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The Slow Travel Contest 2006 - Winners

A history of the contest

Winners were announced Friday, January 13, 2006 - noon MST. Drawing was on Saturday, January 14, 2006 - noon MST. Congratulations to all the winners!! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who entered.

This is the list of 100 winners of the Slow Travel Contest 2006. The winners were drawn from a "hat" to decide the order they choose their prizes. We had over 400 entries and it was very difficult to choose the winners because all the entries were very good. We included our comments for each winning entry, so you can see what made us select it. Each person who entered got a Slow Travel "door prize" (choice of mousepad or luggage tags).

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Contest Entries




Other colleenk Most Restaurant Reviews
134 restaurant reviews posted from 07/01/04 to 12/05/05
Other Daniel Quiz #4 - Website Questions
This was a complicated one and we had three winners answering tricky questions with tricky answers.
Other Jim Zurer Quiz #3 - Italy Travel Questions
Answered five travel questions about Italy in three minutes.
Other kaydee Most Hotel Reviews
22 hotel reviews posted from 07/01/04 to 12/05/05
Other kaydee Most Vacation Rental Reviews
19 vacation rental reviews posted from 07/01/04 to 12/05/05
Other kaydee Quiz #1 - Website Questions
Found the answers to three questions in three minutes - searching the website and photo gallery.
Other kaydee Quiz #2 - Treasure Hunt
Went through the Treasure Hunt on the slowtrav site in 10 minutes.
Other stella Quiz #4 - Website Questions
This was a complicated one and we had three winners answering tricky questions with tricky answers.
Other valerie Quiz #5 - Travel Questions
Answered two quick Italy questions in one minute!
Other WV Cyndy Quiz #4 - Website Questions
This was a complicated one and we had three winners answering tricky questions with tricky answers.
Photo Essay andykun Summer 2004 - Australia
He loves photography and this artistic album shows it. Great composition.
Photo Essay decobabe Decobabe loves Italy
A unique personal essay capturing the essence of life in Umbria.
Photo Essay Dennis Switzer A Slow Walk across Spain
A interesting photo journal of the walk to Santiago Spain. Well organized showing the story of their walk in pictures.
Photo Essay Dorothyk Cumae, Haunt of the Sibyl
A superb in-depth photo essay. The well written captions give excellent details of Cumae.
Photo Essay French Fries Why I love Provence: Favorite Sights
Beautiful photos showing the different sites and vistas of Provence in this personal essay.
Photo Essay Gavin Crawford Cote D'Or and points north west.
This essay shows not only the beautiful towns and food of Cote D'Or but also beauty of an off-season slow travel vacation.
Photo Essay Germaine One Glorious Week in Provence
This album shows the beauty and variety of Provence. Lots of color, details and food!
Photo Essay Jane People of the Rift Valley
Well presented essay using good photos and informative captions.
Photo Essay Janet A Spring Week in Rome, April 2005
Stunning photos of Rome. Wonderful variety of people, places and perspective.
Photo Essay Janet Cinque Terre: July 2004
The photos in this album show the beauty, color and vibrancy that attracts tourists to Cinque Terre.
Photo Essay joelscapes Searching for Medieval Florence in 2004
A great idea for a photo essay. Well executed with excellent photos and captions.
Photo Essay kaydee Best of Provence: Hiking in the Luberon (Gorges de Régalon)
The series "Hiking in the Luberon" albums are well organized. The captions are excellent with nice detail on the hikes and the countryside.
Photo Essay Lisa W Malta Photos
Some fantastic shots in the essay of Malta.
Photo Essay LotusEden Colors, patterns, and rhythms of Italy
A great collection of colors, textures and shapes of everyday life. Nice theme and good captions.
Photo Essay Max Barrett Roma Ottobre 2005
Fresh, lively and interesting photos of Rome.
Photo Essay messine Sensory France
Carefully composed album with an imaginative theme.
Photo Essay Nancy Lutz Tuscany 2005
A nice multi-faceted view of Tuscany. Thoughtful pictures selected to create a lively and colorful album.
Photo Essay pfod Rome-Tuscany-Florence 2005
A beautiful set of pictures. A good job of capturing textures. The black and white photos are excellent.
Photo Essay Rar Bolivia
A nice pictorial introduction to Bolivia showing the diversity of the country. Excellent photos and captions.
Photo Essay RedRedWine Images of Italy
A wonderful collection of images that capture the beauty of Italy.
Photo Essay Ryan P Italy Summer 2005
A good well-captioned album with different creative shots.
Photo Essay Sharonov A Month in India
A fascinating album with a nice mix of people and places.
Photo Essay Stephen P. China 2005
A nice travelogue with beautiful landscapes, interesting sites and people.
Photo Essay Steve and Linda Jones Ireland's County Kerry
Beautiful pictures of a slow travel vacation in Ireland. It really is very green!
Photo Essay Wendy & Rob Rome 2005-Through Rob's Eyes
A beautiful album with a good variety of photos. They have a wonderful sense of 'the moment'.
Travel Note azwaniecki Feasting on the Layer Cake of Krakow, Poland
Good general travel notes for Krakow. Clever idea, well written and enticing.
Travel Note Boleskine Venice - 200 Things to Do and See
