

I'll be writing more about cheap eats around Los Angeles on future blog posts. With the economy the way it is and people losing their jobs at record rate, I am happy to share my little cheap eats with all of you. Who knew saving could be so much fun?

August 7, 2009

Taking time out at The Spring Resort and Spa

I'm here out in Desert Hot Springs at The Spring Resort and Spa with Simon and we are having a delightful time doing nothing but swimming, soaking and spa-ing. There has been crazy wind out here so this is the first time I've had internet since we arrived yesterday. To be honest, it's nice to have a break from the big bad world and just, well, decompress.

Much needed.

As a surprise to me, and given the ongoing sinus pain I've been having due to allergies, Simon surprised me and booked me in for a sinus facial today with Mila. It was by far one of the nicest facials I have ever had! I left feeling all blissed out and soft, soothed and healed. I have been given some samples of products to try (Epicuren, no less which is serious stuff) and am happy to have found a sunscreen that doesn't seem to irritate me. It's the little things.

The mineral water here is so pure and delicious you can drink it right out of the tap. Can you imagine? They give you a pitcher filled with this oh so delicious water, complete with lemon slices, upon arrival and refill it for you as needed. It's nothing but fresh healing water all the time.


We've stocked our refrigerator with goodies from the Vons nearby and our little kitchen has all the things we need complete with simple and organic looking dishes from West Elm, cookware, utensils, a great little tea kettle, toaster and coffee maker.. There are simple baskets to throw your things in tucked artfully under tables and cotton waffle robes and slippers to wander about in. Me? I'm living in nothing more than a bikini and a sarong. As it should be...

Oh, and the weather? Perfect. Breezy, not too hot and sunny. It just doesn't get any better than this.


August 8, 2009

Mineral baths, Pappy & Harriet's and more...

It's day three of our stay here at The Spring. We've just had dinner under the stars at our little table by our front door and now we're about to head off to the hot mineral tub, then to the sauna, then to the pool and then to the middle road mineral soaking pool. It's all water all the time!

I can see the things that need to be improved here at The Spring and will write more about that when I get home. I can tell you that the staff is bar none and wonderfully warm and friendly. There really is nothing that they won't do to make your stay here a happy one. And it's very chill here. It is NOT pretentious or high brow. It caters to everyone and everyone is made to feel welcome. I'm not a fan of snooty, special-fussy places.

Not my thing.

We have been happy with our room (number one) here at The Spring though they do need to rework things so that two chaise lounge chairs fit by the door and have some sort of shade option. We have only one and it's right on the walking path with no shade at all. We do have the most private kitchen and studio, thankfully, but it does lack a place to lie out in the shade that the other rooms seem to offer. That said, our kitchen is tucked away in the back so no one can see us. We can cook naked and not a soul can peer in. Nice! The other rooms that come with kitchens (only five of the ten have them) face the pool and so unless you close your shades you get no privacy. I happen to like the nakedness option. I like the privacy of our kitchen tucked away from everyone else. It suits us.

We went up to Pappy&Harriet's last night in Pioneertown (about a 25-30 minute drive) as it is our favorite hang out in the desert and the food can't be beat. We also got to take in some down home live music and enjoyed the sounds of Linnzi Zaorski & C.W. Stoneking. Linnzi sang 40's tunes while C.W. Stoneking , who happens to be from Australia which made Simon very happy, sang some serious Hokum blues. What a perfect way to spend the night! Then back home to our little oasis in the desert. It's nice to strike that balance.

Haven't you heard? The desert is the place to be...


February 15, 2010

Hi Yoga Kid's Yoga Teacher Training and then some

A quick catch up here...

I have been knee deep in another yoga training, this time Hi Yoga Kid's Yoga Teacher Training with Kelly Wood, who I just adore, and have just finally started my six week long Advanced Restorative Yoga project for my certification. Life has been keeping me very busy it seems!

~I am now a certified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher as well as a certified Restorative Yoga teacher. I have also trained in the Anusara style of yoga and Yoga Therapy. I do not believe in studying only one school of yoga or following one person alone. I'm far too independent for that. I want to pool from many rivers and swim with many fish.~

My husband and I had a wonderful trip to Australia and I will be writing about it very soon. We loved Melbourne and the time we spent with all of my cousins and our time in Adelaide with his family and friends was joyful as well. I just love Australia and there is talk of moving there at some point. Time will tell...

