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to sleep or not to sleep

to sleep or not to sleep

That is the question.

Should I try to rest while the 4and1/2 week old baby rests or should I do those one and a milion things waiting on my list. Buorcratic boring things like paying taxes, documents.

Why do those things make my eyelids heavy? Maybe I'll do the laundry. I go into the bedroom to get something and get something else, where did i put my shoes?

Even going to the boulangerie for a croissant in the morning is a major outing.

Navigating the bus and metro with a baby stroller is, well lets say not easy. How am I going to go up all those stairs when I get to Florence in a few weeks.

Finally I decide to sllep and bling bling the phone rings, a telemarketer gives me their speil and then the baby wakes up....

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I say sleep, sleep, sleep whenever possible - don't neglect your own needs, mama!

(My two girls weren't bad nighttime sleepers, but I still grabbed naps during the day when I had the chance. It's hard work looking after those tiny bundles of joy!)

ALWAYS choose to sleep!


Angie, I don't have children but many of my friends do, and the one thing they ALL agree on is, sleep every chance you get! Sleep every time the baby sleeps. The paperwork will keep.

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