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May 13, 2007

complicated burocratic situation


Here is where you get those mugshot photos for all the documents you need. This girl took forever to get her photo done because you can choose which photo of yourself looks best.

I decided that I am none of the above on the possiblties of the possible cartes de sejour request form so it will be fun to see what they have to say about that. At least I can send it in the mail.

We spent the last few days getting ready for my boyfriends 14 year old son to arrive. We only knew that he was coming two days ago. After so much talk fiinally he is coming. It is pretty exciting for me. Funny that today is mother's day.

I can't wait to call my mom but it is only 6am in the Us right now. Happy mother's day to you Mom!

February 5, 2008

haut Normandy

the beach in Etretat
the stones on the beach are brutal to walk on with shoes on, I can't imagine barefoot.

We rented a car from ADA for 99 euro for two days. I think that is a great price. We drove to Fécamp and found a nice hotel just off the beach called the hotel Angleterre and then drove to Etretat to watch the sun set.

Back in Fécamp we had an aperatif at the English pub in our hotel and then wanted to go eat some seafood but the bartender reccomended us a place called La Grillade. He said that there was no fresh seafood because the weather had been real stormy and none of the fishermen had gone out all week.

We went to the Grillade a cute little place with a fireplace that they really used to grill the steak. We had a côte de boeuf.
The meat was exquisite, just melted in your mouth.
The only thing about the restaurant that was not nice was this awful blinking sign outside the window. So the person at the table facing the fireplace had a great vision all evening but the other facing the window got hipnotized by this green blinking sign. We only spent 80 euro for the whole meal.

Sunday was a day in the family and then sunday night I drove all the way back into Paris in the pouring rain. We didn't get in until after 1 am so waking up to take the rental car back before 9 was very hard.

Yesterday I got to see a galerist from Nantucket the with whom I've worked. The funny thing is that I met her in Florence over ten years ago and now she comes to Paris on vacation instead of Florence.

Today I'm off to the atelier to finish the details of the floating loft.

March 26, 2008

the Market in Sables D'Olonne

This is such a beautiful market. Sables D'Olonne is on the Atlantic just near Nantes. The fish was to die for.

August 17, 2008



I love this square in Nice.

February 17, 2009

How Sarkozy is trying to kill French research and the university

Sarkozy is trying to kill French science one of the top in the world. Why who knows. But if you are travelling to France this spring you can have an idea of why the protests are happening. Funny the music in the video is his wife's.

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