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Wow It's Been a While

Yeah, I know, I'm a bad blogger but what with working and the kids...excuses, excuses. But now, since I've removed one of those impediments (no I didn't get rid of the kids), I'm hoping to have more free time here....

The Muddled Mess

Masserias are a cross between agritourismos, hotels and even in some cases fancy spas. They started out as fortified farm houses/communities (over the last few hundred years, this area of Italy has been raided by all sorts of different groups over and over). People would live within the fortified walls of these structures and now they're being converted to inns, bed and breakfasts and even hotels depending upon the size.

T-516 Days and Counting

I'm not sure anyone expects me to keep udating this blog but since we do have another trip on the horizon, I figure, "What the heck!" Anyway, here's the deal. Originally I'd planned to celebrate my 40th birthday on the...