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Understanding the Cafe Menu - Bar des Amis

Pauline Kenny and Kevin Widrow

Bar des Amis, in St. Saturnin les Apt, owned by Thierry Fructus

This page lists all the items from the menu of Bar des Amis in St. Saturnin les Apt, a village in the Vaucluse department of the Provence region (in the Luberon), near the larger town of Apt. Bar des Amis is in the main square in the village center.

Owner, Thierry Fructus, Bar des Amis, St. Saturnin les Apt

Owner, Thierry Fructus at Bar des Amis in St. Saturnin les Apt


  • This menu is distributed by Coca-Cola with common café items pre-printed on it.
  • The menu shows two prices for each item: comptoir (at the counter) and salle (seated at a table, inside or outside). The Salle price is higher by 20 cents for each item. I listed only the "Comptoir" price below.
  • You will see "Le bock" on the menu. This is a special type and size of glass.
  • To read the menu yourself, click on the photo to see a larger, more readable image.
  • On some menus, you will see a "baby" version of a drink. This means a smaller than usual size of the drink.
  • Service Compris at the bottom of the menu means the prices include tip. All menu prices in France include the tip, but you can leave a small amount extra as an additional tip.
  • This café does not offer croissants or bread for breakfast, but there is a bakery across from them where you can get these things and have them with your coffee. If you order a croissant, the waiter tells you that you must get it yourself from the bakery.

Tarif Des Consommations (Price List)

Click to see large version of cafe menu

Prices are in euro.

Coffee, Tea, Milk Drinks

  • Café Express - (1.10) This is the basic coffee. It is short and strong, similar to an espresso in Italy, but a bit bigger.
  • Café Allongé - (not on the menu) Order this to get a Café Express with extra water (an American-style coffee).
  • Café Arrosé - (not on the menu) Cafe Express with alcohol. Usually Cognac, but you can ask for another type of digestive. Café Arrosé translates to "watered coffee".
  • Café Décafeiné - (1.10) Decaffeinated coffee.
  • Café Crème, petit - (1.60) Café Express in a larger cup, with hot milk. If you ask for a "Café au Lait", it is the same thing.
  • Café Crème, grand - (2.10) A larger version of the Café Creme petit.
  • Chocolat, petit - (1.60) Hot chocolate.
  • Chocolat, grand - (2.10) A larger version of a Hot Chocolate.
  • Café Glacé - (1.50) Coffee served over ice. You can have a syrup (syrop) flavor added to this.
  • Thé, Lait ou Citron - (2.00) Hot tea with milk or lemon.
  • Infusion - (2.00) Herbal tea.
  • Lait Nature, le verre froid - (1.50) A glass of cold milk.
  • Lait Nature, chaud - (1.50) Hot milk.
  • Lait Parfumé - (1.60) Milk with a shot of sweet syrup added (you select the flavor).
  • Coca-Cola, 33 cl - (2.50) Coca-Cola, just like in North America, but in a smaller bottle that you might be used to. In France, always ask for "un Coca", not "un Coke".
  • Coca-Cola light, 33 cl - (2.50) Coca-Cola Light, the diet version. Ask for "un Coca light".
  • Perrier, 33 cl - (2.50) Sparkling mineral water in a bottle.
  • Gini - (2.40) A lime flavored soda.
  • Jus de Fruit - (2.40) Fruit juice in a bottle.
  • Orangina - (2.40) A type of orange soda drink.
  • Schweppes - (2.30) Tonic water.
  • Limonade ou Panaché, le bock - (1.50). Limonade or Panaché. Limonade is a 7up type of soda. Panaché is a glass of beer mixed with Limonade (like a "shandy" in England). "Le bock" is a special type and size of glass.
  • Diabolo, le verre - (1.90) Limonade (7up type of soda) with mint syrup. (You can ask for another type of syrup.)
  • Ricqles - (2.30) A mint based drink.
  • Eau Minérale, le verre - (1.60) A glass of mineral water. You can ask for with gas (gazeuse) or flat (plat or non gazeuse).
  • Eau Minérale, le 1/4 - (2.30) A bottle, 1/4 of a liter (25 cl).
  • Eau Minérale, le 1/4 au sirop - (2.50) A bottle, 1/4 of a liter (25 cl), with a shot of syrop.
  • Sirop de Fruit à l'eau, le verre - (1.60) A glass of water with a shot of fruit syrup.
  • Limonade, le 1/4 - (2.40) A bottle of lemonade drink (not fresh lemons, but like 7up), 1/4 of a liter (25 cl).
  • Jus de Fruits - (2.40) Bottled fruit juice (not fresh).
  • Citron Pressé - (2.50) Fresh lemon juice, served on ice, with water and sugar to be added to it.
  • Orange Pressée - (2.50) Fresh orange juice, served on ice, with water and sugar to be added to it.

