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Via Castello, 1

Reviewed by: Lisa P from CA, review #2520

When: August 2008

Lovely and Unique, Elegant and Charming. Serene Ambiance, Beautiful Rooms, Welcoming Hosts, Great Service, Food & Wine. Our Favorite!

One of my measures of a great place to to stay is whether I feel like an insider or an outsider. Whether I feel at ease in the public places of my Hotel or Inn and feel welcome lounging in the salon, in the garden, or poolside, and whether other guests are relaxed and interacting comfortably.

Of all the places I have stayed, Hotel Castello sets itself apart from the crowd. For "Slow Travelers" the details mean so much. This is why I have returned to this lovely place, have liberally recommended it to friends and strangers alike with unfailing "thank yous", and why I am writing a review.

My room on this stay was on the 2nd floor and so pretty, with a small low window overlooking the interior garden. No complaints here, it's part of the character of the place! Even a smallish window here or there has a lovely view, and has a window box brimming with colorful flora! What more could I ask than a room full of beautiful antiques, a luxurious mattress and linens, a bathroom with modern fixtures, lots of hot water, and a windowsill overflowing with flowers, a light breeze ruffling the curtain, and the sound of church bells tolling the hours during the day.

The fact that there are as many windows in this ancient stone edifice for the 18 guest rooms is remarkable in itself. Last year I stayed in a 3rd level suite that had windows on 3 sides! Lucky me! If you are going to book into a Hotel that is in a restored 900 year oldish Castle or Fortress, you should expect and appreciate when a proprietor has maintained authenticity and integrity in restoration as much as possible. That is part of the lure and beauty of the place.

The Hotel (Castle) itself sits on one side of the "Centro" (town square) across from a small church and on a little rise. When arriving, you drive through a gated entrance and up a narrow left curving driveway alongside the foundation retaining wall, with shrubs and trees on the right which slope down the hillside. Once at the top there's a small area at the entry courtyard to stop your car and unload your bags beside the Reception check-in area.

It was lightly sprinkling, and James greeted us with a large yellow umbrella at our car. Parking is neatly below the Hotel gate and the short stroll is a very pretty (we borrowed an umbrella) beside the town Bocce Ball court.

As we were arriving vendors were setting up booths along the street and in the Square for a local festival, so we stopped and bought some sweet rolls and cookies as we walked back to the hotel to finish checking in. The festival as it turns out was a fun surprise of which we happily joined in on the street, shopping, dancing, having our fortunes told, and even observing from above with wine from the poolside veranda overlooking the town.

Later we shared cookies over coffees in the lounge with Denise and James, and a family visiting from Switzerland.

Each day we were treated to a sumptuous breakfast buffet with numerous hot and cold selections unsurpassed in all my travels! Following that, Both Denise and James had lots of suggestions and connections for our daily outings to small vintners and wonderful enotecas. We could not have dispensed with their invaluable assistance here! Denise knows food so with her help we had reservations in neighboring villages for some of the most delicious lunches and dinners imaginable, but the piece-de-resistance was dining at the Hotel restaurant one evening, on Denise's wonderful cuisine. Without doubt, some of the finest dishes I could ask for.

Thank you Denise and company for another wonderful trip and unforgettable memories. We consider ourselves lucky to have found this place.

Reviewed by: loveslife from USA, review #1949

When: May 2007

There is much to like about the Castello, and we were quite excited to go there. But we were made to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable and were happy to leave.

There is much to like about the Castello di Sinio, and we were quite excited to go there. Nevertheless, our party of four was quite uncomfortable there, and we have since discovered (through a more thorough reading of user reviews and forums on other sites) that we are not the only ones to have been disappointed by very negative experiences.

We chose the Castello based in large part on positive reviews which led us to expect a marvelous property, warm ambience, and wonderful hosts. Yes, our expectations were high: we hoped the Castello would go straight to our “A” list of experiences we cannot wait to repeat. We do that: we often return again and again to hotels, inns and restaurants where we have encountered friendly service and been treated with respect. But while the property was indeed lovely from the outside, our experience there was negative from the beginning.

Things started falling apart as soon as we arrived. Pulling up before check-in time (our first mistake), we were told brusquely to bring in our luggage and move our car out of the way. We explained that we were just stopping by to get a quick lunch recommendation, which Denise then provided. When we returned from our wonderful lunch, we were surprised and very unhappy to find that part of our luggage, including a backpack, was sitting unattended in the hotel elevator (the rest was in an unlocked storage area).

