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Location: Pompeii

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Hello everyone, this is Emiliano Tufano

I am an archaeologist and a licensed tour guide. In 2010 I created Pompeiin, a company offering guided tours and shore excursions in Campania.

You can plan all you want, but you can't get the same experience as with a well-connected guide who knows everybody and everything in his region.

We arrange tailor-made itineraries, exhaustive and engaging guided tours for lovers, students at every level, and tourists of every age and nationality.

Choose us to visit the wonders of the Campania: the Vesuvian archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Stabiae, the historic centres of Naples, Caserta and Salerno, Paestum, the Amphitheatre of Capua, the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Coast, the island of Capri.


Our rate for groups up to 10persons is 60euros per hour (minimum 2 hours), or 300euros for the full day guidance with an archaeologist.

Admission fees are excluded.

The transportation with a private Mercedes minivan or sedan and a professional driver costs 60euros per hour (400euros full day); included all taxes, gas, parking expenses, pick up and drop off at the customer’s accommodation, airports or ports.



An ancient Roman city frozen in time. A walk in Pompeii is a very intense experience; you'll have the feeling of wandering in a still alive town.


You can choose among tours with different length, from 2 hours to 6 hours.

-       2, 3 hours tour recommended to cruisers having limited time to spent in the site;

-       4 hours tour recommended to those people who want to get a complete picture of the ancient city;

-       6 hours tour recommended to those people who don’t want to miss much of the ancient city.


Every tour includes the Forum, the “via dell’Abbondanza”, the brothel called “Lupanare” and the famous plaster casts of the victims.



Herculaneum and Pompeii are also called the "sisters cities", Herculaneum is much smaller but better preserved. In this ancient city it is still possible seeing second stories, carbonized wooden objects, intact paintings and mosaics.


The visit lasts 2 hours and includes Temple of the Augustali, the beach where more then 300 skeletons were found, the thermal baths, the forum, the house of Neptune and Amphitrite, the Samnite house, the gymnasium, the house of the Dears and much more.


The Amalfi Coasts

The coastline, called “the cost of the Sirens”, is dotted with small villages with wonderful views and a lively nightlife.

You can visit in one day:

Positano, sea and fun but it is also rich in historical monuments like the ancient guard towers used to protect the city from invasions in the Middle Ages. Positano also has some beautiful XVIII century villas, some of which have been converted into beautiful hotels. 

Amalfi, with the historic centre justly considered an outdoor museum; it preserves, almost intact, architectural and urban drug of its past. Towers, walls, vaulted houses, ancient churches, chapels and convents, testify, with its rich medieval mercantile houses of the aristocracy, the historical past of Amalfi.

Ravello with its typical alleys, wonderful churches, gardens and breath-taking views. Visiting Ravello is a unique experience, a place that will always stay in your memories. You are immediately immersed in the authentic heart of the city: the square “del Vescovado”, a large meeting place overlooking the cathedral, a treasure of artistic jewels. The superb Villa Rufolo, and the enchanting Villa Cimbrone immersed in incredibly varied and luxuriant vegetation overlooking the sea. 


The island of Capri

The island called “the pearl of the Mediterranean” with lush vegetation, an extraordinary sea and wonderful caves, including the famous Blue Grotto with its crystal clear water. It was the beloved location of the Roman Emperors and of a number of contemporary celebrities. 


The day trip starts from Marina Grande to reach s to the village of Anacapri, here is the Villa S. Michele bult by the Swedish intellectual Axel Munthe, the Church of St. Michele with its beautiful tiled floor, the chair lift to the top of Monte Solaro.  The tour also includes the famous Piazza Umberto I “ the Piazzetta”, the Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp. 

The Villa Jovis, the emperor’s Tiberius favourite residence can be also included in the tour.


One of the world most beautiful cities. It's a mishmash of architectural styles, with elegant 18th-century palazzos, castles and wonderful churches. Don't miss the occasion to try an original brick's oven Pizza Margherita!


- Down town walking Tour

A walking tour in the old city centre admiring churches and monuments. The tour includes a visit at the fascinating square called "Piazza del Gesù", the street called "Spaccanapoli" which follow the same direction of ancient Greco-Roman street, the church and the monastery of Saint Chiara, the square of Saint Domenico, the famous Chapel San Severo where is preserved the majestic statue called "Cristo Velato", the street called “via dei Tribunali”, the cathedral of Saint Gennaro dating back the 13th whit the great baroque style chapel where the blood of the Saint is preserved.


Monumental area walking tour

Includes Piazza Plebiscito, the famous Quartieri Spagnoli and the Gallery of Umberto I. You'll also be visiting the Royal Palace, an official residence rarely used by the Neapolitan kings, the beautiful Gambrinus cafe', the castle called Maschio Angioino and the exterior of the Saint Charles’s Theatre. 


- Panoramic Tour (by car or by bus)

Piazza Garibaldi, Corso Umberto Primo, the Port of Naples, the breath-taking Riviera di Chiaia, the Castle “Dell’Ovo”, Mergellina, and hill of Posillipo from where you can admire the whole bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and the island of Capri.



A grand imperial villa probably belonging to Poppea, the second wife of the Emperor Nero.

The visit lasts about 1,5 hour and includes the thermal area, the kitchen, the toilets, the servants area, the saloons showing amazing frescos and the gigantic portico around the massive swimming pool.



