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Monica Pileggi's Italy Restaurant List

Monica Pileggi



Trattoria Da Armando al Pantheon
via Salita de’ Crescenzi 31, tel:
This trattoria is located just a few doors west of the Pantheon. I had emailed the restaurant before leaving for Rome for reservations. I received a response within the same day. I started my meal with a delicious Verdi antipasti: Zucchini, green beans, onions, red bell peppers) followed by Abbacchio scottadito: Roast lamb chops with potatoes. Biscotti and vin santo for dessert. €41.

Via Veneto

"Gioia Mia" Pisciapiano
Via degli Avignonesi, 34, tel:
I've eaten at Gioia Mia twice and it is one of my favorite restaurants in Rome. The first time was in 2003 with my Mom and we both enjoyed their pizza for lunch. On my most recent trip, I dined with friends Deb and Robert. The restaurant was packed and diners at the door were turned away if they didn't have reservations. The three of us enjoyed the antipasti: eggplant, mushrooms, potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, onions, cheese, etc. For my entrée I had Pappardelle alla Gran Duca (wide ribbon-like pasta) with bacon and mushrooms in a light cream/tomato sauce and cognac. I had ordered a second dish but after starting on the pasta, which was a large portion, I asked the waiter to cancel my second dish. I was glad I did, as the pasta was quite filling. The 1/4 liter of red wine was only €2. Deb and Robert shared the same pasta dish and a veal dish; and we shared a dish of artichokes, which came at the end of our meal. Deb and Robert treated me to dinner. The total bill was €52.


Ristorante – Pizzeria Tre Pupazzi
Borgo Pio, 183, tel:
I enjoyed dining outside under the umbrellas with friends Deb and Robert. We had just finished touring the Scavi excavations and wanted lunch before our tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. The server was somewhat rude, but we just ignored him and enjoyed our meal. I had the delicious pasta putanesca (€9) with water (€1). Deb had pizza while Robert had minestrone soup and prosciutto with melon.

Navona/Campo dei Fiori

Der Pallaro
Largo del Pallaro, 15, tel:
Der Pallaro is a place that serves a fixed priced menu with wine and water for €25 per person. It’s whatever mama cooks that day, although based on reading other reviews of this restaurant mama repeats some of the dishes. The antipasti consisted of huge portions of thinly sliced prosciutto, cooked lentils, sliced fennel, olives, ham croquettes, cheese croquettes, and mozzarella balls. Next came the rigatoni pasta cooked in a red sauce followed by slices of meat sautéed in olive oil and parsley along with potato chips (potato chips are not my kind of Roman food). Lemon torte for dessert. House red and white wine; bottled water. With the exception of the meat being slightly overcooked, everything was delicious. This is not gourmet food but for a decent meal in Rome with a fun atmosphere, this is the place to go. Both the dining rooms inside and outside were filled to capacity.


Pizzeria Wanted il Posto Ricerato
via Leonina, 90, tel:
Noon to 1am. Closed Monday
I asked Katie at my hotel (Hotel Giardino) to recommend a place to have pizza for lunch. She recommended Wanted. Its located off via Cavour. I sat outside under umbrellas eating some delicious pizza while it rained. The waiter pulled down the plastic coverings to keep the rain out from the sides. I had the Margherita with prosciutto. The crust was thin and had been cooked in a traditional wood oven. I also had 1/4 liter of red wine. €11.


Al Fontanone
Piazza Trilussa, 46, tel:
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesday morning 12:15 - 2:45; 7:15pm 11pm
This restaurant is located in Trastevere just on the other side of the Ponte Sisto Bridge. The area was quite lively with people hanging out on the streets, while restaurants were filled to the max with diners I think Id like to stay in Trastevere on my next visit to Rome! The restaurant had a nice combination of locals and tourists. The waiters were quite friendly and service was good. I had an excellent meal: A green vegetable gratin with zucchini followed by the eggplant parmesan, served in an individual dish. Both were very good. I dined with six friends and we shared a few bottles of wine. My meal: €28.



Caffe Bigallo Enoteca
Via del Proconsolo, 73/75r
I enjoyed their €13 lunch special of short pasta with zucchini, followed by eggplant parmesan (excellent flavors); glass of wine (pricey at €6 but what the heck) and bottled water. €19 Euros.

