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Learn Italian @ Il Sasso Language School in Montepulciano, Tuscany

Location: Montepulciano (SI)

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Special Offer

Discounts for students and over 70

Il Sasso offers a 10% reduction on all course fees for students and for over 70 years old people. Special prices for long term stays (courses + accommodation).


The principal objective of our language courses is to get our students, even those in the beginner and elementary levels, to the point where they're able to communicate in Italian.


The School

The Italian language school Il Sasso is located in Montepulciano, a welcoming Renaissance town in Southern Tuscany.

Our language school, Il Sasso, has offered Italian courses since 1983. People of all ages and from all over the world come to learn in an informal atmosphere where the relationship between students and teachers is one of friendship. The atmosphere during lessons, carried out in small groups (maximum 9 students), is friendly and fun and an emphasis is put on communication. For this, students are encouraged to speak as much as possible.

The teachers are all graduates and have a long experience in the field of adult education. The carefully chosen accommodation, the varied cultural programme, the dedication of the teachers and, importantly, the spontaneous hospitality of the townsfolk, all come together to make a stay at Montepulciano more than just a mere study holiday. The great number of students who return each year is the best testimony to this.


Why Montepulciano?

For a great many reasons, Montepulciano is an ideal place for an Italian language school. It is located on the top of a hill, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with one of those views which has made Tuscany famous the world over. The peace and quiet are ideal for a study holiday far from bustling town centres. The town's artistic wealth is also a major point of interest: the old town centre is full of churches and "palazzi" which testify to Italy's architectural history, in particular where the medieval and Renaissance periods are concerned. However, the area also boasts a great many Etruscan and Roman remains, Baroque churches and a miniature copy of La Scala theatre in Milan, called Poliziano.

Montepulciano, although a small historic town, is different from many others in that it is very active and lively, a place where the locals still stop to chat in bars or markets and have a great interest in foreign visitors. This makes it an ideal place for learning Italian "on the street", an essential part of any language-learning experience.

Montepulciano's cultural life is also very varied. The International Art Workshop, which takes place at the end of July and beginning of August attracts music-lovers from all over the world. The local town festival ends on the last Sunday of August with the "Bravio delle Botti", a traditional competition of strength and skill fought out between the town's various areas. On occasions such as these, the town comes to life and it is not uncommon to come across improvised concerts on street corners or to become involved in banquets organised by the town's various parishes in the town square which give you the opportunity of tasting local gastronomic specialties. There is also a series of concerts organised by the Accademia Renana - whose overseas headquarters is based in Montepulciano - an event further enriches Montepulciano's summer months. The thing that makes Montepulciano unique in Tuscany and indeed in the world, however, is its excellent Vino Nobile, a fine, quality wine whose producers have become real ambassadors of Tuscany throughout the world.


Language Courses

Our Italian language courses generally run for two weeks, however, it is possible to attend for one week only or for periods longer than two weeks. Students who already speak some Italian may start classes every Monday, whereas newcomers to the language must start at the scheduled starting dates (see website).

Italian Courses and lessons start on Monday mornings at 8:45 with a placement test. For complete beginners there is no test so lessons start right away! Class sizes are from five to nine students. Classes are divided into six levels based on the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages" of the European Council, with an additional, advanced level for students with a high degree of linguistic competence who wish to concentrate on conversation in Italian.

Students can choose between group courses (20 hours per week), group + 1 courses (20 hours of group lessons + 5 hours pf private lessons per week) and group + 2 courses (20 hours of group lessons + 10 hours of private lessons per week).

Further offers: Individual tuition, lessons 2:1, Business Italian, Culture courses, Preparation for certificates.


Culture Courses

We believe that to know a language, it's not enough to simply learn its grammatical structure and communicative function. To learn a language well, it's also necessary to study its history, its roots and evolution, as well as its literary and poetic works. Therefore, our language program is complemented by a program of cultural courses covering a range of topics from history and literature to current affairs, art and wine, for students who would like more in depth studies of various aspects of Italian society and culture.
The Italian cultural courses start every Monday and run for one week. They consist of two hours (55 minutes each) of lessons every afternoon for a total of 10 hours per week. Available courses: Wine course, Italian Literature, Italy Today, Art Walks, History of Art, Cooking courses.



Attending our Italian language courses, you'll be spending a week or more in Montepulciano, it's essential that you feel at home here. In Italy home is very important. More than just the place where you sleep, home is where you pass your time - cooking, reading the newspaper while stretched out on the couch or chatting with friends over a delicious meal of pasta. Therefore, we take it as our responsibility to make sure you feel at home by finding you the lodging that best meets your needs.
Whether you choose to stay in an apartment or with a family, you will find the same level of comfort and quality. Each apartment has something that makes it unique and special - a panoramic view, a rustic Tuscan style, the beautiful light of sunset or a romantic balcony. Unfortunately it's not possible for us to display photos of all the apartments at our disposal, but rest assured that we'll do everything possible to find you the lodgings you want. And remember, you'll have much more to choose from if you book well in advance.
You can choose from various options: standard or luxury apartments for 1 - 5 people, single or double rooms in apartments with other students, homestay, hotel rooms.

Contact Information

Company: Il Sasso - Italian Language School

Name: Heike K. Wilms

Street: Via di Gracciano nel Corso, 2

City: Montepulciano (SI)

Country: Italy

Zip/Postal Code: 53045

Phone: 0039-0578-758311

Fax: 0039-0578-757547

Website: www.ilsasso.com

E-mail: Click here to send an e-mail inquiry

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