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Leslie Erickson


Bill Thayer's Italy Gazetteer: Bill Thayer's Italy Gazetteer Bill Thayer runs a non-commercial site about Italy.

www.wel.it: Welcome to Italy online.

www.walledtowns.com: Information about walled towns in Europe. Site is not complete yet.

www.goitaly.about.com: Italy for visitors, run by about.com.

www.italytour.com: Tourist info for different regions of Italy.

www.discoveritalia.it : Tourist info, hotels, restaurants & maps.

www.ciao-italy.com: Ciao Italy. Links to sites with Italy info

www.vatican.va: The Vatican tourist information.

www.paginelgialle.it: The Italian Yellow Pages.

www.parks.it: Parks in Italy.

www.italyfever.com: Website by Darlene Marwitz, author of book "Italian Fever".

www.virtualitalia.com: Virtual Italy.

www.italiantourism.com: Italy tourism for North Americans - run by E.N.I.T.- official Italy tourism site.

www.initaly.com: Italy online.

www.dolcevita.com: Tourist info about travel in Italy, cuisine, design and fashion.

www.italyguide.com: Tourist information, accommodations, Agriturism listings in Italian.

www.englishyellowpages.it : English yellow pages for Italy.

www.deliciousitaly.com: Delicious Italy is an online food and travel guide put together by a ream of freelance marketing and tourism professionals based in Rome.

www.home.online.no/~cnyborg/index.html: Chris Nyborg's personal web site about the Churchs of Rome.

www.traveltaz.msu.edu: World Travel and Tourism Tax Policy Center (out of Michigan that has information about VAT tax in Europe and how to get refunds.

www.multimap.com: Web site of maps with many for Italy.

www.raileurope.com: European train schedules and prices.

www.trenitalia.com: Information on the Italian train schedule.

www.itwg.com/home.asp: Extensive information on Italy from the Italian Tourist Web Guide.



www.sudtirol.com: All about the Suditirol  region in Northern Italy.

www.dolomiti.it: Information on the villages and town in the Dolomites.

www.provinz.bz.it/museenfuehrer/english/info.htm : Guide to museums of South Tyrol with clickable links to each museum.

www.provincia.bz.it: Official site of the province.

www.trentino.to: Homepage of the Trentino tourist board.

www.iceman.it: South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. Great pictures of the "iceman"  mummy.

www.lana.net: Small town in South Tyrol.

www.trauttmansdorff.it: Beautiful botanical gardens of the Trauttmansdorf Castle.

www.altabadia.org: Alta Badia region in the Dolomites.

www.bolzano-bozen.it: Link to tourist information for Bolzano.


www.triestema.com/#eng: Information on the city of Trieste.

www.triestetourism.it/inglese/index.htm: Tourism site for Trieste.

www.triestmia.com: Guide to Trieste.

www.triestetourism.it: Trieste tourism site with info on the city, art, culture and itineraries. 


www.aquileia.it: Aquilea is a town near Venice with ancient Roman ruins.

www.arena.it: Ticket information for the ballet, symphony, and opera. Book tickets online.

www.gardanet.it/index-en.html: Information on Lake Garda and surroundings.

www.gardalake.it: Lake Garda weather, hotel, restaurant and general tourist information.

www.gardainforma.com: Yet another site on Lake Garda .

www.garda.com: Garda online with bike tours, maps and real estate info

www.valpolicella.it : Web site about Valpolicella wine.

www.tourism.Verona.it: Tourist information for the city of Verona. 

www.apt-dolmiti-cortina.it: City of  Cortina and the Dolomite mountains. 

www.dolomiti.it: Dolomite region information.

www.cortina.dolomiti.com: Official website of Cortina in the Dolomite mountain range. Has live webcam.


www.elmoro.com: Practical information on how to get to Venice and move around the city.

www.alilaguna.com: Waterbus (vaporetto) info between airport and Venice.

www.actv.it/eng/home.php: Waterbus (vaporetto) routes throughout Venice.

www.meetingvenice.it: General information on Venice. 

www.veniceword.com: A good Venice guide. 

www.vistvenice.co.uk: Great information for Venice including transportation, art, & day trips.

www.teatrolafenice.it: Venice opera information.

www.guggenheim-venice.it/english/index.htm: Information on the Peggy Guggenheim museum.

www.invenicetoday.com: Events in Venice today.

savevenice.org: Venice restoration projects that are ongoing.  


www.mi.camcom.it: The Chamber of Commerce for Milan and surrounding area.

www.cremonaturismo.com: Information on Cremona including travel agencies, tourist info & things to do.  

www.distrettolaghi.it: Event, accommodation, and regional information for Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta. Lake Mergozzo, and the Ossola mountains.

