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March 16, 2007

Petit Vernissage


After two months in Paris I am inaugurating my atelier in honor of my great friends that are coming from Florence and Siena to visit. It should be a big party. Some of the other artists in the old factory are going to have their ateliers open as well. You are welcome to come.

November 3, 2007

Tim Anderson and painting news


What a great weekend it has been. One of my best friends came for the evening on her way from Florence to New York and then the Chicago artist Tim Anderson came. We went to a fine neighborhood restaurant on rue Saint Jacques called Le Vin Sobre. The food was excellent, the company even better.

Tim is so inspiring. He came up from Munchen Germany where he is having a show at the Bottega. I am also working on a new series large oils of boat paintings like the one on the home page of my new personal site AtELIERFIGè that is part of the collection for Gables Villa Rosa.

November 4, 2007

The gallery Tim is showing in

For some reason the movable type is not publishing the entry about Tim the way I wrote it so here is the information about Tim Anderson's exhibition in Munich.

He came up from Munchen Germany where he is having a show at the Galerie Florian Walch of a group of works on the Comedia del Arte.

November 9, 2007

the flu and new paintings

It has been a week in bed. I started feeling a sore throat last Saturday but only realized Monday that I had the flu - la grippe- in French, it sounds so awful.

The flu sounds ephemerous - an unknown thing that comes and goes out of no where and leaves sweat ridden bizarre dreams but in French la grippe is a hideous monster that comes up from behind and clamps onto you shortening your breath and filling your sinuses with goo.

La grippe locks onto you in a judo clamp and makes your muscles sore, makes you hack yourself awake, makes your nose shut completely when you lie down to sleep. Its Grendel.

Today I feel better and even left the house, a short brisk walk around the block in the icy biting northern wind. At the beginning of the week I was disappointed because I had planned to go to the atelier and paint all week but the days weren't wasted.

In and out of bizarre dreamy sleep I updated my website adding over 50 new paintings and deleting many old images. It has been well over a year that the paintings had not been changed.

Next week will be exciting because I am going to put several paintings on ebay in collaboration with Mario Cappelletti from Tuscan antiques.

November 15, 2007

Paintings on auction on EBAY

Today I finished changing my website and have put more than 50 new available paintings on line. I worked like a dog for the last ten days. There are ten paintings on auction on EBAY

See the paintings up for bidding

For the last four years I have auctioned off paintings just before Christmas, it is fun to see people bidding.

Finally at 3:30pm I left the apartament to go look for Cafe de la Danse on rue de Temple but the person that had told me it was there was confusing it with Cafe de la Gare next to the Marais danse center. I didn't go in but went over to place des Voges and looked at all the galleries. Nice galleries.

It is so cold today. A short stop at Cafe Hugo for a hot chocolate was just what I needed. With the transportation strikes I walked all the way there and back.

I would love to find a gallery in Paris that would exhibit and sell my work.

December 19, 2007

painting in the freezing parisean weather

Two days ago i went to my studio and the gauge on the heater said ZERO. there is ice on the street corners where the water has frozen in the gutters. In the more central chic places they put salt on the ice making it mushy, but not in Ivry.

The plastic bubble in the atelier is more open than last winter because I want to be able to see out the window. I have big holes in it where the icey northern wind comes in and the heat flys out of.

After about three hours with two heaters going I can get the temperature up to 9° C. Last year it went up to 14. I debate whether to take the time to put up more plastic or to just paint. The oil based eletric heater with a blanket around it and my chair keeps my back toasty so it seems a waste of time to climb a ladder and calk and staple more plastic. It is all so terribly bohemian. Personally I would prefer to have a nice good looking atelier in Paris with heat and hot water. Better yet would be a three month vacation in the tropics but a week at Saturnia in Tuscany would do too.

Every night when I clean up I take my paint brushes home to wash them. The sink is on the other side of the plastic bubble and it is even less isolated, basically like being outside. The water is so cold, you can see your breath when you cross the space. I don' know how the young Korean girl, my studio mate can sit there and paint. I tell her to bring her easel into the plastic bubble but she stays in the icy cold.

Today I have a model. I was looking for a man of African descent to paint a portrait of Othello for a show in Florence February 14th. The show is called Broken Hearts - everything passes even winter and broken hearts. I actually started it in the beautiful studio gallery that I had in Florence. The studio with the frescoed ceilings and the terra cotta floors. There wasn't any heat there either. But it was warmer, maybe it was the Jack Russell on my lap that made it seem that way or maybe it was Vivoli around the corner with their excellent hot food served at lunch. Ho Hum.