I had a quick trip back east to my hometown of Providence in January for business and got to see old friends who made me feel so welcome. There is nothing like the friends we know from our childhood that remind us of who we are. We all need more of that. It's the people who can see and love our cores that we need to hold dear and cherish. They are gifts.

The Kid's Yoga Training was grand and I am now assisting and observing to go deeper into things. Bringing yoga to children is so needed at a time when parents are burned out by all of the multi-tasking that they are doing and the kids are overly stimulated by all that is out there now. Things seem so much harder than when I was a kid. Yoga helps kids become more focused, centered and calm. Having participated in a Kid's Yoga class now I can tell you that what my teacher Kelly Wood has created with Hi Yoga is truly magical. It combines yoga with dance, art, music and meditation. I want to teach this to adults! Taking the class was one of the most freeing and joyful experiences I've had in a long time. We all need more time for play and self expression. Oh yes...

More to come soon.

Do something yummy for yourself everyday. You deserve it.



April 9, 2010



I'll be there May 27th. Will you?

July 25, 2010

Belly Dancing Anyone?

I love yoga and surely love to teach it. I also love trying new things and new ways of moving. I took my first Belly Dance class last week at Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles with Jamilla and it was such good fun! I am going back tomorrow night for more. Belly Dance is a great way to get that Kundalini energy rising and for women it is said to help keep the female organs healthy and toned. Brava!

Why not try something new?


November 30, 2010

Back to San Francisco to study and nourish the soul

I'm off to San Francisco this weekend for a workshop with my teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater, on Nonviolent Communication. Nonviolent Communication was created by a man named Marshall Rosenberg and has been endorsed by the Dalai Lama himself. Judith has written a book, along with her husband Ike Lasater, called "What We Say Matters", and this will be the first workshop held by Judith to delve into the book and to teach us how to practice this form of communication while teaching our classes and also how to bring it out into our daily lives. I'm game. I've always loved the language Judith uses when she teaches (the woman has the patience of a saint!) so when she told me about the book ~ I nabbed it ~ and when the workshop was announced ~ I was the first to book it. Merry Christmas to me!

As I always love my time in San Francisco a trip up North for a few days during the holiday season is particularly magical. I've been there just before Christmas and the lights, the shop displays, the people piling into cafes and sitting a wee bit closer together to stave off the chill from outside makes me feel so happy and festive. I get to break in my new utterly divine Eddie Bauer down parka that has thus far made the to and fro from yoga classes a delicious experience, and I will get to sit and savor a decadent cup of my favorite hot chocolate at Ghiradelli's in Ghiradelli Square. Yum. I love sitting alone in cafes and restaurants and taking in everything around me. How often do we get to slow things down and be so present that we can actually taste the smells in the air? Let the smells of the season wash over me... Yes.

So, I'm all booked in at Hotel des Arts, a hotel I've been wanting to check out as the deluxe rooms are all painted by individual artists from around the world, thus making it an artist's and art lover's favorite. It's also in what is considered the French Quarter in San Francisco and is surrounded by French cafes and restaurants. It also happens to be across the street from the gate to Chinatown. Bring those potstickers on. Happy me!

I've requested one of the rooms with a claw foot tub as I had one at my father's house and I miss it so. Nothing makes me happier than a proper hot bath in a proper bathing tub. Little things, you know?

My husband will be home playing cat sitter and savoring his I-am-man-hear-me-roar time. I will miss him as he is my absolute favorite playmate and companion, but we both have things to do and we're planning a trip in the near future that will take us on a great adventure. So, balance is the key. The more I study and train the more I work towards my goal of owning my own business in the place we will eventually settle. It's about the journey, after all.

How I am loving this journey of mine.

I'll be writing more soon about my experience in the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training. It was such an evolutionary experience for me. I am committed to doing the entire training now which will culminate in my certification in a year or so. I can't wait to offer this to my clients. It is so in keeping with the work I am already doing and it feels so natural to me. My teacher, Soleil Hepner, is a dynamic human being and damn good fun to boot. Though I didn't feel San Diego was my cup of tea, my time there with her and my fellow trainees was nothing less than fabulous.

Back on the road I go...