When checking in, I got James’ name wrong (second mistake), and his attitude instantly turned cold. Oops. He offered no help whatsoever with the luggage destined for two rooms on two separate floors. Our kids’ room immediately disappointed them as it had very little natural light (one small low window). Our room was also uncomfortably dark but otherwise beautifully appointed. But when we discovered that we heard every word spoken in the next door guests’ bathroom, through paper-thin walls, we were quite disenchanted.

We had reserved our first night’s dinner at the Castello and so asked James if we should tell him about what time we would like to dine. He replied that no, HE would tell US what time to come. OK, but then he went on to tell us that dinner would be a ‘buffet’ and include the performance of an “operetta,” both unwelcome bits of news. The food and wine proved to be wonderful, but our experience was seriously marred when James shaved truffles onto the food of the other guests but skipped us entirely, to our utter disappointment. We felt like second-class citizens, shunned.

As dessert was served, it became clear that we were a captive audience for the performance, which turned out to be a New Age reading with long pauses for candle-lighting. We presume it may have been enjoyable for some but for us -tired travelers - it was annoying at best.

During our three-night stay at the Castello we enjoyed Denise’s excellent restaurant recommendations and wonderful breakfasts, and we loved exploring the Le Langhe area. We will certainly return to spend more time in Piemonte. But we will definitely NOT return to the Castello, due primarily to James’ sometimes ingracious and condescending behavior. While Denise didn’t hesitate to make restaurant reservations, James’ attitude was “they speak English there; why don’t you call yourself!” Literally.

In another incident he blamed us for what he finally admitted later was his own mistake. The bottom line was that we were paying a lot to stay at the castle (185 euros/double/night), yet we were made to feel unwelcome and we were offended by James’ rudeness. We were happy to leave.

Reviewed by: lilredhead from CA, review #1866

When: April 2007

Fabuloso. Beautiful property, lovely accommodations, and exceptional staff at this First Class Castle/Hotel. Can't say enough. A place to return to many times.

Highest Recommendation for Hotel Castello di Sinio and Wine Tour with Kerin O'Keefe!

We want everyone to know that you should stay at Hotel Castello di Sinio – make a special trip to Piedmont just to stay there! - and if you have the chance, attend one of Kerin O'Keefe's excellent wine seminars while there! One of the best decisions we've ever made was to stay at this wonderful castle hotel excellently located in the heart of the Piedmont wine country and to join the wine tours being offered there, lead by wine journalist Kerin O'Okeefe.

The hotel is one of the best we've ever experienced, and definitely the best of any we have stayed at in Italy. You just don't find 5 star hotels of this caliber even in Tuscany or major cities. The quality of everything was superb, the details delightful and the welcome and attention of the hosts, Denise & James, was simply amazing. They strike the perfect balance between being friendly and attentive but never intrusive. Plus, the food in their restaurant was exceptional, and the best in the area – in fact, the best meals of our entire time in Italy! Denise is an amazing chef and could be a top name in New York.

Kerin O'Keefe's wine tour was an incredible bonus. We absolutely recommend it for serious wine enthusiasts. We were lucky to have our dates correspond with her tour in April and are extremely happy that we chose to attend. We learned so much more than we would have had we gone to wineries on our own. Doing tastings with her was a wine lover's experience of a lifetime. Visiting the producer's and doing professional level tastings alongside Kerin was a marvelous, enriching experience that has allowed us to appreciate the wines of Barolo & Barbaresco in a much deeper and satisfying way in very short period of time. Kerin is a wonderful teacher and was also lovely company.

We think a stay at Hotel Castello di Sinio combined with one of Kerin's low time commitment tours are a great idea. We highly recommend both and are already trying to find another time later this year that we can return and do another round of tastings with Kerin.

Reviewed by: PDR from CA, review #1608

When: September 2006

A Sense of Place: The Langhe in a nutshell...

Morning, courtyard, photo by PDR

The best hotels, like the best wines, reflect their region.

Above and around Sinio are the Langhe, a series of low, steep-sided ridges that radiate northeast toward Alba like fingers of a hand. On the hilltops is a chain of medieval fortress-villages, not far apart but isolated from one another by the landscape. In between are narrow valleys, densely planted with vines -- Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto primarily -- a vast monoculture of grapes. The signature wine is Barolo and it is big business, done carefully and with love by literally hundreds of small farmers and vintners. If anyone is getting rich -- and some are -- they don't show it much. Yet there is a sense of comfort and prosperity in the air, and great pride in what they have accomplished.