At least I can paint what my heart desires. Portraits was my first love and now I am back at it. I feel like a novice. After 20 years of landscapes of Tuscany portraits are the redescovery of an old love. I guess it is kind of like finding Benoit, the guy I came to Paris for. It is exciting even in the freezing cold.

January 9, 2008

new paintings. French pastries

How excited I am that now I have found a new series to paint. French pastries. I love to look at these min edible sculptures but not to eat them. I love the bright colors and the shapes. To see these in rows in a boulangerie is just to die for.

I look at them and imagine them melting in my mouth. The taste of sugar attacking my tastebuds and coating my tongue. The contrasting colours melting into a grey blob in my stomach. And then bleh I am turned off. Give me bitter black chocolate but none of these highly decorative pastries. Painting them is a different story.

Obviously Wayne Theibaud has influnced me

February 7, 2008

the floating loft

Here is a picture of the floating loft, each chain can hold up to 100 kilos and they are suspended from a total of five beams.

Before the loft all of that stuff was in the middle of my workspace space. The space is only half the atelier. I rented out the other half to another painter

February 19, 2008

look at me

OMG I am embarassed to post this but what the hell. It is a historical moment for any woman to be in this state. I have two months to go so am trying to get as much painting in as possible. I figure that I will be able to go for another three to four weeks and then should probably hang around the apartament that is just in front of the hospital.

The painting that I am working on is of a cafe in Saint Germain-des-Pres it is 150x150cm. The one behind me is rue Saint Jacques. I make it a point to never smile for these photos of myself next to the paintings. I don't know why but a toothy smile at work seems so Jane Fonda to me.

February 25, 2008

hot of the easel

Here is how my painting is progressing. Today I worked alot more on it and got a call from someone that has reserved first choice just from seeing the photo that I posted earlier.

It has happend to me before to sell paintings while I am still working on them. One I sold twice in the sense that three people wanted it. I said that the painting I was copying was already sold. I was repainting one of my paintings but adding lemons and taking out the figs when another peson came by and ordered the same painting from me. That was cool but kind of boring to do the same one three times.

Today my new studio mate was not there. I took advantage in ripping down the plastic that was separating the space in half and of playing loud music all day. This new studio mate was so nice and kind before moving in but has all of a sudden become terribly territorial now that they have moved in. They are setting all of these limitations on me. I can handle that the music bothers them but that they take the side with two walls of windows and then put up curtains to block the light is not cool. It actually pisses me off big time. I like my side because I have two huge walls.

I expect that they will freak out on me tomorrow.

February 27, 2008

The painting progresses and the studio mate too

Today I had so little time but wanted to get some work done. Here is how the painting has progressed. So far so good...

My studio mate that has been there since mid January came in with a friend and they took away several of his paintings. When he came back I told him that he looked good. He was happy that I pulled the plastic down but when I told him that I did not want a curtain put up in lieu of the plastic that bothered him. He sat down and we talked. He understands why I don't want a curtain and that is good.

Then he lost it. I think that he is having a midlife crisis but an identity crisis for sure. He is really a nice person but more than "kind of heavy." I listened to him for about 40 minutes. It is sad to see someone so distressed. He hasn't left Paris even for a weekend in 5 months. I told him to take a vacation to start with - a week. Then if he is still thinks he needs to leave Paris and find a new life quit women and not throw his paintings in the trash (they're nice) well then maybe it is time to change. I said you only have one life and it is worth being happy. If he does go then I need to find a new studio mate but I know that he will remain a friend. Actully I would prefer someone more light hearted. If he stays it will be fun to see what he decides to do and be. Hopefully happier.

March 1, 2008

painting a street scene of paris

Working in oils on a new subject matter. This painting started out well but is not how I imagined finished. I really didn't know how I was going to finish it. It is the first time that I have used black pigment.

March 3, 2008

The truck Tagé

A common sight in Paris are these vans owned by private people that are targets for graffitti. This one is a friend's of mine. She actually likes it but when driving around gets stopped by the police alot. She did not do the painting so askes the police if they stop her because her van is "tagé" (graffitteed.) There is not much graffitti on street level or on monuments like you see in Italy but there are these trucks AND on the walls up above the roofs of buildings there are alot of graffitti paintings. I guess painting on private property is less punishible than on public. Who knows.


March 14, 2008

The finished painting

I don't know what to title it.

March 17, 2008

great news

After going to the atelier and procrastinating opening the door stopping at various friends places before mine (Louis was not there) I came home and I got a telephone call from the chief of executives of Gables that was the key person in my huge commission to the corporation.

They are raving about the paintings that have been now installed in Villa Rosa and a new order is in the makings. What a fantastic surprise. YIPee!!

