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Lucca Italian School


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Italian language courses and cooking classes in Lucca, Tuscany

Location: Lucca

Our mission

The mission of our school and culture center is an effort to provide our students, beside teaching them our language, with a practical and enjoyable experience of our way of life by sharing our own interests and leisure time activities with them and pleasantly mingling customer care and real life, aiming at a mutually enriching cultural exchange. Our Italian language courses aim to give participants the tools to interpret Italian life, using language as the key to decoding our society and our culture, in the broadest sense.

Our courses

Courses of General Italian Language (max.10 people) – 4 lessons a day in small groups, from Monday to Friday.

Mixed Courses – 4 Group lessons a day, and 1 or 2 One-on-One lessons from Monday to Friday.

Practical Italian Course – 3 lessons a day outside the classroom (getting around the town to practice Italian in a real context – shops, markets, restaurants). One week from Monday to Friday. Individual or small groups.

Italian Vacation Course – One-on-One, 8 lessons a day (including lunch with your teacher), with activities in and out of the school according to your wishes – shopping, excursions, visits to museums.

One-on-One Lessons – in the days and hours that suit you, at school or at your place - possibility of having lunch with your teacher – also meant to prepare for CILS, CELI or PLIDA examinations.

Courses for Children – learning Italian with recreational activities specifically catered for children.

Family Courses or Small Groups (Pre-organised) at your place.

Business Italian – for people working in Italy or with Italians.

Courses for school groups.

Opportunity to attend state schools for students aged between 16-18 years.

"Speak and cook Italian" : a course of Italian language and cooking – combining two outstanding elements for a perfect experience of the Italian culture. One week, 4 days of language lessons in the morning and cooking lessons or gastronomic activities in the afternoon, and one full day trip to discover local food and traditions. 

"Speak and walk Italian" : a course of Italian language combined with walking itineraries in the nature and history of our territory.  One week, 4 days of language in the morning and 4 different excursions in the afternoons plus one day trip to Cinque Terre with a hike on a trail between two villages and lunch at a local sea restaurant.   Dinner included on the last evening, after walking we end up in a good restaurant in the countryside of Lucca.

"Speak and photograph" : a course of Italian language combined with photography sessions guided by professional tutors. The streets of Lucca, the city by night and  the Tuscan landscape will be the subjects of your experience.  Italian lesson in the morning,  two afternoons in town, and one day tour in the Tuscan hills including lunch at a typical restaurant.

"Speak and enjoy Puccini":  a course of Italian language for those who have a passion for the Opera and for our famous composer Giacomo Puccini.  The afternoon activities include a lecture on Puccini and a visit to the house where he was born, then a tour to Torre del Lago to his Villa-Museum, a presentation of some arias by a soprano at school, an evening concert in the Church od San Giovanni and a tour to Puccini's country house in Celle with a final dinner at a typical restaurant.



Why choose Lucca Italian School

Our school is small and with a family atmosphere; at the same time we are extremely flexible and professional. Our groups are small (maximum 10 persons) - our teachers are all mother tongue, experts and qualified in teaching Italian as L2. But to answer this question, I will copy a post written by a blogger who has been a student of ours.

The Perfect Italian Language School – Lucca Italian School

"If you’ve ever been through the process of deciding on a language school in Italy, you’ll know how difficult it is despite the many options available. Having just spent a fantastic two weeks at Lucca Italian School, I thought I’d share my experiences with you, including why I chose this particular school.

Location is generally the deciding factor when selecting an Italian language school

Most people, although not all, select a language school in Italy based on location. Often, the idea is to learn or improve one’s Italian while discovering a new area or learning more about an area you already know. Or maybe it is because you know someone who lives locally or you just want to lie on a beach in the afternoon. Whatever the reason, location appears to be the main reason for deciding on a particular Italian language school.

I wanted a language school within easy travelling distance by train from my home in Lunigiana in Northern Tuscany. I’m not a fan of big cities, so Florence was not on my list and a couple of smaller places were ruled out because they were either too small or didn’t appeal to me.

Lucca was always my favourite. It is an absolutely charming town, full of beautiful medieval and Renaissance architecture, interesting streets, a Roman amphitheatre and a tree-topped tower. Although it has now found a place on the tourist map, it is not overwhelmed by foreign visitors. Lucca is small enough to feel at home in, but big enough to offer a variety of cultural activities including concerts and exhibitions. It has great markets, bars, restaurants and shops. Everything is within walking distance, yet it is easy to find a bit of tranquillity by venturing out onto the city’s 16th century walls.

It can be difficult to differentiate between language schools

But what if there is more than one school in the location you want to go to?  The big cities in particular offer many choices. Lucca offers two language schools.

The main problem is that most  schools sound much the same. Lessons are structured in a similar fashion. There is not much in it when it comes to price. The types of courses and activities are similar. You can take group classes or private lessons or a combination of both at all levels. You can find classes that focus on business language or school examinations. You can combine your classes with cookery lessons and a variety of other activities. The schools are happy to help you sort out a variety of accommodation. Basically, they are all happy to provide you with whatever you ask for.

So how do you decide which one is right for  you?

Consider the following factors when selecting an Italian language school

A recommendation for a particular schools is obviously important, but back it up with facts. Even if your chosen location only has one language school, you should still check its credentials.

I know it is obvious, but do a comprehensive search on the internet, including all the relevant terms, to identify language schools in your preferred location, and then research each school individually.

What do past students think of a school?