The Hotel Castello di Sinio feels just like this. One is struck first of all by the building itself. It is a castle all right, that seems to have been taken apart stone by stone, polished, then built back up again in perfect order. Castles are cold and drafty? Not this one. Think warm, snug and beautifully furnished. The gardens are lovely as well. We were there in mid-September and it felt like spring.

Next there's the welcome. I don't know that I've ever met two people as dedicated to running a hotel as James and Denise; dedicated to you the guest, and to the place and its surroundings. Feeling like refugees after a 20-hour flight we struggled up the drive and were greeted by James, beaming and offering Prosecco either before or after our nap. We chose "before." (Thanks, James.) The room was ready and perfect -- a two-story suite with loft/sitting area/second bedroom above and master bedroom below, and plumbing unlike anything you've ever seen before in a castle; i.e., high-end fixtures that were beautiful and they worked! I don't think the original occupants had cable TV either, or a phone with no access charges, or fancy "card-key" lighting controlled from the entry door. Quite, clean, spacious; superb.

Next, there's the kitchen, which is run by Denise. How she gets so much out of herself and a small staff is a marvel. Breakfast is a delight -- pastry, meats and cheeses of the region, little French toasts or a crepe served hot at the table -- and four nights a week she operates a first-rate restaurant for hotel guests and others, that highlights local produce and cuisine. Piemontese cooking is very traditional, hidebound some say, but not in her hands. Familiar dishes are lighter, brighter, fresher-tasting than you will find elsewhere.

Finally, the advice. The proprietors were (and I believe still are) tour operators before they opened the Hotel. As a result, they are full of good ideas about what to see and do in the region, and precise instructions about how to do it -- which helps. Moreover, both can pick up the telephone and provide restaurant reservations, arrange winery tours, and generally make life easier for the guest. And they do so willingly, constantly, and for all comers.

In short, the place is typical of the Langhe: beautiful, business-like, a Mom-and-Pop operation with heart. I give it high marks.

Reviewed by: klcobb from NC, review #1599

When: September 2006

We had very high expectations and were not disappointed. It was exceptional.

My wife and I visited the Piemonte for the first time last week and had the good fortune to stay with James and Denise at the Hotel Castello di Sinio. Based on the Slow Travel reviews that I had read and the hotel’s own informative web site, we came with high expectations for our three-night stay. We were not disappointed. We were exhilarated by our experience there.

This hotel is not just a restored castle. It's an extraordinary context where guests can begin to understand and appreciate the Langhe region. It could not be less institutional. The feel is of a well-appointed home that reflects the tastes and sensibilities of its owners. Even the artwork evokes discussion. Each morning and evening while we were there the guests gathered in the “living room” and talk with each other and with our hosts about the day’s experiences.

Our junior suite was well appointed and spacious with amenities comparable to a five-star hotel. The courtyard is gorgeously landscaped and impeccably maintained. Breakfast under the arbor with the scent of ripening grapes enveloping us was an especially pleasant start of the day. I won’t dwell on the excellent food. Previous reviewers were justified in their praise. Even the breakfast, included in the room rate, had something for everyone. The dinner menu offered a surprising array of choices, and the extensive wine selection was fairly priced.

The hotel is a convenient base to explore the Langhe. Everything seems to be only a few kilometers away. James and Denise are the best sort of hosts. They at once make you feel pampered and at home. They are knowledgeable about the area, its wine, its cuisine and its history. They display a genuine interest in imparting that knowledge to their interested guests. They love the Piemonte and the Piemontese, and it shows. They facilitated their diverse guests’ wishes with ease and grace. During our stay one of the guests, a young man, wanted an inexpensive piece of luggage suitable for transporting several bottles of wine as checked baggage. James gave him a name and location in Alba. That evening he returned with a smile on his face and a large hard-sided bag in his hand.

I highly recommend visiting the Langhe. It’s beautiful, and it’s easier to explore than Tuscany and Umbria. With luck it will not become “the next Tuscany” before you get there.

Reviewed by: Bruce B from Canada, review #1420

When: April 2006

This hotel and its proprietors, Giacomo and Denise, provided the best food and service and was the highlight of our 3 week trip through Italy.