Detailed list of sights to see in Venice. Some new and interesting things. A useful article for Venice travelers.
Travel Note Brigolante Postcard - Harried Here
Rebecca's articles are always a joy to read. A nice insight into the agony and ecstasy of countryside living.
Travel Note cec The Trials, Tribulations and Treasures of Traveling with Teens
A good list of suggestions for planning and executing a family trip with teens.
Travel Note ciaofornow A Book Tour of Paris for Teens
This is a super list of books, one I've never seen compiled.
Travel Note colleenk Postcard - Ultimate Umbrian Experiences, Wine and Food
Her enjoyment of the two events she describes comes across as very genuine in a very straightforward writing style.
Travel Note David Manhattan Neighborhoods, According to Me
Fun mix of personal taste and nuts-and-bolts information. Wonderful details, feels very much like an "insider's view".
Travel Note decobabe Travel Recipes for Italy
These notes are fabulous! Well written, original idea, recipes all tested, great photos.
Travel Note Donna Marie Packing for a Trip to Europe
Practical travel advice written in a breezy and witty style but not overlooking the essential checklists. This article is a good contribution to the site.
Travel Note Doru Buying Italy Events Tickets Online with Charta
A very detailed, nuts-and-bolts "how to" article.
Travel Note egret Canoeing in England
Makes the canoeing sound and look (beautiful photos) like fun, tells you how to do it, includes a few lovely personal notes, it's UK-related, and it's very consistent with SlowTrav.
Travel Note ellens Slow & Solo: The (almost) Guilt Free Travel Alternative
We enjoyed these tremendously, and it's a useful addition to the site. Well written, honest, and encouraging.
Travel Note French Toast Where To Pick a Flower in Paris: Public Restrooms
Cute idea - and as practical as it gets. Well written and we give it high points for originality.
Travel Note Ginda Simpson Postcard - Cruising the Brenta Canal from Venice to Padua
A good postcard for a nice day trip from Venice or the Veneto.
Travel Note Gloria - Casina di Rosa Pisa: Not a Tourist Quickie
These notes have not been posted yet, but they are a sure winner. Detailed, well written, well organized. This should get people spending more time in Pisa!
Travel Note JackBonham Slow Travel in Africa
Interesting, with enough details so you could plan your own trip. We liked this!
Travel Note Janet Traveling with a digital camera
Wonderful notes. Good details and just the type of information we need for the website. Works well with our other Europe Trip Planning pages.
Travel Note Janie&Geoff Cistercian Abbeys: The Three Sisters of Provence
We really liked this piece. Effectively imparted the peaceful simplicity of the abbeys in a chatty, non-pontifical style. Nice photos as well. Good day trip suggestions for someone based in Provence.
Travel Note kaydee Hiking in the Luberon and Four Hikes in the Luberon
Very impressive. Tons of introductory material, great details, you can feel her love for the landscape and surroundings.
Travel Note kaydee Postcard - Saturday at the Apt Market
Very enjoyable, and good resources.
Travel Note Madonna del Piatto Puglia and Matera in 10 days
An enticing survey of the area. Combines personal experience with followup research and distinguishes which is which. We like her straightforward presentation and the quantity of practical detail for a less discovered part of Italy.
Travel Note Pat and Henry from Wichita Wagon Wheels in Tuscany
Excellent - we love how it meshes with other SlowTrav pieces. Very useful for someone staying in the area.
Travel Note Rar Argentina - Slow Travel , Skiing, Food and Restaurants
Very detailed and well written. A great introduction to a new country and how to approach travel there. Also a fun read!
Travel Note Rar Machu Picchu
Extremely useful, detailed information, much of it not likely to appear in a standard guide. Offers a step-by-step roadmap to avoiding a number of potential pitfalls and getting the best experience of this special place.
Travel Note Ricardo Getting the Best Out of London's Transportation
Excellent! Good details. A tremendous resource for SlowTrav.
Travel Note Rome Addict Disabled Access in Rome
Excellent! A very valuable resource for SlowTrav. Great information and good details.
Travel Note Shannon Venice Sestieri
Useful information for travelers, and well written.
Travel Note SharonZ Rome's Scavi Tour
Practical information on accessing a specific, not easily accessible site. A good contribution and one we will point to many times from the message board.
Travel Note stella Some Tips for Travel With a Senior
We adored this. Concrete advice, with all the reasons behind making certain decisions. A lot of heart to it, and a lovely read.
Travel Note to italy Visiting Food Shrines in France (and one in Italy)
We enjoyed these notes. They offer an interesting viewpoint and stay with it. Provides a reason to go to some places that we suspect will be worth visiting.
Travel Note tuscanartist Coastal Towns of the Val di Cornia
A good overview of a lesser-visited area, lots of useful details. It made me want to go!
Travel Note Valda and Saint_Bambi Perusing Perugia
A clever job of weaving the history in with the locations of the city and relating to the tourist office map made it feel accessible.
Travel Note Valerie New Mexico's Indian Country
Good introduction, nicely presented and organised. A nice description of a very American experience.