Antico Fattore
Via Lambertesca, 1-3r, tel:
For dinner I enjoyed the Crostini Toscana (liver pate nice and warm and creamy); veal scaloppini with porcini mushrooms in a gravy/sauce and parsley; fried battered zucchini flowers. Small bottle of white wine; bread. With my coupon from their Internet web site I received a cute small ceramic plate to hang on the wall at home (in my kitchen), which has the restaurants name. I was also given a small bottle of red wine. This place was evenly mixed with Italians and tourists. Nice interior with block arches, old pictures in black and white and drawings done in pencil. €31.

Ristorante La Martinicca
Via del Sole, 27/r, tel:
This restaurant was recommended to me by the gentleman at my hotel. I ordered 1/4 liter of red wine, the ravioli tartufo in a cream sauce and topped with fresh asparagus (absolutely the best!), steak Florentine (approx. 27 oz – no, I didn't eat it all); Vin Santo with biscotti for dessert; bottled water. €40.50. This was an excellent meal! After the place filled up, the service slowed down. Between two rooms filled with people, only two waiters took care of the guests. Highly recommended. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the meal.

Ristorante Le Fonticine
Via Nationale, 79r
Make sure you make dinner reservations for the back room, as you will pass the open kitchen and the wonderful display of their antipasti. The back room is filled with great paintings on the wall – very colorful. Service was great. My friend June (with her daughter Jill) and I dined together. The restaurant starts with a complimentary glass of Prosecco. For my meal, I ordered the antipasti platter, with various foods selected for me (marinated artichoke, stuffed tomato, marinated mushrooms, salami, olives, a quiche of some sort, marinated onions, and eggplant. For my entrée, I ordered the Osso Bucco with spinach, which was excellent. June ordered a wonderful bottle of wine for the three of us. €28.

Osteria del Cinghiale Bianco
Borgo S. Jacopo, 43r, tel:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6:30 - 10:30; Saturday, Sunday 12:00 - 3:00pm and 6:30 - 10:30pm. Closed Wednesday.
Catch this place on a Sunday, as most places are closed that day. I ordered their mixed meat antipasti, which included wild boar, salami, etc., grilled eggplant that was infused with garlic and hot pepper flakes, cheese and two crostini Toscana. For my entrée, I ordered their Papparadelle Cinghiale, wide pasta noodles with wild boar meat. I just love this dish! Along with a 1/2 liter of wine, my meal came to €26. I've dined here twice and is one of my favorites in Florence.

Montefioralle (Greve in Chianti)

Ristorante La Castellana
via di Montefioralle 1, tel:
As you head up the hill to Montefioralle, at the beginning of the town, it's on the right and the outdoor dining area, covered with an awning, is on the left side, facing the valley. The menu had a very nice selection of dishes. Lunch was excellent: I ordered just a primi: Pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale (wide pasta with wild boar meat), water, and a glass of red wine; cantucci and vin santo for dessert - all for €20. The pappardelle was fabulous, which is one of my favorite pastas.


Buca di San Francesco
Via San Francesco 1 (and the corner of via Cavour), tel:
I had ribolitta, followed by Lomba (sliced pork), which was served with Tuscan white beans and polenta. I also had Vin Santo and biscotti for dessert. €16. This place fills up quickly so get there when it opens or make reservations.

Emilia Romagna


Il Portico
via Augusto Righi, 11, tel:
I dined here three times, once for lunch and twice for dinner. For lunch: delicious pizza with sausage and a 1/4 liter of merlot. €9. For dinner the same day (you must read my journal of my problems at three other restaurants that first evening in Bologna): tortellini with Gorgonzola and walnuts, which was excellent and rich. Veal Milanese cutlet; 1/2 liter of white wine and bottled water. €22. For dinner: I started with their buffalo mozzarella, which was the best I have ever had! I also had their Bucatini all'amatriciana (with red sauce, onions , and bacon); 1/4 liter of white wine and bottled water. Limoncello for an after dinner drink. €22.30.

Osteria dell’ Orsa
Via Mentana 1F (University District), tel:
My hotel recommended this to me. I had a simple lunch of their pasta Bolognese, which was excellent and 1/4 liter of red wine. €8.

Trattoria Mariposa
Via Bertiera, 12 (across the street from Hotel Paradise), tel:
I dined with two couples (Colleen, Jim and Pam, Gary). We had a great time and very good food served at this little Trattoria. I had the mortadella and Parmesan cheese, followed by the lasagna Bolognese, the best I have ever had! Red wine that we shared, and bottled water. €18.