 Check independent sites such as Trip Advisor, Slow Travel and the various forums on Italy to see what past students have to say. While interesting, comments from a couple of years back don’t necessarily apply to what is happening today. Look out for comments indicating that students recently booked a second course with a school. Repeat business is always a good sign. The positive and negative comments I discovered were incredibly useful in deciding which of the two language schools in Lucca to attend.

What is the maximum number of people in each class?

 The fewer people in a class, the more personal attention you’re likely to get. Again, smaller classes were a factor in my decision to attend Lucca Italian School.

Who owns the school?

 This is important. Comments on the internet indicate that there is a certain amount of indifference on the part of some  teachers at some schools that belong to a larger group or at schools that are part of a larger organisation, such as a university. While teachers are generally good at their jobs, their interest in students ends at the end of the lesson. On the other hand, teachers who own their own school have a vested interest in making sure students have a good overall experience.  They know that happy students equal a successful school.

Lucca Italian School is owned by three fantastic teachers, who are constantly concerned about your progress. Indifference is not a word you could possibly apply to them. Because it is their school, they have the flexibility to change things to improve your learning experience. They don’t have to stick to a rule book. Students can change their programmes and their hours as they go along to suit their progress or personal circumstances. The school is constantly looking for opportunities to improve your overall experience.  For example, because I had expressed a desire to visit the botanical gardens, I was asked if I’d like to do one of my private conversation lessons there on the topic of gardens. I was delighted. It is not rocket science, just excellent ‘customer care’.

Another issue with some of the schools that are part of a larger organisation is that the administrators are often located in a central location and not where the language school is. As a result, they may not have much local knowledge and are often unable to help you during that critical stage when you need information to make a decision. I also heard from other students that some of  these schools were slow to respond, although that was not my experience.

Are the cultural activities integrated into the overall programme?

To be honest, initially I wasn’t much interested in the cultural activities as I was very much focused on improving my Italian, but with hindsight I should probably have paid more attention. Fortunately, as I had already selected the perfect language school this wasn’t an issue. But it is worth checking to see if activities are integrated into your learning programme or are just ‘nice to have’ extras.

At Lucca Italian School the cultural activities are designed to teach you more about the area and to develop your language skills.  And because they help you develop your language skills, they are an important part of your learning programme. The cultural activities ranged from cooking lessons, trips to places of interest outside of Lucca, film and music evenings, and unusual tours of Lucca. The activities provided a lot of insight into the local culture with loads of interesting stories and information you’ll not find in a guidebook.  And because the activities are run by the owners of the school, who closely monitor your progress, they are run as an extension to your learning programme.

The personal touch is a huge differentiator when looking for the perfect Italian language school

For me, the personal touch definitely helped me choose Lucca Italian School.  I knew from my internet research that it was one of the owners who so helpfully responded to my initial enquiry and suggested a programme to suit my particular needs, and who happily answered all subsequent questions.  And the school’s website,blogFacebooktwitter and Flickr sites certainly gave me a good idea of what I could expect. Not many language schools provide such a mix of information, tending to rely only on their formal website.

And I wasn’t disappointed with my choice. In fact none of the students at the school, two of whom were there for the second time, had any criticism of the school. Only praise. For my part, I have no hesitation in recommending Lucca Italian School. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome from fantastic teachers. Thank you Daniela, Eva and Angelo."

Why learn Italian in Lucca, Tuscany

Tuscany is the region of Italy where Dante Alighieri was born, the great medieval poet known as Father of the Italian language. In fact Dante's Tuscan language was the basis on which Italian has become the language of our nation, consequently the Italian you learn at school is the same language you can hear people speak outside the classroom. Tuscany is the only Italian region where this normally happens, not because Tuscans speak better than the other Italians, but since the Italian language, for cultural and historic reasons, is based on Tuscan.
Then which part of Italy can be better than Tuscany to study Italian? And besides, the beauty and variety of the natural landscape (the hills with cypress-trees, sunflower fields, the sea and the mountains) together with the richness in art and history of its cities like Lucca, Firenze, Siena, Pisa, Arezzo make Tuscany a unique destination to learn Italian and for a journey which will remain impressed in one's memory.
And how about the people? In Tuscany we are friendly, ironic, likeable and "alla mano", and we can introduce you in the most genuine way to our passions: cooking, wines, music, nature...
In conclusion, learning Italian in Tuscany is an experience combining all the good qualities of a vacation in this splendid and lucky region: and especially in Lucca, a special town for countless reasons. Located 30 minutes from Pisa, an hour from Florence and a short bus or train ride from the sea, the mountains and the world famous Tuscan hills, Lucca is a perfect destination from which to see all the beauty of Tuscany.

It is the very soul of the city of Lucca that will capture your imagination. One of the many charms of this quintessential Italian city is that it has not been spoiled by mass tourism, and therefore still has plenty of opportunities for a visitor who wants to capture the “real” Italy. Lucca is a hidden jewel; a treasure to be revealed and whoever discovers it cannot fail to remain enthralled. With roughly 90, 000 inhabitants, Lucca is big enough to satisfy cultural and shopping needs, but small enough to retain the authentic spirit of life in Italy.

 In short, studying Italian in Lucca will be a rewarding choice!

Contact Information

Company: Lucca Italian School

Name: daniela bonaccorsi

Street: Via dei Bacchettoni 25

City: Lucca

State/Province: Tuscany

Country: Italia

Zip/Postal Code: 55100

Phone: +39 0583 490902

Fax: +3905831642009

Website: www.luccaitalianschool.com/

E-mail: Click here to send an e-mail inquiry

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