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Hotel Reviews

Lazio, Bagnoregio: Agriturismo Buonasera

Loc. Buonasera, 0761.792397; Cell: 340 6450421


R. Narciso from CA, May 2007, #1907, "Agriturismo Buonasera is a beautiful property within a couple hours drive of Rome."

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Lazio, Casperia: B&B La Torretta

via Mazzini 7, 0765.63202


Ann A from USA, January 2013, #3285, "La Torretta Historical B & B is a serene & tranquil getaway & the village of Casperia, yet so near to Rome, can transport you to a time of simplicity & peace."

Muse4Life from UK, October 2009, #2739, "Set in the dramatic and beautiful Sabina, La Torretta provides a welcome and welcoming respite from life in Rome's fast lane. Life's too short to rush!"

madonna del piatto from italy, end August 2006, #1589, "A romantic B&B in a wonderful romantic location"

Wendy Ashworth from U K, June 2005, #1058, "An ideal long week end destination to relax and revive you in a warm and welcoming hilltown."

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Lazio, Cassino: Forum Palace Hotel

Via Casilina Nord, 0776.301211


superdsr from WA, October 2006, #2017, "Average hotel below Monte Cassino. Spacious room, nice bath and good small bar. Close to the Autostrada and town."

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Lazio, Cerveteri: B&B A casa di Anna

Largo della Boccetta, 5/6, 06,9943837

davidx from England, December 2006, #1743, "It's the only place to stay in the old city and it's OK."

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Lazio, Civita Castellana: Relais Falisco

Via Don Minzoni 19, 07615498


doug s from FL, May 2007, #1887, "A 4 Star hotel in a small town for a very affordable price. A great base to from which to visit the hills north of Roma."

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Lazio, Civita di Bagnoregio: Civita B&B

Patrick, Arkansas from USA, June 2009, #2623, "Ah well, what can I say. Like a night in a fairy tale. I could just picture a middle ages traveler coming up to this place and asking for a room for the night."

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Lazio, Fiumicino: B&B Luana Inn

Via Monte Forcelletta, 23, 339.693.3742


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Kaydee from TN, July 2010, #2968, "Family owned B&B in a residential neighborhood a few minutes from Fiumicino airport. Inexpensive alternative to an airport hotel."

SL Jones from IL, September 2009, #2711, "Not your typical airport hotel. This family run place about 4km from the Fiumicino airport is so warm and helpful. You'll be like family."

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Lazio, Fiumicino: Euro House Inn

Via Della Scafa, 422, 06.65841114


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Robert Rainey from CA, October 2005, #1228, "Ideal for the night before an early flight out of Rome's Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci airport. {4 star}"

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Lazio, Fiumicino: Hilton Garden Inn

Via Vittorio Bragadin 2, 06.65.259000


sgabriele from US, October 2007, #2142, "Very good price but almost no service; several caveats."

Dorit from Israel, May 2007, #1882, "Wonderful Place for Last Night in Italy Before Early Morning Flight Home"

Letsgo from Canada, March 2007, #1842, "Convenient and Comfortable Hotel at Rome Airport"

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Lazio, Fiumicino: Hilton Rome Airport

Chiaro di Luna from canada, August 2010, #2910, "For an early morning flight it's worth considering."

cindylearuth from AK, October 2007, #2120, "Convenient hotel attached to Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport."

tdandmd from CA, September 2005, #1182, "As American as you can get in Italy but a great location for an early-morning flight."

Su Meri from USA, 2005, #1117, "I will stay here to end every vacation from now on."

roy from USA, 2003, 2004, #1006, "You can certainly do better for your last night in Italy."

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Lazio, Fiumicino: Hotel Mach 2

valerie from NM, April 2003, #364, "Okay for an overnight before departing. {3 star}"

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Lazio, Fiumicino: Hotel Riviera - Fiumicino

via Licio Visintini 30/32, 06.6580302

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Decobabe from Italy, October 2006, #1610, "Clean, cheap and quick access to the airport. Newly renovated and they have parking. {3 stars}"

Peter from US, Summer 2002, #124, "A Pig-in-a-Poke turns Out to Be a Pig. {3 star}"

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Lazio, Fiumicino: Marriott Courtyard Rome Airport

Via Portuense 2470, 06.999351


Marian from NJ, October 2008, #2514, "If you have a very early flight from Fiumicino AND are paying with Marriott points, yes. Otherwise pick a cheaper hotel."

