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Trains in Italy: Glossary of Train Terms

Alice Twain

Glossary of train terms and some vocabulary.

Arrival Arrivo ahr-REE-voh
Boy/girl (aged between 5 and 12) Ragazzo/ragazza rah-GAH-tsoh/rah-GAH-tsah
Cabin Scompartimento skohm-pahr-tee-MEHN-toh
Car Carrozza kahr-ROH-tsah
Chief conductor Capotreno kah-poh-TREH-noh
Child (under the age of 4) Bambino (di meno di quattro anni) bahm-BEE-noh (dee MEH-noh dee KWAHT-troh AHN-nee)
Conductor Controllore kohn-trohl-LOH-reh
Corridor Corridoio kohr-ree-DOH-yoh
Departure Partenza pahr-TEHN-tzah
Family offer Offerta famiglia ohf-FEHR-tah fah-MEE-lyah
First class Prima classe PREE-mah KLAHS-seh
Luggage rack (overhead) Retina (portabagagli) reh-TEE-nah (pohr-tah-bah-GAH-lyee)
Non smokers Non fumatori nohn foo-mah-TOH-ree
Platform Binario (or Banchina) bee-NAH-ree-oh (bahn-KEE-nah)
Railway  Ferrovia fehr-roh-VEE-ah
Reservation Prenotazione preh-noh-tah-TZYO-neh
Resturant car (also working as bar) Carrozza ristorante kahr-ROH-tzah ree-stoh-RAHN-teh
Seat Posto POH-stoh
Second class Seconda classe seh-KOHN-dah KLAHS-seh
Sleeper car Vagone letto vah-GOH-neh LEHT-toh
Sleeping berth Cuccetta koo-CHEHT-tah
Smokers Fumatori foo-mah-TOH-ree
Station Stazione stah-TZYOH-neh
Suplement Supplemento soop-pleh-MEHN-toh
Ticket Biglietto bee-LYEHT-toh
Ticket office Biglietteria bee-lyeht-tehr-REE-ah
Toilet Toilette (pronounced as in French) or Bagno twah-LEHT (pronounced as in French), BAH-nyoh
Tracks Binari bee-NAH-ree
Train Treno TREH-noh
Validate (tickets) Timbrare or Obliterare (formal) teem-BRAH-reh, oh-blee-teh-RAH-reh
Window Finestrino fee-neh-STREE-noh

Cities spelled differently in English and in Italian

Florence Firenze fee-REHN-tzeh
Mantua Mantova MAHN-toh-vah
Milan Milano mee-LAH-noh
Naples Napoli NAH-poh-lee
Rome Roma ROH-mah
Sienna Siena SYEH-nah
Turin Torino toh-REE-noh
Venice Venezia veh-NEH-tzyah

Some Useful Phrases

Sorry, is this the train to ...? Mi scusi, questo il treno per ...? mee SKOO-zee, eh KWEH-stoh eel TREH-noh pehr ...?
Good morning, I have booked the seat n. x. Buon giorno, ho prenotato il posto x. bwohn JOHR-noh, oh preh-noh-TAH-toh eel POH-sto x.
I have a reservation for seat no. x, can we switch places so that I can sit with my wife/husband/friends? Ho prenotato il posto x, potremmo fare cambio, cos mi siedo con mia moglie/mio marito/i miei amici? oh preh-noh-TAH-toh eel POH-stoh x, poh-TREHM-moh FAH-reh KAHM-byoh, koh-SEE mee SIEH-doh kohn MEE-ah MOH-lyeh/MEE-oh mah-REE-toh/ee MYEH-ee ah-MEE-chee?
How long until we reach ...? Tra quanto si arriva a ...? trah KWAHN-toh see ahr-REE-vah ah ...?
Is the train late? Il treno in ritardo? eel TREH-noh eh een ree-TAHR-doh?
Is this seat available? libero questo posto? eh LEE-beh-roh KWEH-stoh POH-stoh?
Yes, help yourself. Prego, si accomodi. PREH-goh, see ahk-KOH-moh-dee.
No, it's occupied. No, occupato. noh, eh ohk-koo-PAH-toh.

Written by Alice Twain, a regular on the Slow Travel Forums. Alice is Italian and lives in Milan. Read her blog in Italian: A Typesetter's Day 3.0. See her Slow Travel Member page.

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