www.mantova.com: Portal for city of  Mantova  (In Italian only).

www.lagodicomo.com: Lake Como tourist info.

www.mynet.it/mantova: Mantova( Mantua) web site. 

www.bellagio.co.nz: Bellagio hotel and accommodation site.

www.welmilano.itcons.com/index2.htm: Welcome to Milan Italy.

www.apt.bergamo.it: Guide to  Bergamo and the Lombardy province.

www.provincia.bergamo.it: Bergamo province information.  In Italian only.

www.varennaitaly.com: Extensive Varenna tourist information.


www.piemonteonline.it: Online source for the Piedmont region.

www.piemonte-online.com: The Piedmont region online.

www.enotecadelpiemonte.com: Wine region of Piedmont.

www.regione.piemonte.it: Official site of the 2006 winter Olympics in Turin, Italy.

www.torino2006.it/eng/index.asp: Another site regarding the winter Olympics.

www.a-torino.com: A portal about Turin. In Italian only.

www.alpeveglia.it: Alpe Veglia Natural  Park in Piedmont.

www.turismotorino.org: Website on the city of Turin.

www.sacradisanmichele.com: Picturesque Ancient abbey founded between 983 and 986.

www.courmayeur.com: Ski and travel info for the region.

www.turin-airport.com: Turin international airport.

www.turismodoc.it: Langhe Monferrato Tourist Consortium which includes information on the main towns, transport, accommodations, tours and the territory itself. 

www.cuneotourism.com: Province of Cuneo information that includes hotels restaurants and points of interest.


www.turismo.ligurianrek.it: Liguria region tourist information.

www.cinque-terre.it: Information on the Cinque Terre region.

www.liguria-lane.com: Public relations and tourist agency.

www.cinqueterreonline.com: General information on Cinque Terre.

www.5terre.com: Travel information for Cinque Terre.

www.cinqueterre.it: Tourist Association of Cinque Terre. Lists hotels, restaurants, a few vacation rentals, good description of hiking trails to include driving directions.


www.emiliaitaly.com: General information on the Emilia-Romagna region.

www.emiliaromagnaturismo.it: Tourism information for the region.

www.parmaitaly.com:  The Best of Parma website with info on everything in Parma.

www.discoveringmodena.it: History, culture and economy of Modena.

www.adria.net: Riveria of Romagna website. Includes tourist information for Ravenna, Rimini and the towns in-between. 


www.tuscany.net: Good general travel information including vacation rentals, hotels, & charming vacations.  Also lists websites for other regions.

www.terraditoscana.com: Travel information for Tuscany.

www.knowital.com: Tourist information for Tuscany to include vacation rentals.

www.turismo.intoscana.it: Tuscany information.

www.sangimignano.com: Website for the popular hill town of San Gimignano.

www.castellotoscani.com: The castles of Tuscany with descriptions.

www.waytuscany.net: A portal for Tuscany with lots of tourist information

www.kilkelly.com: Maureen & Bernie's Wine Travel Guides. Personal website.

www.nautilus-mp.com/tuscany: Heart of Tuscany site that includes. Tourist information and rental listings for the area around Pienza/Montepulciano.

www.ballooningintuscany.com: Hot air ballooning and walking tours in Tuscany near Pienza.

www.castellitoscani.com: Fun site about the castles of Tuscany

www.valdichiana.it: Information about the Valdichiana valley.

www.valdorcia.net: Information about the Val d' Orcia valley to include vacation rentals.


www.comune.firenze.it: City of Florence, official site.

www.english.firenze.net: Tourist information about Florence. Has booking for museums

and accommodation listings. 

www.fionline.it: Some tourist information for Florence.

www.ataf.net: Bus routes and bus information for Florence.

www.weekendafirenze.com: Book your Florence museum tickets before you go. Also have rental listings.

www.selectitaly.com: A US company where you can book your Florence museum tickets before you go.

www.florenceart.it: Florence Art. Florence museum booking. Recommended by Marta from WA.

www.gay.it/pinklily: Gay and Lesbian guide to Florence and Tuscany.

www.uffizi.it.firenze.it: Uffizi Gallery in Florence (website not working in March 2003).

www.televisual.net: Uffizi Gallery in Florence- index of rooms and paintings.

www.comune.firenze.it: City of Florence museum guide. 


www.comune.siena.it : Official site of the city of Siena. Some parts are in English.

www.e-siena.net: Contains a virtual tour of the city and other information.

www.terresiena.it: Official website of Siena tourist office.


www.greve-in-chianti.com: A town in the Chianti region.

www.panzano.com: Panzano in Chianti.

www.chiantionline.com: Tourist information for the region.