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Lazio, Fiumicino: Seccy Hotel

Via delle Scuole 32, 06.65048389


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LynE. from US, May 2009, #2593, "Beautiful hotel in Fiumicino near Rome airport. {4 stars}"

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Lazio, Frascati: Hotel Flora

Viale Vittorio Veneto 8, 06.9416.110


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SusanCV from PA, September 2004, #724, "Lovely hotel in pretty setting!"

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Lazio, Frascati: Hotel Giadrina di Cacciani

Via A. Diaz 13/15, 06.94.20378


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Kim from NJ (moderator), May 2005, #1143, "Nothing fancy; very basic but a decent price to stay within a short train ride to Rome. {3 star}"

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Lazio, Fregene: Hotel Golden Beach

Via Gioiosa Marea, 63 , 06.66560250


Jenny and Doug from US, October 2004, #869, "Small friendly hotel in the quiet seaside resort of Fregene close to Rome Fiumicino airport"

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Lazio, Fregene: Hotel La Conchiglia

Lungomare di Ponente, 4, 06.6685385; Fax: 06.66563185


sw from USA, June 2005, #1533, "Down and out with bed bugs. Not recommended."

Cobblehill from NY, June 2004, #599, "Great spot with terrific restaurant 50 meters from the beach."

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Lazio, Grottaferrata: Park Villa Grazioli

Peter from NJ, Spring 2002, #126, "Lovely hotel 30 minutes from Rome airport. {4 stars}"

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Lazio, Lido di Ostia: Hotel Ping Pong

Dale from SC, Fall 2001, #130, "Not recommended. Forgettable hotel near Rome airport."

Paul from MA, Fall 2001, #131, "Clean, functional, spartan hotel near Rome airport."

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Lazio, Lido di Ostia: Hotel Sirenetta

Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli 46-48, 3 stars

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James from UT, Fall 1998, #128, "Hotel right on the beach, convenient to Rome airport."

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Lazio, Lido di Ostia: Litus Roma Hostel

lucienne from switzerland, February 2008, #2175, "The best hostel I've stayed in."

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Lazio, San Severo: Hotel Portofina

Via Aurelia, 30, San Severo exit from A12, 0766.570159


Nancy from NM, 1999, #132, "Small hotel overlooking the sea, an hour north of Rome airport."

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Lazio, Scandriglia: Agriturismo: Santo Paolo Alto Farm

JRose from NY, July 2004, #646, "Great views, wonderful food. Very near Rome."

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Lazio, Sperlonga: Hotel Aurora

Via C. Colombo, 15, 0771.549266


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Caryliz from NY, June & September 2004, #745, "Beautiful and friendly family-run hotel on the beach in Sperlonga, convenient to the old town center. Highly recommended."

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Lazio, Sperlonga: Virgilio Grand Hotel

sw from USA, May 2005, #1534, "Nice hotel with pool, walking distance to beach. {4 stars}"

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Lazio, Tarquinia: Palazzo Rosati Bed and Breakfast

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 5, 333.47.54.829


GAC from USA, July 2014, #3360, "Palazzo Rosati B&B is the perfect place to stay in medieval Tarquinia, across the street from the Museo Nazionale Etrusco, and 1 minute from the main bus stop"

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Lazio, Tolfa: Fontana del Papa

natalie r from Australia, September 2008, #2418, "Here I finally experienced "La Dolce Vita"!!! No pictures or words could possibly describe the CHARMING ambiance that this LOVING family home presented to me."

Wendy & Rob from CA, May 2007, #1934, "The land is Etruscan, rich and beautiful. So is Fontana del Papa. We had five wonderful days."

Merry A from FL, May 2007, #1893, "A Slice of Paradise just 1 hour north of Rome which was the highlight of our Italy trip."

Suzanne from MD, October 2006, #1857, "A wonderful and relaxing small hotel in the hills of Lazio. Enjoy fresh locally grown food, learn about wine and olives, enjoy the hospitality of Lazio."

GinaAtlanta from USA, December 2006, #1754, "We did not know what to expect when we booked this B&B for Christmas. We were delighted at the beauty of this place and the wonderful food!"

Howard A from MA, November 2006, #1664, "An absolutely wonderful place for a cooking week vacation"

LalawLucy from NY, July 2006, #1573, "This is the real Italy ... an absolutely wonderful place, you won't want to leave! A great place where you are treated like family!"

KS Fair Lady from KS, July 2006, #1535, "We highly recommend this place for anyone wanting a quiet, peaceful place that has the best Italian food anywhere, in our opinion."