March 27, 2008

My favorite art gallery in Paris

The Ariel Sibony galerie is my favorite in Paris. It is in Place des Vosges and is actually two galleries. Their artists truly inspire me from FIFAX to Jean-Marie DROUET to Fabienne ARIETTI to Magi PIUG and the others. FAbienne Arietti's paintings are amazing in life. They are on giant panels and the material on the sides is such a witness of her painting process. Magi Puig's paintings and FIFAX's paintings really drew me to the gallery to begin with. Sunday I went and saw Drouet's paintings in person. They make you feel so good, the warmth of the colors is so calming, the effect that he says he wants to achieve and the mastery of technique is incredible.

How much I would love to be part of this galleries team of artists. The problem for me is that I have no stock of paintings, the one I just finished of the cafe scene I sold off the easel and the next 6 months will be dedicated to the baby that is still in my belly. There is plenty of time to plan the paintings to present to them. I have 5 started...

May 31, 2008

Back to painting!!!!!

What a relief to go to the atelier even if all I did was paint a few shadows. After a 6week marathon of new baby I am starting to breath and remember that I am an artist as well as a mother.

Of course the baby came with me. She enjoyed "I think" watching me paint in black the clothes of the people on this canvas.

September 22, 2008

Back in the studio

WOW I'm back painting. It feels great. Here is a video of the latest

Cafe le Conti rides the metro

Last weekend I participated in a group exhibition called Pleins Feux sur Ivry .

The only way to get my painting Cafe Le Conti there was on the metro... here's the video.

October 19, 2008

mixing cadmimum red

I already published this video on my blog but just today I added annotations to it so you can understand what I'm doing.

December 10, 2008

Meilleurs Talents

This weekend Three of my paintings have been selected to be in an exhibition

the concours Meilleur Talents
organized by the gallery

Terre des Artes
34 rue Pérignon
75015 Paris

The vernissage is at 6pm friday and the prize ceremony for the first three painters and first three scupltors is on Sunday afternoon. The public is invited to vote for the winners that will recieve 3000 euro for the first prizes

40 artists were selected for the exhibition after a double selection process. I had to rent a truck to take my five paintings there for the second level selection.

This is my first participation in an exhibition in Paris, should be fun.

January 23, 2009

post card from provence

what a wonderful website take a look

Post card from Provence

nice paintings

February 1, 2009

new paintings

Here is one of my new paintings. It is called Chihuahua. I finished this in January 2009. It has been a challenge finding the time to paint since becoming a mother.
You can see on my new website the whole collection of the new paintings.

People are the new subject.

February 2, 2009

art galleries in Paris

This website is an excellent guide for finding art galleries in PAris. Alot of them have links to their websites so you can get a good idea of what and who they offer before going there in person

February 4, 2009

preparing a canvas

February 5, 2009

SAATCHI gallery

The SAATCHI gallery has a new online showcase. Anyone can upload their work and compete in the "SHOWDOWN." I did once but my painting is too figurative for it to be selected, still worth participating.

March 19, 2009

PLace aux Artistes

the 3 and 4 April, a Friday and Saturday 10AM to 7PM, there is the salon en plein air with 50 artists exhibiting their work in Place Jean d'Arc 13th arrondissement Paris. Come visit!

50 artistes internationaux sur une place de marché parisien !

La troisième édition du 1er Salon international d’art contemporain en plein air aura lieu, les 3 et 4 avril prochains, place Jeanne d’Arc dans le 13è arrondissement de Paris.

Gardant son esprit de départ, il se veut d’accueillir sur une place de marché traditionnel des artistes internationaux qui marquent, hors du champ de l’ « art conceptuel », la création urbaine d’aujourd’hui.

Son originalité de brasser à fois, des galeristes, des agents, des collectionneurs et des plasticiens…en un même espace, rompant ainsi d’avec les distinguos entre foire et salon où l’une est réservée aux galeristes, l’autre aux artistes, le place tout singulièrement dans une perspective de rencontres et d’échanges favorable aux relations interprofessionnelles en présence d’un public mêlé, composé de connaisseurs de l’art et de profanes.

Venir se confronter sur un terrain, habituellement réservé aux chalands, qui n’a pas pour vocation d’accueillir des artistes, le transformer en salon d’art, avec ses attributs identifiés (tapis rouge, tables, chaises, éclairage, cimaises…) reste toujours un formidable défi d’autant qu’à chaque édition ce salon se transporte d’un marché à un autre avec bien entendu un public et un environnement changeant.

