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Request a New Listing

To request a listing to be created by Slow Travel, please fill in the fields below to provide instructions about how you want your listing to appear.

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Listing Rates

Number of months Description Rate
12 12-month listing 75
12 12-month listing, gold priority (top section) 150
6 6-month listing 50
6 6-month listing, gold priority (top section) 100

Design Fees

This is the design fee that will be charged in addition to the listing rate. This fee is for the design and preparation of your listing and photos.

Description Rate
Design Fee 100

Contact Information

Please provide the following contact information.

* Company Name:
* E-Mail:

Listing Instructions

Please provide the information we need to create your listing. If this information appears on another website, provide the address of that website in the form below. Or you can e-mail the information to us. If you want photos to accompany your listing (you can have up to 3 with a regular listing, 6 with a gold listing), either describe where they can be found on the web or e-mail them to us. (E-mail us at classifieds@slowtrav.com.) Include any other instructions or special requests below.

Include the following information below: the category for your listing, where the information to be used to create the listing is located, where the photos are located. Please specify what rate and term you would like. If you have a vacation rental or a hotel, tell us the country and region where it is located.


Click the button to submit the information.

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