Nigel from UK, #1521, "The perfect family-run farmhouse in the countryside an hour from Rome. Excellent cooking courses, beautiful setting and the very best hospitality."

2valentines from WA, May 2006, #1456, "Fabulous cooking lessons at a beautiful B & B!"

Jeannew from PA, April 2006, #1423, "A delightful country stay."

anita T from NY, March 2006, #1418, "Beatiful country setting. Wonderful and friendly family. Would highly recommend this as a place to visit."

Susan from CT, February 2006, #1385, "Fontana Del Papa was the highlight of our Italian Holiday."

Eve V from MD, November 2005, #1285, "Heaven in Tolfa! Fontana del Papa is an Italian dream in the beautiful mountains of Tolfa just north of Rome. A truly memorable place to stay in Italy."

Xandra from MA, July 2005, #1138, "Magnificent B&B located in the hill town of Tolfa."

ginda from Italy, July 2005, #1121, "Beautiful accommodations in a relaxed family setting, in unspoiled countryside north of Rome."

Ladyplus from USA, March 2005, #1056, "A beautiful B&B just an hour away from Roma. Fontana del Papa offers a serene atmosphere away from the hustle & bustle of the the city."

Anita from UK, May 2005, #1037, "Lovely stay with an Italian family who have a passion for the services they offer, and a warmth and friendliness that would be difficult to match elsewhere."

denise from MT, May 2005, #985, "Fontana del Papa is a wonderful family run cooking school & B&B. Set amidst an olive grove & organic garden only an hour's drive to Fiumicino airport in Rome."

joanvass from UK, April 2005, #965, "Delightful experiences living real Italian style with a charming family. Lovely 16th century house amid olive groves with stunning views. Great food and wine."

Steve J from IL, October 2004, #780, "Fontana del Papa is a beautifully restored 16th century farm house, nestled in an olive grove. It is run as a cooking school, as well as a B&B."

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Lazio, Tuscania: Hotel Tuscania Panoramico

GAC from USA, May 2012, #3211, "Hotel Tuscania Panoramico is a Winner {3 stars}"

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Lazio, Vetralla: B&B Il Mio Porto Tranquillo

Vicolo Carmine 12, 0761.466034


Xandra from MA, July 2005, #1137, "My evenings were spent at Il Mio Porto Tranquillo, situated in the heart of Vetralla -- a quaint medieval town an hour from Rome."

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Lazio, Viterbo: Agriturismo: Castello Santa Maria

San Michele in Teverina, 0761.91.47.91


rusty from FL, May 2004, #576, "Fantasic country hotel 100 km north of FCO, 20 km south of Orvieto. 20 large rooms/bath. Castle-like atmosphere & dining. Private hilltop surrounded by vineyards."

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Lazio, Viterbo: Baletti Palace

jgk from FL, 2008, #2300, "A really bad experience. Lots of mold, dirty old carpet, very dirty curtains, peeling wallpaper, stale smell. Need I go on? Find another place! {4 stars!}"

Lazio, Viterbo: Viterbo Inn

Pat and Henry from KS, March 2010, #2890, "Great price for a clean comfortable room"

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Lazio, Viterbo: Zia Cathy's

tom thrasher from NE, May 2005, #1131, "We spent our last evening in Italy at Cathy's. Wish we could have been there much longer. What a terrific B&B and what a wonderful person Cathy is!"

Nicole & Jeff M from NY, May 2004, #815, "First we fell in love with the Villa, then we fell in love with its owners. "

dfriscia from NY, 2003, #750, "So much more than we expected!"

Bellini from UK, August 2004, #746, "Ideal hospitable hideaway for travellers heading north from Rome looking for off-the-road relaxed comfort, great accommodation and a knowledgeable hostess."

Kim B from Australia, 2004, #704, "Zia Cathy's is heaven on earth just north of Rome with beautiful grounds and pool, spacious rooms and gorgeous bathrooms. Cathy is a delightful host! "

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Lazio, Zagarolo: B&B Il Colle degli Ulive

Yvonne from Australia, April 2009, #2702, "For the last 6 nights of a 9 week stay in Italy, I chose to stay outside of Rome for a change. I was not disappointed by this decision."

Lomon08 from England, May 2008, #2260, "A garden of Eden on the outskirts of Rome"

IngleseJane from UK, May 2007 and May 2008, #2241, "A slice of paradise just a stone's throw from Rome, the Eternal City."

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