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A Conflict between two N's

A few days ago I posted a list of ten things I love that start with the letter "N." This was a fun project to do, and I really put a lot of thought into the ten things that I picked.

But now I have a conflict between two of the things on the list!

It is not between Nieces and Nephews and our cat Nicolette, or a choice to visit North Carolina vs. Neuschwanstein Castle.

It's a dilemma involving my beloved Netflix and our family's favorite show, NCIS.

We got involved with NCIS a few months ago. Kelly had been watching it, and somehow Charley and I got pulled in. There are two cable channels (USA and Ion) that play NCIS re-runs, sometimes three in a row. Kelly watched on the small TV on our eating bar. We watched an episode or two as a family and boom-- we were addicted! I haven't really been interested in a tv show for a while, so it was nice to find something again, especially a show we all enjoyed and could watch as a family. We've been watching the new episodes on Tuesday nights and then the reruns on these other channels.

When Sophie came to visit from France, she arrived on a Tuesday and we suggested watching NCIS together that night. To our surprise, we learned that NCIS was Sophie's favorite show too. She watches in France. During the time she was with us, she also watched some reruns and discovered that she could watch the current season episodes on the internet. Whenever she had some downtime during her stay with us, she was watching NCIS.

Sophie left us to stay with other friends in New Mexico, and a few days later I got a message from her. "I've just done something completely silly ... I was on amazon getting French grammar books for my friends here in NM & guess what? there was a bargain today on NCIS 5 season set ..... so I ordered it .... and you should get it by the end of next week or maybe the following Monday, Feb. 24."


Our family was thrilled, especially Kelly. I had thought about buying Kelly one of the season sets, and now we were getting Season 5. Kelly started checking the mailbox every day to see if Sophie's gift had arrived.

The package from Amazon arrived this past Friday. I thought it was going to be Season 5, but I misunderstood Sophie's message-- it was ALL FIVE of the first five seasons of NCIS! We have EIGHTY HOURS of NCIS episodes to watch! Sophie was far too generous and we have thanked her profusely. What a great friend! On Saturday night we had a family NCIS marathon and watched five episodes from Season 1, plus one of the special features. Sophie was with us in spirit!

Meanwhile my red Netflix envelopes are lying on the table in our little family room, unwatched now since before Sophie's visit. We have enjoyed our Netflix movie-watching so much, but who wants to watch these movies now that we have NCIS to watch?! And we're all so busy these days with homework, school prep, Slow Travel (!)... we barely have any time to hang out in our little room together anyway.


I decided this was an opportunity to save a little money. I switched my "three at a time" Netflix subscription to "one at a time" until we are caught up on our NCIS watching. That might be sometime this fall, after our summer trip to Europe-- the remaining 76 hours of NCIS will keep us busy for quite a while. We'll use our Netflix to watch an occasional new release movie or something really special we're all interested in seeing. And we'll save about ten dollars a month.

Kelly has just informed me that we're meeting in the little room in eight minutes to watch an NCIS episode before bedtime. I'm glad we've found a show that we can all enjoy together. And that we have such a special friend like Sophie who found just the perfect gift for us.

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I agree - NCIS is a great show! It is a favorite at our house too!

This post cracked me up! How sweet of Sophie! I haven't done Netflix yet. I keep meaning too but never have time to watch what I record on my DVD recorder as it is. Too many favorite TV shows.

From Kathy

There are so many ways to watch shows and movies now. I'll confess that no one in our family knows how to work our DVD recorder!


I think that sharing the watching with your daughter is really special. Which is how I found myself watching the Gilmore Girls (oh yes) with my youngest when she was in high school, I think it was the year her sister left for college and she was left home alone with us. 3 years later, when Rachel left for college, there I was, watching those Gilmore Girls by myself on the couch. Enjoy.

As for Netflix, we come and go with it, probably because we DVR a lot of stuff and then in the summer watch a lot of baseball games - currently we have our account on hold.

From Kathy:

Marcia, for our family. some of our most special times have been watching tv or movies together in our little family room.

It used to be very difficult to put Netflix on hold, but they have made this much easier-- I'm glad. We had upped to four at a time over the Christmas holidays, but now we're all really busy-- plus have all these NCIS episodes to watch!

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