Travel Note venexiananan Postcard - A Remo (by oar), Sweet Venetian Evenings
Wonderful! We loved this postcard. The way she wrote it helps the effect of immersing you in her Venice world.
Travel Note WV Cyndy Things to do in the Northern Veneto
Lots of good details and resources. Very useful for someone spending a week in the Veneto.
Trip Report AnG Baise River Cruise
Useful information about a totally different form of "slow" travel.
Trip Report Betsy B. Enchanted Caravan Travel in Ireland
Lovely details about a different type of Slow Travel - a horse is pulling your vacation rental! This is posted as an Ireland Travel Note, but is a trip report.
Trip Report BGE My Dream Trip To Italy and France
On the road with Brenda; you gotta love her.
Trip Report castor3 Footloose in Provence & Paris
Nice report written with style and enthusiasm. Included web resources, always a help to others planning similar trips.
Trip Report castor3 Tuscan Rambles
He gave us a sense of who he is right up front, so we cared about the trip. Good details, helpful trip planning tips, nice photos.
Trip Report Christian A Million Degrees
An entertaining and informative personal account of a Slow Travel trip to Rome and Venice.
Trip Report Dana K Mountains and Masterpieces
We've read dozens of reports for this area but Dana brings enthusiasm to her story with a nice touch of adding recipes at the end. Good pictures and web resources too.
Trip Report Daniel A Rather Lovely Long Weekend in Paris with Laurie & Daniel
Foodies will love Daniel's report chock full of web resources and even a Paris "Lounge" tour.
Trip Report Daniel Laurie & Daniel's June 2005 Trip to Paris
Daniel hits pay dirt with his slow travel in Paris, a Gourmet's delight, chock full of pictures and web resources.
Trip Report Dean Carnivale in Venezia
Dean's deep knowledge of food and wine make this a vicarious gourmet tour most of us couldn't do on our own.
Trip Report debsnet A First Italian Summer
A brief, upbeat trip report, with plenty of good tips for the budget traveller.
Trip Report Dennis Switzer A Pilgrimage from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela
Interesting report with informative web resources about a mode of travel used by pilgrims for centuries.
Trip Report Gail Hecko The Mystery Trip, or I Was Attacked by a Killer Pelican in Mykonos
Lively writing and unusual circumstances; we should all have a friend like Gail's.
Trip Report Gloria - Casina di Rosa A Day on Mount Amiata
A day trip turned into an entire trip report written with real affection and knowledge.
Trip Report kaydee England in Slow Motion: 190 Miles on the Coast-to-Coast Walk
Unusual trip, with highs and lows, even some drama.
Trip Report Leslie Through Bavaria, Umbria, Tuscany: Piatti Misti
A bit of time in Bavaria with slow travel in Umbria and Tuscany. Lovely pictures and web resources. The journal entries from husband and daughter are also nice touches.
Trip Report Lisa W Living in London for Six Months
How to choose what to write about from six months living abroad? Lisa covers her time in London with the right amount of detail and information to keep things moving and interesting.
Trip Report maitaitom We Didn't Drink All The Vino: Maitai Tom and Tracy's
This one will have you laughing out loud. Join Tom and his gang for some great adventures through Italy.
Trip Report mary miller It's all about the shoes
Mary says it's all about the shoes but I say, it's all about how to coordinate and organize a large group to travel. Some good tips to for anyone traveling down this perilous road.
Trip Report Pokey My 50th Birthday Present to Myself, ITALY!
This one is full of personality and life - fun to read with an engaging style, personal and detailed (but not too detailed).
Trip Report Robert Santa Monica TWO MORE WEEKS IN ROME…AND NAPLES!
Robert doesn't try to cram everything in, but describes, with affectionate enthusiasm, the things that are really important to him. The report ends with a superb (long) single page on Naples.
Trip Report RonGom An Eastern Europe Sampler
Interesting, well-written report about an area not often covered. Some cool pictures and web resources too.
Trip Report Roz City, Country, Suburbia: Northern Italy from Three Viewpoints
A nice mix of the familiar and the unfamiliar, with good eating & sleeping recommendations.
Trip Report Roz Lazio/Umbria, Sorrento, and Rome: Our 5th trip to Italy
Not a slow travel report but well written, with good pictures and plenty of resources for others to follow.
Trip Report Shannon The Virgin Voyage
Fun and exuberant and nice reflection back to a first trip from a now experienced traveller.
Trip Report stella A Slow Trip to Italy for a Mother and Daughter
Heart-warming tale of the travels of mother and daughter. Filled with great descriptions of art and food and full of web resources and nice pictures.
Trip Report Stephen P. Spain, 2005
A compiliation of a series of e-mails home, the report nicely covers areas of Spain with just the right amount of detail.
Trip Report Suncoast Adventures in Incomparable Tuscany, August 2004
Enthusiastic report about a couple's first trip to Italy.
Trip Report t-mac Eastern Europe and meeting family
Lovely story about reconnecting with distant family.
Trip Report Trishmael Light Enough to Travel
Witty, intelligent writing; not too short, not too long, nice details.

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