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How small

It is truely amazing that we were all once so small and that our parents took care of us 24hours a day. I look at people on the street and think gosh they were once so small.

Its amazing how rubbery babies are. They can't control their heads that are so huge compared to everything else, they thrash about and make funny faces and noises, fixate on things that don't seem to be there.

They eat, poo, sleep do it all over again. What a life.

All of our friends have adolescent kids, they complain about their kids yet are so excited that we had a baby. Their excitement is short lived because they go back to their stories of adolecents, terrifying us. Mini skirts, boy friends, girlfriends.

To think that we were all so tiny.

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What adorable little fingers. I read recently that we're all genetically predisposed to smile at babies and I know that's certainly the case for me!

Susan Mazza`:

Big Congratulations!! I saw Joe today for my second Florence hair cut and he told me about the baby. He sends his congrats as well.


I think the most perfect stage of babyhood is at about six months. They're happily responsive; can sit up and amuse themselves with toys for a few minutes so you can sneak off and pee; and usually can't crawl off and chew on the furniture yet.

Ahhh, Angie. Those delicate little fingers are so sweet.
Just try to slow things down and make this wonderful time in your life last as long as you can.


...and so fragile and dependent...
Her hands are perfection!
Angie, I'm going to send you a PM with my girlfriend's grandson's new baby photos. You'll appreciate them, I know! They have a friend who is a photographer, and her baby images are gorgeous and delicate. Let me know if you get the link, ok?
ps...2 months and we are going to be in your neighbourhood!

Amy,I am looking forward to the more responsive time but now is really a priveledge, not just to be a mother and have a baby but to be part of a family. Changes one's outlook .
Sandra, where did you read that?
Brenda I still have to look at my PM's. I'll be here walking around Luxembourg when you come.
Susan, say hi to joe.
Deborah, you are right to just relax and enjoy it? It will go by quickly.

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