My wife and I have just returned from a three-week trip in Italy that included the Piedmont region. We travel regularly and have traveled through Italy on two previous occasions. I have read reviews on this site but never contributed. Because of the outstanding experience we had at the Hotel Castello di Sinio I felt compelled to submit this report in hopes that it will help travelers looking for accommodation and experiences in Piedmont.

We found and liked the website describing the Hotel Castello di Sinio and decided to take a chance on reserving for five nights. We had never been to the Piedmont region and were interested in exploring and experiencing the wine and food culture of the region. I exchanged a few emails before leaving for Italy with Giacomo, one of the proprietors in partnership with Denise Pardini. He assured me that he would advise, recommend and help arrange what activities we might like to pursue.

We arrived in Sinio, a small village of about 400 and found the Hotel, a restored castle at the top of the hill in the piazza opposite the village church. The room we stayed in was once the chapel. The bedroom had an arched stone ceiling that transports you back in time. The floor was of a smooth stone that felt good on bare feet. The bathroom was appointed with completely modern fixtures.

The Frette linens and comfortable bed gave us the best sleeping that we had during our trip. The windows on three sides of our room looked out on vineyards and the countryside. The windows opened to allow a breeze in the room that was delightful.

We arrived mid-afternoon and Giacomo recommended a wine bar in Alba and some of the points of interest. During the next 3 days, James arranged a tour of the hill towns associated with the Barolo wine production, a personal vineyard tour and wine tasting, a tour of the towns associated with Barbaresco, a wine tasting at a cantina offering regional wines, and a day in Torino. Giacomo made restaurant reservations and provided driving instructions. He pointed out sites and places unique to the geography and culture of the area. Each day was a gift. We were always greeted warmly as guests of the Hotel where Giacomo had made reservations. We had the opportunity to dine at the hotel’s restaurant for two nights. The restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday. The chef is the co-owner, Denise Pardini. Both my wife and I agreed that the two dinners she prepared were the best we had during our trip that included Rome, Florence, Bellagio and Milan. Giacomo provides the service and he anticipates everything. The usual four or five courses characteristic of an Italian dinner were offered although they were very accommodating if one wanted to eat lighter.

We had the opportunity to talk to Denise about the food of Piedmont and she was most accommodating and knowledgeable. The preparation, presentation and freshness of the food combined with Giacomo’s knowledge of the regional wines and a great wine list made it one of our most memorable experiences.

During the 5 nights at the hotel, Giacomo and Denise were available for all of our travel needs. They really do want their guests to have the best time possible and were very attentive to insure our stay was a pleasure. They are both warm people who are perfect for the job. You should expect to laugh around Giacomo.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. It was far superior to the breakfasts in the hotels we stayed in Rome, Florence and Bellagio. The breads and cakes were fresh and there was fresh fruit salad and yogurt. Fresh fruit juice and cheeses were also included.

Our visit to Piedmont was the highlight of our trip. I have to attribute this to how well we were taken care of by Giacomo and Denise and by Denise’s abilities in the kitchen. We are already talking about returning for a longer visit but this time we want to bring friends to enjoy the experience with us. Our experience at the Hotel Castello di Sinio was truly magic!

Reviewed by: Silvia from MA, review #1357

When: January 2006

Our favorite place ever. An incredible value and cultural experience you always hope for but often don't find -- even with renting or farmhouses!

Our bedroom in the original chapel of the castle, photo by Silvia Wright

What an enchanting place, a real find, and most memorable vacation. A group of us friends recently stayed here for our annual holiday reunion and I can’t tell you how happy we were!

We usually stay in a rented villa or farmhouse because we want a “living in the culture” kind of experience that we hope renting a place will give us. In fact, staying at here was much better and much closer to what we always hope for because the owners, Denise & James, know so many local places and people, that we were immediately immersed in the culture, had doors opened for us, introductions made and got a real behind the scenes experience. We visited people and places that we have never been able to find in a dozen rental vacations and we were welcomed much more openly and warmly than arrangements we’ve made on our own in the past.

Another real plus is that, not only is the hotel beautiful and super comfortable (awesome big beds, great bathrooms & showers, super clean - and no smoky stale odors) the hotel was full of Italian guests, not just foreigners!! So, between being in a CASTLE, generously hooked up by James and Denise for all kinds of activities and hanging out with the Italian guests, we really truly for once felt like we were a part of the culture. Overall, it was an overwhelmingly good experience and we are all so enthusiastic about the place.

