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Study Italian abroad programs and study Italian at the teacher's home in Reggio Emilia

Location: Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna

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Reggio Lingua is a specialized language center for teaching Italian language and culture to people of all ages and nationalities. It is an official site for the CELI Certification Exam, authorized by the University for Foreigners, Perugia and a member of ASILS and EDUITALIA. 

We organize Italian language courses for groups, individuals, and businesses (for managers, technicians and employees), as well as for high school and university groups, homestay programs at the teacher’s home, and Italian languages courses in preparation for the CELI exams.

The Italian language courses are offered year round. They are organized by level, with a limited number of students in each class to encourage the students’ active participation and to provide a peaceful, relaxed working environment.

In addition to our Italian language courses, the centre also offers italian cooking courses, literature seminars and other courses for art lovers. It offers the possibility to meet new people, with organized evenings in local hot spots, afternoons making homemade pasta, trips to trade fairs, guided tours of the town, nature hikes, as well as visits to local wineries and cheese and balsamic vinegar producers.

Reggio Lingua is a small school located in an ancient building near the old city center and close to the train station, as well as many beautiful locations in Reggio Emilia. The classes are held in comfortable, well-lighted and air-conditioned classrooms equipped with audiovisuals and wifi. There is also an area for Internet use and we provide a wide variety of books, magazines and films that offer students the possibility to enhance their study of the Italian language and culture. 



The teacher will host a student at his/her place and will be at his/her disposal not only to offer regular Italian language tutorials, but also to promote the different aspects of the local culture and Italian family life. The student will have the possibility to participate in the Italian tutor’s social and family life and will therefore be able to learn Italian in every moment of the day, chatting in a relaxed way with the teacher or teacher’s family, going to the cinema, to the theatre, visiting friends or shopping. This is the ideal solution for those who need to learn as much as possible in a short period of time and for those interested in entering in direct contact with our country’s family life and culture without interference with the mother tongue. The students will have a bedroom at their disposal and, when possible, a private bathroom. The rest of the house will be shared with the Italian host family.

Italian tutors are carefully selected and constantly monitored. You can read their profiles at this link: http://www.reggiolingua.it/en/index.php?id=8



There is an enrolment fee of € 35,00 for all the language courses.






Study Italian abroad courses

20 hours a week

5 - 8

€ 210,0

Standard Italian courses

10 hours  a week

5 - 8

€ 120,00

Individual lessons



€ 35,00 per hour






Single bedroom+ private tutorial

Individual course of Italian language in family
20 hours a week
 € 998,00










Talking & Walking - The city of Reggio Emilia
Duration 2 hours (for max. 3 people)

The activity takes the form of a 2 hour Italian lesson held outside the classroom in the countryside where students walk and talk with a tutor. This alternative technique not only creates an interesting speaking situation but is also a simple, yet very effective way of, learning. The school proposes several itineraries through the city and its surroundings where students can practice useful shopping expressions and learn new vocabulary, everyday language and natural idiomatic Italian.
Favourite excursions and subjects of conversation with the tutor include:

  1. Exploring the city’s historical sites
  2. Visiting craft shops and a shopping centre
  3. An aperitif in the evening with the tutor: popular haunts in the city centre
  4. Strolling through the city to discover and taste local gastronomic specialities
  5. Visiting museums, exhibitions and other cultural attractions in the city
  6. Cafes, restaurants, taverns: breakfast or lunch with the tutor
  7. Shopping in the weekly market: bargain hunting in the market stalls
  8. Parco del Crostolo: a park close to the city centre

€ 50 per excursion for 1 person
€ 55 per excursion for 2 people
€ 60 per excursion for 3 people

The price does not include any meals or tasting charges.

The above programme can be combined with a language classheld in the school in the morning.

Talking and Tasting – The Food Valley
Duration 3/4 hours  (for max. 5 people).

The student is invited to spend an afternoon with the tutor, speaking Italian and sampling traditional products. The experience is held on a nearby farm and includes demonstrations of local production methods and the opportunity to taste specialities. The afternoon can be spent at any of the following places:

  1. Visit to a dairy
  2. Visit to a vinegar cellar
  3. Visit to a ham producing plant
  4. Visit to a wine cellar
  5. Visit to a farm

€ 55 per visit for 1 person
€ 70 per visit for 2 to 5 people

The price does not include any transport, meal or tasting charges.

The above programme can be combined with a language class held in the school in the morning.

