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This page tells you everything you need to know about placing a listing on Slow Travel. If you need to refer to this information while placing a listing, click the "How to Place a Listing" link on the page heading.

Not convinced that you need a listing on Slow Travel? Read our Reasons Why Your Business Should be Listed on Slow Travel.

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How to Place a Listing

Sample Slow Travel Classified Listing

Follow these steps to place a classified listing on Slow Travel.

Select the category. First, have a look through the classifieds to decide the category your travel business belongs in and to get ideas for your classified. You can have up to 5000 words and 3 photos (6 photos for Gold listings).

Register. Next, register on our Classifieds system. Fill out a simple form giving information about you and your e-mail address (this information is kept confidential). You receive an e-mail from the system with a link that you must click to verify your registration.

Create the listing text. Now you are ready to create your classified. Click the "Start Now" link below. A series of screens lets you input the information and upload photos.

Upload photos. You can have up to 3 photos with your listing (6 photos for Gold listings). They must be formatted at 72ppi resolution and not wider than 300 pixels or higher than 600 pixels (300 x 600).

Publish the listing. You decide when your classified is ready to "go live". You can work on it over several hours or days. You save it in our system, but it does not appear on the website until you tell the system to "Publish" it.

Invoice and Payment. When the listing is created, you are emailed an invoice and given the payment options. Payment is due within 30 days after the listing is published. The rates and payment options are listed below if you want to review them first. At any time you can review your payment options by going to the Manage Your Listings section.

Make any changes, anytime you want. We saved the best part for last! At any time you can go into the system and make changes to your listing. Delete photos, add new photos, change your text. Feature different parts of your business. To change your listing, click "Manage Listings" on the heading of the Classifieds.


Click here to start now --- Place a Listing


View our Sample Listings for formatting ideas.

Copy One of Your Other Listings

If you already have listings, you can copy one and use that to create your new listing:
Place a listing by copying one of your existing listings

Please note that photos are not copied. You will have to upload them again.

Have Slow Travel Place the Listing For You

If you do not have the time or inclination to place your listing yourself, we are happy to do it for you for an extra fee (rate is displayed below).
Have Slow Travel place your listing (additional charges apply)

Rates for Listings

All rates are in USD (United States dollars).

Listing Rates

Number of months Description Rate
12 12-month listing
12 12-month listing, gold priority (top section)
6 6-month listing
6 6-month listing, gold priority (top section)

Photo Preparation Fee

You are entitled to include 3 photos with your listing (6 photos for Gold listings). The photo preparation fee will be charged if you choose to have Slow Travel select, size or upload the photos rather than doing it yourself. (Cost is included if Slow Travel is placing your listing.)

Description Rate
Photo preparation fee

Design Fees

If you would like to have your listing placed for you by Slow Travel, this design fee will be charged in addition to the rate for the listing itself.

Description Rate
Design Fee

Payment Options

Once your listing is created, you will be directed to the Payment Page. You will also receive an e-mail invoice. There are three ways to make your payment:

  • Use your credit card to pay via PayPal, a secure online payment system. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make your credit card payment this way.
    Note: PayPal is now available in Italian
  • Mail a check
  • Bank wire

To make payment after you have placed your listing, click "Manage Listings" in the page header to go to the Members Area. From there you can make payments or modify your listings. Payment is due within 30 days after the listing is published.


A 30% discount on all listings after your 5th listing is available. Email us if you have 5 listings and plan to place more.

Gold Priority

Gold Priority advertisements have advantages over our standard priority:

  • They are displayed higher in the listing index
  • The ability to create unlimited special offers which are displayed throughout the site, including our forums
  • They can include more photographs in their listing (6 as opposed to the standard 3).

What Order are Listings Displayed?

Listings for each category are sorted by date, with the oldest listings first, so the sooner you take out a listing, the closer to the top of the list you are. Optional GOLD priority puts you in the top section of the list, with the other GOLD listings.

Members Area

Once you have registered and placed a listing, you can go into the Members Area by clicking the "Manage Listings" link in the page header. In the Members Area you have access to all your listing, both published and unpublished (remember, you decide when to publish a listing). You can delete photos, upload new photos or change your text. You can renew your listings and make payments.

Listing Guidelines

By submitting a listing or requesting that we place one for you, you agree to our Listings Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Contact Us for More Information

Contact us with any questions. We are happy to answer your questions.

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