Ristorante La Gardela
Via Ponte Marino, 3, tel:
This was a place that served huge portions at reasonable prices. I started with their tortellini stuffed with ricotta and spinach in a tomato/cream sauce, followed by their fried mixed platter of shrimp, calamari, and zucchini. I shared a liter of wine with friends Pam and Gary; bottled water. €20.


La Barricata Osteria
Borgo Marodolo, 8/A, tel:
My cousin, Ernesto, ordered dinner for his girlfriend Santy and me. We started with a platter of mixed meats (prosciutto, salami, etc.), followed by tortelli with ricotta and spinach. Santy and I had cookies for dessert. This was a small restaurant and no tourists! Ernesto ordered without any menu, as this is one of the places that he and Santy dine in. I would imagine this place was reasonably priced. The food was excellent. Santy had also ordered a delicious fried cheese, shaped into a bowl, which was filled with a creamy rucola.

Trattoria del Tribunale
Vicolo Politi 5 (actually on via Farini, south from the Piazza Garibaldi)
Ernesto again bought my meal. I ordered a large mixed salad (€7). It was nice to have a salad for a change for lunch. There were also several lunch specials that looked very good.

S. Martino
Via S. Martino, 2, tel:
This is a wonderful seafood and pizza place. The place filled very quickly. There is outdoor and indoor dining. I started with the mussels in white wine (€7.50) followed by the spaghetti with clams (€7.50). White wine, water; limoncello for an after dinner drink. Ernesto paid for my meal. Very reasonable prices at this restaurant. Highly recommended! Reservations highly recommended.


Alla Zattere
Rio Terra Foscarini, 795, tel:
Located right on the Giudecca canal. Wonderful views. This place was perfect for outdoor dining. I had an excellent pizza with eggplant (€8.50), two glasses of wine. Total €17.

Trattoria alla Rivetta
Castello 4625 (on Salizzada San Provolo), tel:
I really liked it. It's a busy restaurant, so make reservations. If you get there a little early, they'll serve you a glass of prosecco while you wait for your table. I shared the fried calamari and shrimp with my friend Beth along with a 1/2 liter of Prosecco; Noodles with crab meat. Very good meal. €22.

Trattoria Pizzeria Antico Capon
Campo Santa Margherita, 3004, tel:
I had a small lunch of pasta with pesto sauce and a mixed salad. The pasta was very good, but the salad was just okay, however, I hate iceberg lettuce. I had one glass of white wine. They don’t serve carafes of wine so the waiter opened a bottled and just charged me €3.50 for the glass. Nice outdoor dining in the Campo S. Margherita. €20.

Trattoria da Remigio
On Calle Bosello near Scuola San Giorgio dei Greci, tel:
I had dinner with Beth again. I started my meal with the antipasti seafood (with a couple of Items I couldn't identify), followed by delicious gnocchi with a seafood sauce.

Rosticceria San Bartolomeo
Campo San Bartolomeo
Risotto with shrimp and zucchini and bottled water. €7.70. This is a great place for a quick lunch, which serves food already cooked. You can also see the wide variety of foods to choose from.

Ae Oche
Calle Tintor, S. Croce 1552, tel:
This place has several locations. I started with their caprese, which was quite filling and very good. Unfortunately/fortunately they forgot my order/but that was okay since I was full from the caprese. I also had a few bites of Beth’s pasta Carbonara. Wine and water. €17.

La Piscina
Dorsoduro 780, tel:
Fabulous dinner. I got a discount because I stayed at the hotel. Prices are reasonable to a little high but well worth it for the quality of the food and service provided. €38. I had their €32 dinner where you can choose two entrees, dessert and a glass of wine. I had their tagliatelle with salmon and green beans in a butter sauce, followed by duck with Gorgonzola and a breaded stuffed tomato. For dessert, I had their vanilla gelato topped with slices of pears and amaretto. Yummy! I also ordered a second glass of wine and bottled water.

Taverna San Trovaso
Dorsoduro, 1016, tel:
I had a small lunch of pasta with pesto sauce and a mixed salad. The pasta was very good, but the salad was just okay, however, I hate iceberg lettuce. I had one glass of white wine. They don’t serve carafes of wine so the waiter opened a bottled and just charged me €3.50 for the glass. Nice outdoor dining in the Campo S. Margherita. €20.

Born in Spain but raised in Central America, the Far East and Hawaii, Monica has a passion for traveling and photography. Her travels to Italy, France, Greece, Germany, and most recently China, are experiences that she willingly and enthusiastically shares with a large group of travel enthusiasts. You can view the photographs that documents her travel impressions on www.pileggiphotography.com.

© Monica Pileggi, 2009

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