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Uncover the secrets. Uncover the beauty. Uncover Japan.

Location: Japan


Japan ...

So many words have followed its name. Beguiling. Fascinating. Enigmatic. Yet scores of travelers
return describing Japan with additional adjectives - confusing, overwhelming, impenetrable.

It doesn't have to be that way - my name is Mandy Bartok and I created Uncover Japan to help travelers maximize their experience in the land of the rising sun. My goal is to take those disappointing adjectives out of your vacation vocabulary. As a travel consultant specializing in Japan, I work with you pre-trip to organize an itinerary that perfectly suits your travel style and cuts down significantly on in-country frustration. For many, a trip to Japan is a dream journey - why waste time (and consequently money) tracking down train timetables, puzzling over public transportation option and fumbling through restaurant reservations in Japanese?

As a resident of Japan and an avid traveler here myself, I can help you fill the gaps in your guidebook and make your vacation worry-free. If you're looking for a memorable adventure, let me help you uncover the best Japan has to offer!


The Perfect Trip at the Perfect Time

As the anniversary of March 11 draws near, many are reminded of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan just one year ago. With casualties numbering in the tens of thousands and the nation's subsequent nuclear crisis, I'm often asked if I consider Japan a safe place to visit.

My answer is a wholehearted yes. Japan has recovered remarkably from its crisis and though there is still much work to be done, the country needs you now more than ever. Tourism has suffered greatly from the disaster, even in places like Kyoto and Hiroshima that were not affected. If you care about Japan and want to help, come visit. My itineraries set you up with local businesses and family-run companies. The money you spend here will be going to the people who need it most. I am proud and honored to call this country my home and I hope you take the opportunity to visit Japan soon and discover the spirit of this resilient nation.

Contact Information

Company: Uncover Japan

Name: Mandy Bartok

Country: Japan

Website: www.uncoverjapantravel.com

E-mail: Click here to send an e-mail inquiry

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