Food Items

Most cafés offer some type of light food for lunch.

  • Sandwich jambon - (3.20) Ham sandwich.
  • Sandwich saucisson - (3.20) Sausage sandwich.
  • Sandwich fromage - (3.20) Cheese sandwich.

Wine, Beer, Pastis

  • Vin Rouge, le verre - (2.00) Glass of red wine.
  • Vin Rosé - (1.60) Glass of rose wine.
  • Vin Blanc - (1.60) Glass of white wine.
  • Kir - (2.00) White wine with Cremé de Cassis added. A Kir Royale uses champagne instead of white wine.
  • Bière Blonde, le bock - (1.60) A glass (le bock) of light beer ("blonde" is light).
  • Bière Grolsch, le 1/2 - (2.10) 1/2 liter (50 cl) of the Grolsch brand of beer.
  • Bière Blonde, bouteille - (2.60) A bottle of light beer.
  • Bière Brune, bouteille - (3.00) A bottle of dark beer.
  • Heineken - (2.20) A bottle of Heineken (from the Netherlands).
  • Pernod (2 cl) - (1.50) A glass of Pernod, a type of Pastis liquor, served in a glass on ice, with water that you can add. The clear liquid turns cloudy yellow when water is added.
  • Ricard (2 cl) - (1.50) Another brand of Pastis liquor.
  • Pastis (2 cl) - (1.50) Another brand of Pastis liquor.

Apertif de Marque (Brand name aperitifs)

Brand name aperitifs. An aperitif is usually taken before a meal.

  • Beaumes de Venise (4 cl) - (2.50) A sweet white wine from one of the nearby Côte du Rhone villages.
  • Suze (4 cl) - (2.00) I don't know what this is, but will ask Kevin.
  • Americano (4 cl) - (4.00) This is a popular cocktail.
  • Campari (4 cl) - (2.50) Campari, sometimes served with soda.
  • Porto  - (2.00) Port wine.
  • Martini - (2.00) Aperitif with a wine base.
  • Voyou Whiskey - (1.50) A type of whiskey.

Alcool de Marque

Brand name liquor. Some of these are digestives, usually taken after a meal.

  • Cognac - (3.80) Cognac.
  • Marie Brizard - (3.80) A type of liquor (digestive).
  • Get - (3.80) A type of liquor (digestive).
  • Whisky, baby - (3.00) A small whiskey.
  • Whisky, normal - (6.00) A normal sized shot of whiskey.

Appelation Controlee

These are the quality AOC wines from the regions.

  • Champagne, la coupe - (4.00) A glass of champagne.
  • Champagne, bouteille - (40.00) A bottle of champagne.
  • Champagne, coupette - (3.00) A small glass of champagne.

Other Cafe Items Not Offered at this Café

Here are a few items on this pre-printed café menu that this café does not offer.

  • Salade - Salad.
  • Oeufs au plât - Eggs, sunny side up.
  • Oeuf Dur - (Oeufs durs) Eggs, hard boiled.
  • Assiette Anglaise - Typically cold cuts, pickles, hard boiled eggs, salad.
  • Croque Monsieur - A grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
  • Hot Dog - The good old American style hot dog.
  • Chips - Bag of potato chips.
  • Croissant-Brioche - A breakfast croissant.
  • Patisserie - Pastry.
  • Glace, la coupe - Ice cream, in a bowl.

Items you May Find on other Café Menus

  • Grog - Hot wine or other hot alcohol drink.

Bar des Amis, St. Saturnin les Apt, Provence

Bar des Amis in St. Saturnin les Apt, Provence


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Kevin Widrow and his wife Elizabeth run the B&B Mas Perreal in the Luberon, near the village of St. Saturnin les Apt. www.masperreal.com

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