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Slow Travel Italy gives you the information you need to find and book a vacation rental in Italy. Find a villa in Tuscany, an apartment on a farm in Umbria, an apartment in Rome - everything you need to make your decision is here. What is Slow Travel?

We are not affiliated with any vacation rental agencies; this is an independent web site to help you learn about a new type of travel.

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Support SlowTrav by using the businesses who list with us in our Classified Listings. We have lists of vacation rental agencies and listings by owner, hotels and B&Bs, travel consultants, tour guides, cooking schools, and more.
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New Venice Food Guide

Click to purchase the book Chow Venice!

Ruth Edenbaum, Shannon Essa, Chow Venice: Savoring the Food and Wine of La Serenissima. This new food guide for Venice was written by two of our SlowTalk members, Shannon and Ruth. Read more.

Vacation Rentals: Our Favorites

Agencies and places in Italy that we like (based on reviews we have received).
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Vacation Rental Reviews

Our vacation rental, hotel and restaurant reviews are the center of this web site. Use these reviews to plan your trip. Click on the country button and then on the section to read reviews.
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Essays About Italy

Rebecca's View, essays on life in Italy by Rebecca Winke.

A Mind's Eye in Italy, essays about living in Italy by Nancy Lytle.

Tuscan Traveler's Tales, essays about Florence and Tuscany by Ann Reavis.

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