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more on the studio mate

Louis as I have decided to call him might be having a midlife crisis. The fact is that he had an affair with another artist last summer, a young dynamic woman that has already an outrageous career. It was in August when it started.

Just the three of us where there. The young woman because she was having one important show after another and needed to bust her butt to get done all of her paintings, me because I had to finish this huge commission for Gables and Louis because he has no where else to go and probably doesn't have any friends either. That is what I suspect. He is also close to penniless which doesn't make for vacationing on the Côte Azur. The three of us in our studios would exchange inviting the other two for tea or a coffee it was a jolly moment more for them than for me. The weather last summer in Paris sucked, rain and cold. I was dreaming of the beach on the Etruscan coast where i spent all my last seven summers.

I noticed that they were talking more than before and thought only very briefly about it. He had always been negative about her. But I like to talk to everyone and my door was always open ready for a chat with whoever wanted to come. My studio is the very last one that you can reach so it was great to me that everyone came all the way there to hang out for a few minutes. The ateliers have very serious working artists and no one comes around for more than an hour and will understand when it is not the moment so the little breaks are quite a pleasure.

One day in this blissful moment in August I went to her atelier just as I arrived and they were both there. They seemed to have a complicity going but I didn't think anything of it and after about 20 minutes said thatI had to go work. She says wait a minute and pours me some more coffee. I drank it quickly and got up to go and she says, "Wait, sit down, we have something to tell you." I sit but my eyes say spit the toad. She says, "On est ensemble." What!? I think I don't understand did she say "We are together." I think that my French is not good and I misunderstood. It was so weird to me the whole thing. I realize then that I did understand and when he says "We want you to know because we don't want to play a comedy in front of you. I think that we make a great threesome."

When he said that we make a great threesome I was sure that they were trying to involve me and it was just too weird so I got up to go and gave them my congratulations on their bliss. Then went to my atlier and closed the door. From then on I have kept my door closed. That evening I came home and promptly told my fiancée the days events recounting that it bothered me that they had chose to involve me in their story as a witness or sounding board or possible third partner. For days I heard squeaky floor boards, whispers, groans and sudden bumps. I turned up my music and didn't go knocking. I got my paintings done and then went to Florence to deliver them.

Things with Louis and the young woman started to spoil fast. I tried to stay as neutral as possible knowing that it was destined to end. I was supposed to keep the secret because sharing the atelier with me was a friend of the young woman. My then studio mate was 28 and still a virgin, very christian. It would have caused problems to Louis's lover for the news to come out in the community of expats where they both came from it would have been terrible scandal...

It would be cool if I was making up this story but it is all true. More to come but I have to finish cooking the lamb with red peppers.

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Angie, I am on the edge of my seat!

I hope the lamb with red peppers was good!


Wow! Where's Danielle Steele when you need her?

This is a definite soap opera, with cliff hangers and all. Looking forward to the next installment.

I should probably write a book and self publish it so people wouldn't blame an editor for my typos. Surely the editor would make me rewrite it 10 times and get rid of the typos

OOHHH what a soap opera.


Wow, that IS high drama.....and I like the way you're telling the story slowly -- with more details to come each day!
The lamb sounds good, as well.

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