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The studio mate from hell

What ever happened to Louis? Are you curious? I saw him today, he's on drugs. After a 2 and 1/2 month hiatus from the atelier I have started going back. Even if I just sit and look at the paintings I started before the baby arrived, while I hold my little baby and in the end don't paint a brushstroke it is great to be back.

Sunday we went and took the dinosaur vacuum cleaner from the house with us on the bus. The vacuum cleaner got dropped while crossing the street and broke. Luckily it was just an external injury so the thing still sucked up lots of dust thanks to duct tape that now holds it together.

After vacuuming we hung my hammock that once happily hung between and apricot tree and a plum tree on the Etruscan coast in Tuscany, ho hum.... Hanging the hammock took several trial runs because it is damn long and having it stretched enough so that ones buttocks do not touch the wooden floor took brainstorming. Finally everyone was happy - artist and mother, that couldn't stop rearnging things, baby and boyfriend that lounged in the hammock.

The moment of relaxation didn't last long for the wicked smell of someone cooking a merguez in almost burning oil. Who was it and where was the smell coming from? The closest restaurant is blocks away. It was Louis that now has his own little paradise of a studio, small but all his, right below mine. T he smell of his "cooking" wafts through the floorboards and tickles my nose. This smell - his "cooking " definetely not gourmet- was one of the things that truley bothered me about sharing an atelier with him. Funny how I still have to smell it. Life is funny how it plays tricks on you.

I can hear him grunting. What on earth is he doing? I get the impression that he is up to nothing good - satisfying himself. Today on my way out with little baby encumbering my moves I ran into him and he invited me into his little cove. It is cute. The light is nice and he can live and paint without having to harass anyone with his idiosyncrasies except form me that has to smell his côte d'agneau burning in some cheap vegetable oil. Makes me gag to think of it.

Well at least he is not "in" my space anymore and the new studio mate is great. Poor Louis has to put up with her blaring music, if I can hear him grunting he can definitely hear her music.

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What a lovely daydream: imagining myself in a hammock on the Etruscan coast. How peaceful that sounds.

Funny stuff about Louis - the grunting explanation cracked me up!


Wouldn't it be nice to not have to cope with neighbors like that? At least he's out of your space!

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