www.chiantinet.it: The Official site of Chianti.

www.chianticlassico.com: Chianti Classico wine information.

www.monterinaldi.it: The wine estate Castello di Monterinaldi. They will send you a free map of Chianti.

www.chiantiturismo.it: More tourist information on the Chianti region.

www.chianti.it: Information on the region.


www.comune.lucca.it: City network of Lucca with tourist information.

www.luccagallery.com: Lucca site includes photo tour of city.

www.lucca.turismo.toscana.it: Lucca tourism website.

www.barganews.com: Excellent site on the city of Barga. Includes theatre, commerce and cultural information.

www.comune.pisa.it/doc/pisa1.htm: Comune of Pisa website.

www.pisaunicaterra.it: Pisa tourist site with information on Pisa and surrounding area.  

www.pisaonline.it: Pisa online information site.

www.pisa-airport.com: Information about the Pisa Airport.

www.abetoneapm.it/index_en.html: The city of Pistoia.

www.prato.turismo.toscana.it/home_e.htm: Website for the city of Prato.   

www.cuoreditoscana.it: Valdarno region of Italy located north of Arezzo. Website has services and event in the Valdarno.

www.sangimignano.com: Website of the popular hill town of San Gimignano.

www.volterratur.it: Official site of Volterra and Valdicecina region.


cortonaweb.net/defaultenglish.htm: Cortona information.

www.cetona.org: Website for the village of Cetona.

www.parcodellavaldorcia.com: Val D' Orcia valley and park system.

www.montefollonico.it: Village of Montefollonico website. 

www.cortonaweb.net: Cortona tourist information.

www.montepulciano.com: Montepulciano web site.

www.ctnet.it/montepulciano/uk-index.htm: General information on Montepulciano.

www.cretedisiena.com: Information on several villages in southern Tuscany.  

www.portalepienza.it: Pienza tourist web site.

www.teatropovero.it: The "Poor Theatre" (Teatro Povero) of Monticchiello including the event's history.

www.chianciano.turismo.toscana.it: Official website of the Chianciano & Valdichiana tourist office.


elbacom.it/home.en.html: Elba tourist information. Includes virtual tour.

www.elbalink.it: Good general information site for the island of Elba.

www.elba.org: Online newsletter site on the environment, culture and tourism of Elba.


Bill Thayer's Gazetteer of Umbria: Bill Thayer's Gazetteer of Umbria.

www.umbriaonline.com: Extensive information on the cities/villages/towns of Umbria.

www.airport.umbria.it: Information about the Perugia airport. 

www.umbriaturismo.it: Tourism site for Umbria  In Italian.

www.regione.umbria.it: Umbria regional information In Italian.

www.provincia.terni.it: Province information for Terni in Italian.

www.comune.terni.it: Comune of Terni website.

www.umbria.org: Cities, events, arts and tours in Umbra. Includes event of the month.

www.bellaumbria.net: Tourism, events, hotels, & country holidays in Umbria.

www.umbriabest.com: Best of Umbria travel guide.

www.gubbio.com: The city of Gubbio website.

ABCAssisi.com: Assisi tourist information.

www.comune.todi.pg.it: Comune of Todi website. 

www.perugiaguide.com: Detailed guide to Perugia. 

www.aboutperugia.com: Perugia information.

www.holidaysinumbria.com: Umbria tourism portal with accommodation and city information.

www.perugiaonline.com: Information about the largest city in Umbria. In English and Italian.

www.perugia.com: More information on Perugia.  Also in English and Italian.

www.assisionline.com: A curious mixture of English and Italian.

www.assisi.com: This site is both in Italian and English.

www.lagotrasimeno.net: Site regarding Lake Trasimeno and the surrounding area.

www.lagotrasimeno.com: Lake Trasimeno info. 

www.comune.trevi.pg.it: Official site of Trevi. In Italian only.

www.protrevi.com/protrevi/: Trevi information in both Italian and English. 

www.spoletofestival.it: Official site for the Spoleto festival.

www.spoleto.com: Info on Spoleto. Only in Italian.

www.comune.spello.pg.it/main.htm: Official site of Spello.

www.comune.narni.tr.it: City of Narni website.

www.narninews.it: Narni website in Italian.

www.narnisotterranea.it/eng/associazione.htm: Cultural organization that conducts underground tours of Narni.

www.comunemontefalco.it  Comune of Montefalco in Italian.


Bill Thayer's Gazetteer of Le Marche: Bill Thayer's Gazetteer of Le March.

www.comune.cagli.ps.it: Town of Cagli site.  

www.marcheworldwide.org: Marche Regional Authority.

www.le-marche.com: Marche Voyager- the complete travel guide to the marche region.


