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February 8, 2008

an Irish coffee

What a delight an Irish coffee, home made with fresh cream and real quality Whisky. Too bad I can't drink it and won't be able to for months.

February 18, 2008

crepe in the sun

Is it really February?

March 2, 2008

We got a juicer

For my fiancées birthday I bought him a juicer. It makes composte or juice mostly and you can even use it to prepare sherbert.
Yesterday we spent all day experimenting. Ginger, kiwi, apples, limes. Today I had apple composte for breakfast.

I'm going to be looking up Jerry's martini recipes When I can finally have a cocktail again. A few months down the road. I've got a recipe for you Jerry, something to add to the ingredients list. Will let you kow when I post it.

March 7, 2008


today eclairs

March 9, 2008

macarons today


March 10, 2008

painting petit fours


At least I don't have to eat all those sugery things to paint them photographs don't have calories.

March 16, 2008

Fromagerie Quatrehomme


I just happened to be on rue de Sèvres and saw this cheese shop.
Fromagerie Quatrehomme
62 rue de Sèvres 75007

The smell inside was unbelievable. I was told by the person I went to lunch with that this is one of the most renown cheese shops in Paris. I believe it. I didn't buy anything because I was overwhelmed.

March 18, 2008

Cheese at the local market


This is a photo from the biggest cheese stand at the local market that comes three times a week. It is just on the corner a 1 minute walk. Saturday we had some special guests from Cold Spring Harbor and they wanted cheese. We got some of the stinkiest cheese. It smells so bad that we have to keep in on the window sill outside. Don't ask me why we cannot put it in the refridgerator, some French thing. Why do the Italian cheeses that I bring back go into the fridge and the French ones go on the window sill outside? It's a mystery to me. Maybe the fumes are toxic.

March 20, 2008



March 22, 2008

chocolate and Easter

We went to buy chocolate for some friends that are arriving on Monday and i was excited to take a photo of the window display. There was nothing left! The whole shop had almost been sold out. All the chocolate in the window was gone and on the shelvs even the ugliest things were gone. (that doesn't mean they weren't tasty)
There was still a line out the door, we got in line under the freezing rain. It was actually hailing. Once inside we got two miserable packages of chocolate covered candied orange rinds.

The rain had stopped and the sun came out so we walked to rue Vavin and had a gelato Italiano from Amorino and I got to speak Italian to the two girls that served the gelato. Mango and chocolate. We walked into Luxembourg and ate our gelato. It was so cold our hands were freezing. It is supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow night.

March 24, 2008

fish at the local market


We are lucky that there is a market that comes three times a week just up on the corner. The vendors vary there is the guy that sells a basket ful of stuff for euro 1.50. YOu can fill up a bag for 3 euro. Then there is the most expensive stand. A bag of veggies can cost you Euro 35,00. I learned the hard way. I should have refused to pay. Funny that that vendor always has a huge line. I think that there are alot of people that think the more you pay for it the better it is.

After having my own vegetable garden for years and a neighbor that just gave us loads of fresh fish it is depressing to pay so much for veggies and fish. One bag of fish including sea scallops and calamari cost 120 Euro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are they crazy? No, the line is long.

March 25, 2008

the crepe stand


Just in front of Luxembourg garden

March 26, 2008

the Market in Sables D'Olonne

This is such a beautiful market. Sables D'Olonne is on the Atlantic just near Nantes. The fish was to die for.

April 3, 2008

a croissant amande

Recently on there was a discussion about the real croissant amande. Someone said that boulangerie recycle croissants to make croissants amande. This one I got at the corner bakery. It was unusual that they have them and it did look like a recycled croissant that had been sliced lengthwise filled with almond paste then flattened and basted with more almond paste and then sprinkled with almond flakes.

It was so good. Maybe I was extra hungry when I ate it

April 4, 2008

Cannette à l'orange


We bought a Staub cocotte and to celebrate made a Cannette à l'orange. The recipe that my boyfriend used was from a very old decrepit cookbook handed down in his family.

It was delicious, the potatoes and carrots helped make a wonderful broth and we were able to go have an aperatif while it slowly simmered in the pot. The cocotte is so heavy by itself that I can hardly pick it up.


April 6, 2008


Oysters are one of those things that take getting used to. Perhaps you just like them or you don't. I am not a big oyster fan. It's a good thing because I can't eat them right now anyway for risk of food intoxication

We had a family dog that would eat everything. She was so gluttonous it was incredible. She would crane her neck to eat berries off the bushes as my parents canoed around a lake. When there were parties at my parents' house she would walk around and drink all of the alcholic drinks that people unwittingly put on the floor. She would get trashed BUT she would not eat oysters. You could disguise them in any way, fried and breaded, wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven, but she would not eat them. If they were disguised by some yummy thing she would chew it and then spit the oyster out with a grimace. Bleh!

April 11, 2008

crêpe chantilly

This looks better than it tasted. Trying out various crêpes to see which one I like best the chantilly one struck me this time. The crêpe was the same batter but the cream was just some whipped cream out of a can not any special chantilly cream

April 22, 2008

the last super

Cholesteral yummmmm. This was the last thing I ate among numerous crêpes before going into labor. Now diet and chocolate.

April 26, 2008

Salade chevre chaud

So the sun was out and I ran out for a salad on the corner cafe. Better than washing salad at home. What is it about washing salad that is so boring? Even with a salad spinner it is really boring. Luckily the cafe on the corner has several salads to choose from so the lettuce is fresh.

The great weather is supposed to last for the weekend. We get a few hours of sunlight in the apartment so today I sat in the sun and did my nails. Toe nails that is. I can finally touch my toes after months with a big belly.

May 30, 2008

Brownies and Baegels

there is this sandwich shop on Rue De Notre Dame des Champs that is dangerously enticing. The only thing that stopped me from buying a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie and a stuffed baegel and the other delicious stuff was the huge line that runs out the door and down the trottoir. It seems to be a favorite place for the students of the various licee nearby.

June 10, 2008

Banane Flambée

Peel the bananas better if not so ripe but not bitter either then saute them in some butter when a little bit brown add some sugar.

Pour in the liquer, in this case it was rum.


And ignite. You better be fast.

This photo is not retouched!! Amazing that we didn't start a fire like that guy in Lyon that burned the building down


June 12, 2008

Flambée quails


At the end of the cooking add some liquer and ignite. Let the alcohol burn off and serve.

June 16, 2008

Belgium chocolate

How can you go to Belgium and not eat some chocolate. These were in the display of the cafe Saint Germain in the Grand Place in Mons

February 3, 2009

i love this guy

This guy makes cooking look so easy, in this case the jiffy mix would help but not all his recipies are that simple. Makes me hungry, hmm

February 20, 2009

tonight tartiflette

Here is the recipe
tartiflette The Reblochon cheese is real important. I don't know what other type of cheese that you could use that would work.

This is an amazingly simple recipe I must say that it is important that the wine is a dry white because I tried it with marsala and it wans't that tasty.

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