By the way, we were blown away by the restaurant and the food at the Castello di Sinio. Denise is the chef and rivals any local chef in the area that we tried, and at more reasonable prices. James (all the Italians called him Giacomo) is super wine-knowledgeable and made us very comfortable in the dining room that is beautifully appointed and atmospheric.

We can’t wait to go back, eat their delicious food outside, (breakfasts are great too!) and hang out at the great little pool - which we got a taste of one day when it was sunny: We found ourselves sitting around in our coats with snow on the ground, soaking up the sun and atmosphere and having a wonderful conversation with a charming couple from Genova, that we ended up exchanging addresses with. They were as enthusiastic about the hotel and the owners as we were.

James and Denise seem to have really built a fan club with the Italians themselves – now that is impressive! We thought we would miss renting and having a kitchen, but we went to the markets with Denise, took a couple of cooking lessons, so got our dose of that and didn’t have to do any dishes!! After this, we are afraid a farmhouse will seem positively isolated and lonely!!

Come here if you want to feel like you are part of a happy Italian (noble) family and part of the Italian daily life, but also want to be assured of excellent, clean accommodations, sleep in a big bed and have a great bathroom, which is not always so easy to find in much of Europe. Our room was €165 and we felt it would be much more expensive somewhere else. We can’t say enough good things about Hotel Castello di Sinio!

Reviewed by: pkenyon from USA, review #1317

When: December 2005

If you want to be close to the fine wine and food sites of the Langhe and yet have a peaceful, scenic and luxurious retreat, the Castello di Sinio is the place.

We enjoy slightly off-season visits to the Piemonte, especially around truffle season, and chose the Castello di Sinio in part because of other positive reviews on the Slow Travel site. We're delighted to endorse those comments and add our own.

The American owners Denise and Jay have clearly invested a great deal of time, effort and resources in fashioning a hotel and restaurant that balance luxury with serious attention to and respect for their rural, traditional environs. The 12th-century castello has been renovated into a welcoming hotel with all necessary conveniences and more than a few luxurious appointments from top to bottom. The rooms are beautifully appointed, and the bathrooms exceeded our expectations, with astonishingly good water pressure for such an old building. (Stone castles will never be toasty on winter mornings, and hi-tech visitors may miss the bandwidth available in larger cities, but in our view the latter at least falls well outside the "necessary" category for a slow travel vacation.)

The dining room and breakfast areas are visits to an earlier century, and the food is very high quality. Denise is the chef, and produces serious, inventive dishes that range from the classics to surprising, creative takes on traditional Piemontese cuisine. Her salsiccia with roasted onion was gloriously comforting, while her version of cotechino with squash and pickled vegetables was a lovely surpise. At €35 in December 2005, her set menu was among the best and best-value meals we had. (As a reference, we also ate extremely well but not nearly as affordably at the Locanda del Pilone.)

But the standout aspect of our visit was the generosity of our hosts, and their willingness to show you parts of the Langhe you would otherwise miss. Jay is a veteran of the hospitality industry, and both are quite knowledgeable about the local wines, and can steer you to some of the hidden gems among the more than 700 producers in the region (his house red, a nebbiolo from the vineyards just across the valley, is terrific - to me a sure indicator of a reliable destination.) We haven't lost any of our appreciation for the work of the veteran and newer stars of Barolo and Barbaresco such as Conterno or Elio Altare, but getting to taste and chat with little-known but highly talented winemakers such as Eraldo Viberti was a true highlight for us -- the kind of experience you won't get from a guidebook. The same goes for Jay and Denise's tips on affordable vinerias and osterias off the beaten path.

This review is starting to feel too long, so look elsewhere for information on their cooking school and other offerings. Suffice to say you won't regret a stay at the castello. It's like having well-connected friends in the area.

Peter and Nevette, Alaska (currently by way of Cairo)

Reviewed by: Margaret from Australia, review #1315

When: November 2005

Marvellous boutique hotel & restaurant with excellent food & hosts.

If you're after a fantastic 4-star boutique hotel in Piemonte this is it! The hotel itself is located about 20km outside of Alba in the small hilltop village of Sinio, and is a beautifully renovated ancient castle. Our room had a mezzanine 'princess' bedroom for our 5-year old daughter Emily, & she loved it!