Bill Thayer's Gazetteer of Rome  : Bill Thayer's Gazetteer of Rome

www.acpb.com/bomarzo: Bomarzo, monster park. The site is in Italian- click on the blue links to

see the photos of the statues.

www.viterboonline.com: Viterbo online, for information about the province of Viterbo.

www.viterbo.org : Viterbo province information.

www.lagodibolsena.it: Extensive tourist information for Lake Bolsena.


Lacus Curtius: Into the Roman World: Bill Thayer's site on ancient Rome.

www.inforoma.it:- The Rome page.

www.romaonlineguide.com: Rome online.

www.abcroma.com: Tourist guide for Rome.

www.wantedinrome.com: Classified ads and information.

www.photoroma.com: Photographs of Rome.

www.roma2000.it/index.asp: Information about Rome.

www.mmdtkw.org: Lots of good Rome information.

www.mmdtkw.org/VArcheobus.html: Info about the Archeobus in Rome.

www.galleriaborghese.it: Borghese Gallery in Rome.

www.christusrex.org: Vatican Museums in Rome.


www.regione.abruzzo.it: Official site of the Abruzzo region with information on several parks.

www.abruzzocitta.it: Guide to the Abruzzo region in Italian only.

www.abruzzo-airport.it: Abruzzo airport information. 

www.puglia.org: Tourism guide for Apulia.

www.cpmolise.com: Tourism guide for Molise.


www.dentronapoli.it: All about Naples, in English and Italian.

www.ischiaonline.it: Information about the island of Ischia.


www.capri-island.com: Island of Capri tourist information.

www.caprionline.com: or www.capri.net: same site.

www.positanonline.it: Official page of the town of  Positano.

www.amalfi.it : Information on the Amalfi coast includes weddings, public transport, tour agencies and various services available.

www.divinecoast.it: Amalfi coast web guide to tourist information.

www.sorrento-online.com: Sorrento Hotel and some vacation rental info.

www.vesuviana.it/orario.htm: Train and bus schedules between Sorrento and Naples.

www.sorrentoinfo.com: Sorrento tourist information including live webcam.

www.sorrentomap.com: Allows you to organize your visit using the digital map of Sorrento.

www.divinecoast.it: Tourist information, hotels, and vacation rentals in Amalfi area.

www.campaniatrasporti.it: Transportation information for the Campania region.  In Italian

www.vesuviana.it/orario.htm: Train and bus schedules between Sorrento and Naples.

http://www.sorrentoinfo.com/facebook_sorrentoinfo_en/: Webcam in Sorrento, corner of Via San Cesaro and Via Tasso.

www.slowphotos.com/photo/showgallery.php?cat=556: Sorrento Webcam Photo gallery.

www.sorrentoinfo.com: Sorrento information.

www.sorrentomap.com: Map of Sorrento.


www.regione.basilicata.it: Basilicata regional information. In Italian only.

www.tropea.biz : Tourism site for Calabria region.


www.sardegnaturismo.it: Official Tourist Website.

www.sardegne.com:commercial site with web-based tourist information.

www.sardinia.net: Sardinia tourist information.

www.sardiniapoint.it: Sardinia information.

www.360sardinia.net: Sardina 360 Travel Guide, with panoramic 360 degree photos of Sardinia.

www.rent-sardinia.com: A house rental website that also included tourist information.

www.bestsardinia.com: Tourism site for the island that includes camping information.

www.byguide.com: A guide to Sardinia.

www.regione.sardegna.it: Official site of Sardinia.


www.regione.sicilia.it/turismo/web_turismo/: Tourist department for Sicily. To find accommodation listing click "Hospitality".

www.son.it: Travel agent in Sicily will help book trip to Sicily.

www.capeland.it: Capeland Tour Operator. Tourist info.

www.bestofsicily.com: Information about the island and an online magazine.

www.sicilia.indettaglio.it: Information on the provinces of Sicily.

www.sicilian.ne: Map of Sicily.

www.arbasicula.org: A non-profit site that promotes the language and culture of Sicily.

www.pow.neomedia.it: Palermo on the web.

www.taormina-ol.it: In English and Italian.

www.gate2taormina.com: Official website of the city of Taormina.

Leslie Erickson is a Travel Consultant affiliated with the full-service travel agency, Uniglobe McIntosh Travel, located in historic Newnan, Georgia. Leslie has nurtured a passion for all things travel and enjoys a particular passion for both Tuscany and Umbria in Italy, as well as the German and Austrian Alps. She has been a member of SlowTrav since 2001 and enjoys meeting fellow Slow Travelers every chance she gets. www.leslieerickson.com

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