Cette troisième édition, après celles de la place Monge (5ème) et de la place Jacques Demy(14ème), avec la participation d’une cinquantaine d’artistes sera éclatée en deux lieux :
- le marché place Jeanne d’Arc où seront présentés plus de 500 œuvres ;
- la jeune galerie parisienne : « Itinerrance » située dans le nouveau quartier de la Bibliothèque François Mitterrand qui accueillera, une semaine durant avant le marché, 100 œuvres des cinquante artistes sélectionnés.

A la lumière des deux précédentes éditions qui ont reçu près de 20 000 visiteurs, nous pouvons dire que ce concept de faire sortir les œuvres des espaces traditionnels d’exposition en les mettant à portée de tous, à proximité de leur lieu de vie, dans une ambiance conviviale et décontractée, répond véritable à une attente des populations urbaines d’aujourd’hui qui pour des tas de raisons (problème de temps, de stationnement, de disponibilité, de manque de choix…) fréquentent de moins en moins les galeries et salons !

Ainsi, en moins d’une année, ce salon prend déjà une place significative, dans le paysage de l’art contemporain et tend à devenir un temps fort des manifestations artistiques populaires sur le calendrier des artistes.

May 8, 2009

Plein air painting at the Jardin des Tuileries

March 1, 2010

Painting l'heure bleue


Miramar - 30x30 cm, Collection of Galerie Terre des Arts

The blue hour is that time in the day when the sun is going down. In some places it lasts seconds. I remember in Florence people gathering on Ponte Vecchio during summer to watch the sun set over the Arno between the arches of the Ponte alla Carraia and Ponte Santa Trinita. The sun moved visibly, one saw it disapear while fidgeting among the crowd that waited for it to go away to free them for their evening.

In Paris l'heure bleue lasts for hours. Most of the time the sun is not visible but the light reflected from it is. L'heure blue is a magic time of day when cafes get crowded and aperatifs go on for hours.

The blue hour is that inspring moment when the city's lights turn on but it is not yet dark and any photos taken will show a bizzarely blue sky. The Parisian neon signs suddenly glow, they have been on all day.

In winter in Paris, it seems that there is only a blue hour and night.

March 2, 2010

galerie Terre des Arts


This is the affiche from the Galerie Terre des Arts

They were all over Paris in January. The gallery hosted a solo exhibition with of over fourty of my most recent paintings. Now what is left of the paintings are in their galleries in Paris, Cannes and Saint Tropez.

March 3, 2010

Lucien Freud

Here is a very short film of his studio and he himself

The Pompidou is going to host a retrospective starting March 10th. I'm going to get my tickets today.

March 4, 2010

Soulages and black

The show at the Pompidou, Soulages is ending soon. It seems to have affected everyone that is painting. Black is in, everyone is painting with black. Soulage trowled it on his canvases.
Check out Farah Atassi's painting "Waiting Room" at the Jean Brolly gallery

March 7, 2010

Palette knife painting

This video alreay has 13k views. This was the old studio. I'm glad I don't work there anymore, too cold. And I had to go to Ivry-sur-Seine to get there Ivry-sur-Seine is the ugliest place in the world. I almost forgot about it.

March 9, 2010

Tim Anderson the artist from Chicago

Tim Anderson's "Acre" at Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago from ThomasMastersGallery on Vimeo.

Tim is represented at the Thomas Masters Gallery along with Magdalena Abokonwitz and several other really incredible artists. Recently he was appointed by the city of Chicago to paint several portraits of illustrious Chicagoans.
We met one day long ago in Florence and found out that he was staying down the road from us at Nittardi in Castellina in Chianti.

Once when he was raging around Tuscany he traded a live pig for a painting. I don't know what he did with it. I know that once he drew a battle scene on a banana when he was little.

His paintings can be gigantic or miniatures. He painted alot of chefs for Slowfood and twisters as he calls them, mobsters, saints, suffragets, musicians, hummingbirds, bizarre ancient boats with long paddles.

Here is a link to some see of his stuff. Bolus

He is probably the coolest person I know on the planet.

March 16, 2010

The stolen image

Someone is making a killing off of my image

Montalicino Flower box.

It was sold through a dealer and then put online on Now you can find it all over the place. I tried to contact about it but they are not cooperative.

March 17, 2010

Another stolen image

Oops I thought that there was only one. No there are more. What can I do about this? I would love to be raking in the cash on my own images not some other person

Pienza Balcony

March 18, 2010

More stolen images

Are several, all the same style.
Anyone know an intellectual properties rights lawyer?

March 19, 2010

A pig for Diva

Judy Witts Francini has some cool cookbooks out. Her Lemoncello recipie book is illustrated by me but I particularly like this pig that I did for her she has on her blog

Over a Tuscan Stove - the pig

March 23, 2010

My New blog

Vagabond Artist is retiring and now becoming Painter in Paris

From now on we'll see you on the new blog

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