We didn't have a car (came by train/taxi) & thought we might be a bit stranded. However Jay & Denise (& Shira) came to our rescue. Denise dropped us off at the Alba market on her way to gather some tasty treats for the evening's menu, & we marvelled at the truffle fair. On another day, Jay drove us to Barolo & booked us in to the best local osteria, then picked us up & gave us an impromptu tour of the area. And finally, Shira dropped us back at the train station on our day of departure. Now that's service!

On the Saturday night, Denise & Shira cooked a fabulous feast in the hotel restaurant & Jay kept serving up the fantastic local wines & white truffle shavings. We ate so much, we were still full the next day! But oh, what a meal!

Needless to say, we'll be back. We loved Tuscany, now we love Piemonte, too.

Reviewed by: Jason R from CA, review #1311

When: October 2005

Relaxing, luxurious hotel & restaurant in the heart of Langhe, Piedmont, Italy. All services including great staff, pool, sauna, wine tours, great food.

My stay at this underrated 4-star worthy hidden jewel was unexpected, but now I know just where to go anytime in Piedmont, Italy.

The service was second to none. The two nights that we dined here were also incredible; Denise can cook the doors off of any Michelin restaurant. Breakfast was more than ample and cheerfully served in the old cantine. The entire castle is a restoral dream...you gotta go stay there at least once. Tucked in a lovely little valley, 10 minutes from the World Famous Alba (White Truffles), only an hour from Turin and the Italian Riviera...a great location to spend longer than you think...we reserved for two nights and stayed a week...wishing it were longer. I have cancelled my next trip to Tuscany...I'm going back to stay in the Hotel Castello di Sinio. The rooms are large and very comfortable and worth twice the €165,00 we paid.

Denise and James both know the wines and cuisine in the area to the finest detail. They also gave us a wonderful 'refined' list of places to go to really see and experience the culture. Bravo, bravo, bravo.

Reviewed by: Steven C from CA, review #1295

When: October 2005

Wonderful castle accommodations, out of this world breakfast, barolos, barbarescos, barberas, dolcettos, osterias, breathtaking sights ...

Denise and Giacomo, the friendly proprietors of Hotel Castello di Sinio, photo by Steven Campbell

We spent 24 days in Italy in October. I found the Hotel Castello di Sinio on the internet and decided to give it a try. Next to marrying my wife, it was the wisest decision I have ever made.

We were greeted by the owners, Giacomo and Denise right when we arrived. Giacomo took me to our room in their 12th century castle. It was a dream come true! After looking at the sitting room, the bathroom, and then the quaint bathroom, I gave Giacomo a high five and we went back to the lobby for a glass of prosecco. The proprietors, Denise and Giacomo, are hospitality experts.

The hotel has only been opened since June 2005 and it is wonderful. Each morning guests are served a breakfast buffet of the finest cheeses, fruits, pastries, meats, quiche, cereals and juices. Just as you can't eat anymore, Denise comes in with another of her specialties like prunes and cream, heavenly pancakes, eggs with truffles, or waffles with homemade syrup. These things are a minor part of what is in store for visitors to Hotel Castello di Sinio.

Denise and Giacomo know many of the wineries (cantine) and family osterie and trattorie in the area. Each morning they would ask what we would like to do that day and then they would make reservations for us to have individual tastings with the finest winemakers in the area. If you have ever tasted a barolo made and poured by Elio Altare you could understand how special that experience is. After the first day there, we changed our stay to eight nights instead of four and really settled into discovering the area the "Slow Travel" way.

Denise and Giacomo sent us out to the local truffle factory where we purchased the truffles for the simple feast they prepared for us that evening. They mapped out for us visits to the hill towns of La Morra, Cherasco, Barolo, and Monforte. We discovered breathtaking scenery, wonderful wines, and family osterie along the way. One evening we had a wine tasting dinner at "the castle" and truly did eat like royalty.

I could go on and on about the hospitality, the beauty of the grounds, the comfort of the fine linen sheets, the church bells just below the castle or Walter's pizza at the local osteria. We spent time in Florence, Bologna, Venice, Assisi and Rome. If I could only go back to one place in Italy it would be to spend two weeks at the Hotel Castello di Sinio in Piemonte. The location is about 15 kilometers south of Alba and 50 kilometers from Torino. The cost of the rooms was €165 for a suite and €150 for an executive room. You will love it, we did!

This review is the opinion of a Slow Travel member and not of slowtrav.com.

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