Talking and Travelling – Curiosities and gems of the Emilia region
Duration 6 hours
(for max. 5 people) 
The student is invited to spend half a day with the tutor speaking Italian and visiting important historic and artistic sites in the surrounding area of Reggio Emilia. The afternoon, spent entirely in Italian, might include visiting a city of art or another place of historic or cultural importance. 

Excursions are offered to the following places: 

  1. The Middle Ages in Canossa and the Rupe di Campotrera (geological formation)
  2. Carpineti: along the ridge from the castle of Matilde to the Pieve (old church)
  3. Guastalla, Gualtieri and Suzzara: the history of the great river
  4. Brescello: Don Camillo and Peppone, from story to film
  5. Sabbioneta: the ideal Renaissance city
  6. Carpi and Correggio: principalities of the Po Plain
  7. The Ferrari Legend: tracking down the famous red racing car in Modena and Maranello
  8. Outlet: looking for designer clothes at knockdown prices
  9. Scandiano: the fortress of the Boiardo family and Monte delle Tre Croci (viewpoint)
  10. Cervi Museum: anti-fascism and the resistance movement
  11. The Pietra di Bismantova: the mountain described by Dante and a bell factory
  12. Modena: the Duomo, Ghirlandina, Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Ducale
  13. Parma: the Duomo, Battistero, Palazzo della Pilotta and Teatro Farnese

€ 100 per excursion for 1 or 2 people
€ 130 per excursion for 3 to 5 people

The price does not include any transport, meal or tasting charges.

The above programme can be combined with a language class held in the school in the morning.

Over Hills and Mountains
(long excursions)

Talking, Tasting and Walking - At the court of Matilde
Duration 1 week
(from 2 to max. 5 people)

This option proposes a week’s stay on a holiday farm, B&B or private home in the hills 20 km from Reggio Emilia. The programme includes Italian lessons and the opportunity to practice Italian, guided tours to local producers to sample traditional products and hikes to visit important historic sites in the lower Apennines of Reggio Emilia. Students can also attend group cookery classes held in Italian in a local restaurant or family home. A car is required to reach the chosen accommodation.

  • Sunday: arrival and book in at chosen accommodation.
  • Monday: morning excursion to the Rupe di Campotrera Nature Reserve. Afternoon: visit to a famous Lambrusco wine producer.
  • Tuesday: morning visit to Canossa castle, Rossena hamlet and the Torre di Rossenella. Afternoon: individual or group Italian lessons.
  • Wednesday: morning visit to a ham producer and culatello production demonstration. Afternoon: individual or group Italian lessons.
  • Thursday: morning in kitchen to learn how to make pasta and traditional local dishes to then eat at lunch. Afternoon: individual or group Italian lessons.
  • Friday: morning excursion from Ariola to Leguigno mill in the Tassobbio valley. Afternoon: visit to an Aceto Balsamico Reggiano vinegar producer.
  • Saturday: morning visit to a dairy complete with demonstration of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese production. Afternoon: individual or group Italian lessons.
  • Sunday : departure

€ 890 per person
Price does not include board and accommodation. Fair knowledge of Italian required.

Talking and Hiking – In the Parco del Gigante
Duration 1 week-end
(from 2 to max. 5 people)

This programme proposes excursions along mountain paths to explore uncontaminated corners of the "Parco del Gigante", part of the Tosco Emiliano Apennine National Park. A week-end in the heart of the countryside, in close contact with local inhabitants. An alternative way of learning the language, Italian culture and traditions, under the guidance of a member of the Reggio Lingua staff who will help you expand your vocabulary and learn lots of new Italian expressions. A car is required to reach the different places.  


  1. Exploring the delightful Val Tassaro
  2. Alta val Dolo: Mount Cusna and Battisti mountain hut
  3. Alta Garfagnana: Scaloni, Mount Vecchio and Isera mountain hut
  4. Monte Ventasso, Lake Calamone and Pratizzano mountain hut
  5. Monte Cisa, Mount Prampa and Monte Orsaro mountain hut
  6. Double loop of the upper Val d'Ozola and Bargetana mountain hut
  7. Cerreto Alpi, the upper Val Secchia and Mulino dei Briganti mountain hut
  8. The upper Val Parma, Lake Santo and Lagdei mountain hut
  9. Alpe del Prado, Lake  Bargetana and Abetina Reale mountain hut


Contact Information

Company: Reggio Lingua

Name: Daniela Vezzani, Paola Garofoli

Street: viale dei Mille n. 2

City: Reggio Emilia

Country: Italy

Zip/Postal Code: 42121

Phone: 0039 340 8537630

Fax: 0039 0522 454777

Website: www.reggiolingua.it

E-mail: Click here to send an e-mail inquiry

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