Two aristocratic coastal villas nearby Pompeii

The visit lasts about 2 hours and includes Villa San Marco and Villa Arianna


Paestum, Archaeological area and Museum

The best-preserved Graeco-Roman city in Italy

The visit at the archaeological area lasts 2-3 hours and includes the three Doric temples of the V century BC, named Temple of Neptune, Basilica and Temple of Ceres. The temple of Neptune can be compared for its imposing magnificence with the Parthenon.  At short distance from the archaeological park is the National Archaeological Museum of Paestum that includes artefacts dating from the VII century BC up to the VII century AD. There are precious testimonies of daily life, artistic and craft objects. Among the number of important finds on display stand out the metopae (painted terracotta tiles) of the sanctuary of Hera and the amazing painted slabs of the so-called Tomb of the Diver.


The amphitheatre of Capua, the Gladiators Museum and the Mithraeum

The city where the rebellious Spartacus started the gladiators riots against the Empire.

The Mithraeum of the ancient Capua was built between the II and III centuries; the cult of Mithras has Persian origin, was almost certainly brought to Rome by the prisoners of war then becoming gladiators.

The visit lasts about 2 hours and includes the Amphitheatre, the Gladiators Museum and the Mithraeum.



The Archaeological Museum of Naples

The tour lasts about 2 hours or 3 hours.

The archaeological museum of Naples preserves most of the extraordinary masterworks of art discovered in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae and  Oplontis, and also the most beautiful statues collected in Rome between  the 16th and the 18th century by the cardinals of the family Farnese. We can surely state that the National Archaeological Museum of Naples displays the world most beautiful roman art collection.


The Capodimonte Museum

The tour lasts about 2 hours.

It is one of the most prestigious and rich in the panorama of Italian and European museums. The main sections display important masterpiece of Tiziano, Caravaggio, Luca Giordano, Raphael and Masaccio.


The Certosa of St. Martino

The monastery presents amazing views over the city of Naples and a number of masterworks of the Baroque art. 

It is situated on the Vomero hill, is the most important evidence of the XVI century Neapolitan civilization. For almost two centuries was enriched with decorative works from the greatest artists of the time, including Battistello Caracciolo, Luca giordano, Jusepe Ribera and Giovanni Lanfranco and the spectacular XVIII century nativity scenes.


The Royal Palace of Caserta

A XVIII century architectural masterpiece by Luigi Vanvitelli, with 1200 rooms connected by 34 staircases, illuminated by 1970 windows and amazing gardens of about 300 acres with artistic fountains and the great waterfalls.


The Sorrento Coast 

Terraces, mountains, steep cliffs and amazing villas facing the island of Capri. Aromatic lemons cultivated in the gardens grow to a considerable size due to the mild climate. The position of Sorrento is perfect, affording a spectacular panorama of the bay of Naples. Parks, villas, churches, picturesque narrow streets and resplendent weather make Sorrento the bellowed destination of thousand international tourists.


Choose your favourite tour on our website www.pompeiin.com




Enjoy the bay of Naples in an incredible way!!!

Discover marvelous places with the best two wheels ride of your life!

We organize tailor made guided tours for singles, couples, cruisers and little groups 

on modern or vintage vespas!

We pick you up at your accommodation, port or airport, we go around at maximun speed of 40Km/h in total safety with our experienced drivers (they're also licensed tour guides) giving you explanations using Intercom Headphone.

 With our Vespas we'll pass through squares, alleys and stunning panoramic roads. 


HALF DAY TOUR (3,5 HOURS) = 125  per person

FULL DAY TOUR (7 HOURS) = 195  per person

FULL DAY TOUR (7 HOURS) = 230  per person

Guided tour in Pompeii= 90 € per group up to 10 persons


Recommended itineraries:

- Naples Vespa tour

HighlightsAngevin castle, San Carlo theatre, Umberto i gallery, Royal palace, Plebiscito square, Corso Vittorio Emanuele (panorama), Historical park, Posillipo (panorama), seafront, Castle dell’ovo, Seaside suburb, old town alleys with churches, St. Gennaro Cathedral, Street of the nativity scene makers and much more…

Naples tour (3 h) - pizza break (1h) - museum tour with our archaeologist-guide(2 h) 


- Sorrento Amalfi Vespa Tour 


SorrentoMarina Piccola, the Tasso square, Dome, Belvedere (panoramic gardens), historical alleys 

Positanothe majestic Dome, the harbor and stairway streets with nice shops

AmalfiSt. Andrew’s cathedral, the Moresque style cloister of paradise, paper mill museum. 

The ride Sorrento-Positano  (1 h) - Positano tour (1 h) - the ride Positano-Amalfi (30 min) - Amalfi tour (1,5h) - lunch break (1h)

If required we give the opportunity to enjoy one of the beautiful beaches of the Amalfi’s coast (1h)

back to Sorrento (1,5 h)


- Sorrento Pompei Vespa tour


SorrentoMarina Piccola, the Tasso square, Dome, Belvedere (panoramic gardens), historical alleys 

PompeiiForum markets, thermal baths, plaster casts, brothel, bakery, Faun’s house, temples, frescoes and much more..

Sorrento tour (1 h) - transfer to Pompeii (45 min) - Pompeii guided tour (2 h) - pizza break (1h) - back to Sorrento (45 min)


Choose your Vespa tour on www.vesparound.com

Watch our video www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ybvZwbf2rE











Contact Information


Name: Pompeiin

Street: via Villa dei Misteri

City: Pompei

State/Province: Campania

Country: Italia

Zip/Postal Code: 80045

Phone: +39 3284134719

Website: www.pompeiin.com

E-mail: Click here to send an e-mail inquiry

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