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motherhood and an ipod

I broke down and got an ipod - 8 giga. I chose pink, why pink? I guess because I am supposed to be having a girl. I say supposed to because sometimes they mistake the mothers chromosones then a boy is born. I thought that I can listen to the ipod in the hospital and then maybe when I get home to not hear the baby crying.

I also thought about listening to it at the studio so that I can have music and not be harassed by the creepy studio mate Louis. But I'm not doing him any favors. I can't wait for him to leave. He has to leave. I decided that I hate him. I think I hate two people in the world, now three. A friend told that expecting mothers have a highly tuned sense of danger. I can't imagine bringing in the baby to the atelier and having that creep there wanting to look at her or get close to her. Ewe!

I had a beautiful calico cat in Florence in 1987. She wasn't just mine but was the house cat, one of the other students brought her home and before you know it we had six kittens. We were lucky enough to have a yard so she would bask in the sun next to her little fluffy kittens. There were some other cats that looked like males that would come and hang out but keep their distance sitting on the roof of the little garden house we had at the back of the garden. One day two of the cats started to fight and Mamma cat was so puffed up it was scary, her tail was huge and she was growling at the two cats fighting ont the roof. They locked together in a blur of paws and claws and rolled off the roof together falling over two meters to the ground. I will never forget seeing Mamma cat in two bounds was on top of the pile with both paws stretched out in the air above her, she literally dove into the thrashing pile embracing it. She was effective because the two fighting cats disappeared fast.

The idea of schizo Louis wanting to see the baby makes me feel like Mamma cat. Enough of him. He's rented too many of my brainwaves already. I've found a new studio mate that will be in my space for the next few months until he leaves. Last straw is 30 June. The new studio mate is a really cool woman from Virginia, a serious professional with two kids and a real good friend of a friend. She knows about the whole saga and she's not taking any of his whining.

The first thing I am putting on my ipod is Tang Around the World by Putumayo Productions

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Angie, I really hope you get rid of your evil studio mate Louis soon, before you are forced to go "Mama Cat" on him. I can hear the scratching now....he'll be torn to shreds if he isn't more careful! And you would be fully justified.

I love my Ipod very much -- it's a wonderful way to put a nice amount of space between yourself and the rest of the world when you need it!

Me too Sandra. Everytime he is there he needs to take my time. Now he wants to speak with my fiancée even suggesting that I am not lucid?! A crazy pregnant lady.

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